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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. angelus55
    Thanks alot! I currently own the lcd2 with fazor with bamboo as i got it as b stock from audeze official amazon seller

    I should i have the latest version then right? It has the new headband like the classic have but im not sure since its b stock

    I was asking because i was curious how the classic is compared to what i just got yesterday

    I got the bamboo fazor as b stock for the same price as a new classic model
  2. znev777
    Yeah, if you got the new headband you probably have a pretty recent version, the suspension headband is pretty new like the lcd2c's. All in all from what I've read there isn't much of a difference between the lcd2f and lcd2c, more of a matter of taste if anything, in both looks and sound.
  3. skylinekursk
    Hey guys,
    Just listening early releases of BMTH, they were deathcore sometime! haha.. I use lcd2cb as my primary and Mobius as secondary headphones since yesterday...
    Signature of closed version LCD2 is quite good for this type of music, warm and punchy - what should I ask more?! )
    I'm wonder what's the difference between LCD2 classic (new open version of classic without fazor) and mine lcd2cb. Should I sell mine and try open version...I'm wonder because closed headphones is kind of compromise every time.... but since I've got Mobius and use them when I don't want disturb other probably open version is what I should have as my primary...
  4. marcan
    In an ideal world planar should always be open.
  5. headphonesaddict123
    I'm pretty new to LCD , in general , which LCD is the most impressive to you? My taste would be something like HD650 , Beyer T1P , or HE-500 .
  6. Davesrose
    You still might need closed headphone for isolation. I bought the LCD-2CB for that reason a few months ago. I find it to be very capable and a good monitoring headphone: it has good extension in the bass and treble regions. The only main criticism I have with it is the imaging isn't as good as other headphones (I don't get as clear a front soundfield as my other headphones). The LCD-2f seems a bit brighter due to some more upper mids, but I find it also has some good bass extension (IE deep bass passages have kick). If comparing both, the warmth of the LCD-2CB is good for some rock and electronic genres I have, while the LCD-2f is great as an all rounder and better for acoustic music.

    To headphonesaddict123: I think you'll be impressed with any of the LCD series. To me, Audeze is a good step up from HD650 in that it's considered "warm" for a planar, but has more prominent bass and treble extension from the HD650.
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  7. skylinekursk
    I can see you have both lcd2 an aeon open...can you explain how different signature of aeon if to compare to lcd2?
  8. headphonesaddict123
    I've actually demoed some hi-end LCD setups at a local audio event , LCD 4 with some all-in-one system from Mcintosh felt really good . But beside that i don't feel much love with LCD 2C ( Also paired with a very buffed system ) .

    Actually , i have a bit of mixed feelings with hi-end setup , is it normal? I feel like i would still prefer my current setup against a 30.000 USD Focal Stellia setup . Maybe more listening is needed before i can wash my bias away .
  9. AudioThief
    Many people will claim that the HD650 is "TOTL" and "endgame" and that it can't be beaten etc. My personal opinion is that the LCD 2 is the closest thing to a HD650 while clearly better technically. What you get is a somewhat wider soundstage, much better bass and more treble extention. It is not as dark, it is more neutral sounding.

    It is generally speaking pretty laid back. Just not as laid back as the HD650.
  10. DavidA
    For me it's the latest LCD-X, quite easy to drive properly and a bit more linear from top to bottom than my LCD-2f and old LCD-3. With that said I find all LCD series a bit too heavy to be enjoyable for more than 30-45 minutes at a time.
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  11. headphonesaddict123
    Just asking this odd question , what are the chances of planar headphones dying by themselves? Like suddenly one day the drivers just...die?
    Especially that LCD-3 because i'm thinking about getting it in the future.
  12. Ken G
    Not an odd question. In the past there have been issues with a good number of the Audeze drivers for the LCD2 and LCD3. In the last few years they've stepped up their game and put better quality control measures in place to make it much less likely. You have the three year Warranty on the driver plus Audeze has great customer service and I've seen stories of them replacing drivers out of warranty for free if they die by themselves.

    I recently upgraded from the LCD-2 to LCD-3 and don't regret it at all. I also looked at the LCD-4 but liked the 3 better because it was a little more laid back. The LCD-4 was very upfront with vocals which to me would have been a bit fatiguing after a while. The vocals on the LCD-3 were a bit further back in the mix and the separation between instruments was among the best that I've heard - better than the HD800 (I think) although the soundstage isn't as wide. IMO, the LCD-3 is a step up from the LCD-2 in terms of clarity, separation and natural sound.

    I would not pay full price for the LCD-3 or really any of their headphones. Call/email authorized dealers or Audeze themselvers to see if they have any deals or B-stock (I guarantee they will). I was desperately looking for the LCD-3 Maple version and I was able to find a b-stock unit from emailing Audeze and dealers.
  13. FireLion
    I found the leather free a little bright on an XC. The Dekoni pads work very well even the cheapest velours are decent.
  14. sennfan83261
    Newest member of my family: LCD 2.1

    I was looking for LCD2.2's, but these came along at the right price and I wanted something different from my HE500. It took me a little awhile to warm up to the LCD2.1's dark, seductive sound signature, as I wondered where was the treble upon initial listen. They are not going to unseat my all-rounder HE500, which receives the most headtime, but the LCD2.1 offers a different sonic experience that I can appreciate. Also, I had a ratty custom TRS 4-pin miniXLR silver cable that came with my HE500 purchase several months ago. The cable had SMC adapters for the HE500, one of which was faulty. Thankfully, I was too lazy to return the cable and reterminated the TRS end with a balanced connector. Compared to Audeze's OEM TRS cable that came with the LCD2.1's, the silver balanced cable does not appear to be significantly brighter or the bass more recessed. The additional power that the balanced connection provides seems to make the LCD2.1's a touch clearer and the soundstage wider.

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
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  15. marcan
    I owned the LCD2.1 then one driver died and Audeze replaced both drivers with what was the LCD2.2 driver. I can tell the 2.1 is darker than the 2.2, but the signature is close, so it wouldn't change your mind anyway.
    Now I would say two things.
    First an tube amp is not recommended with the LCD2 due to its rather dark signature.
    Second, trebles are there believe me, they are not just in your face. I would say try with a beefy balanced solid state amp and take the time to let your ear accommodate with the new sound signature. First time I heard the Audeze I had the same reaction... but the gorgeous bass strikes me. Now I'm more than happy, enjoying my music at decent level for hours without ears fatigue.
    Otherwise you might be more happy with the LCD2C which have more upper mids but subs are less of a think.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
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