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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. DefectiveAudioComponent
    With some people actually getting their hands on the Audeze LCD-2 planar magnetic headphone, I thought it's time for a thread of positive impressions only. No objectivity needed in here.
    To my ears, it has an extremely natural and life-like presentation. It has a rather unique sound signature, with deep low bass that's presented in detail, without any trace of bloat or boom. At the same time, it has sparkly detailed highs that are just there without being too loud. All of it is presented in a well-defined 3D headstage. An amazing musical experience, that can also be fully enjoyed at low volumes.
    Other LCD-2 threads:
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    Typical frequency response chart
    The most recent look, with some cosmetic changes
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  2. TigzStudio
    I <3 my LCD-2's....  Because of everything you described above.  I finally get to have my music with a beautiful and non-fatiguing realism.  
    pic of mine
    pic of my chart
  3. Currawong Contributor
    I'm glad to finally own dynamic headphones that give me the kind of enjoyment Stax have, without the compromises.  My HD-800s are up for sale.  I think that is all I need to say.
  4. oqvist
    All my headphones except the ED 8 is for sale so yes I love them too. True fanboy material!
  5. MuppetFace
    I put my name on the waiting list on June 28th. I can't wait to hear mine.
    Like I said in the other Audeze thread, I'm not necessarily looking for "the one" in terms of sound quality. I plan on keeping my other headphones, as I'm not so much an audiophile as I'm a girl with a headphone fetish.
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  6. Skylab Contributor
    My love affair with the LCD-2 is still as active as it was from the beginning. The LCD-2 astonished me, and continue to do so many months later. I've stayed hooked. I actually carry they around from room to room, and when the backlog finally clears, I am buying a second pair.
  7. tisb0b
    You enjoy torturing those that are playing the waiting game aren't you? ;D

  8. Happy Camper
    The joys of the waiting game. Talk to some former Xin and Singlepower customers about waits.
    There are some big players in the audio game that have determined dynamics to be second best to the performance these planars can do. Combining impactful and articulate bass with stat like highs has my fever raising. So much to read on, so little money.
  9. Skylab Contributor
    Thats why I'm waiting to order my second pair until after the backorder clears :)
  10. dallan Contributor
  11. SP Wild


    You mean like a back up pair?  OMG, I didn't even think about the disastrous consequences of what it would be like should, for whatever reason, I do not have access to a pair of LCD2s - I'd better do the same thing.[​IMG]
  12. SP Wild


    meh, since when was live acoustic music ever fatiguing - just beautiful realism, no more no less. 
    P.S. Hey how was that Norah Jones concert anyway?  I wish she'd visit Australia someday.
  13. grokit
    TigzStudio, what cable is that on your LCD-2?
  14. TigzStudio


    It was a concert I will never forget, she did some special songs and an awesome encore....I had really close seats as well.  The only bummer was it was a bit windy and freezing cold!  They were drinking a little whiskey on stage to keep warm :)
    Grokit, the cable is one I made based on Mogami studio cabling.  It is an improvement over the stock cable to my ears, and it is for sale for $50.00 shipped fyi :)  
    I am now using a couple up-occ cables I made, and am ordering more bulk cable to do blind tests with as well.  
  15. SP Wild


    Damn.  So jealous... Oh well, I guess I'll just have to make do with Norah through the LCD2s...I wonder how much I'm missing?[​IMG]
    Hey, keep us posted on your results with the cables man.  BTW I can't believe you made those cables yourself...they look awesome man!!![​IMG]
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