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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. fengwei007

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've contacted them, got a discount offer for a replacement. Will get a new pair to replace the current one :) 
    Koolpep likes this.
  2. PinkyPowers

    It looks like those are the old pads. They'll be sending you LCD-2.2 pads, which are much nicer.
  3. fengwei007
    Thanks. Sure hope so :)   Already placed order, but this time I opted for the non-leather ones. The current leather ones only look bad, but they are still very nice and comfortable. The peelings are only at the edges.
  4. Koolpep
    I wonder if I can send my 2014 LCD2f to get an update to the new sound signature - I would love to have better bass slam and impact. Happy to pay for the update if reasonable. I shall contact Audeze support and see.
  5. torpedorag
    Mine was manufactured nov 2015. So this one is not yet the silent revision model?

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  6. obsidyen
    It could be... I think it started during October-November so it probably is. But only Audeze can verify that.
  7. torpedorag
    thanks. Based from the fr graph compared to older fazor models, I think mine is the new silent revision

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  8. exsomnis
    I hope that means that my 2,2s come back from dead driver replacement with that flavour of fazor. (Left driver called it quit after 2 years)
    Then again, I've already committed to an LCD3 upgrade and am thoroughly enjoying a demo pair at home while waiting for my actual set to come in, so that might be a moot point if I decide to sell the 2s. 
    While I enjoyed my 2.2s to bits, I'd always felt that there was a bit of congestion when I fed them with complex music. That is definitely not the case with the 3s, amongst other things. One thing I do have to concede to the 2s is that for all their lack of high end refinement, they more than make up for it with their thumping presence and slamming bass. I may yet keep them. :)
    LCD 2 for proper rocking out with edm/alternative and LCD 3 for classical/jazz/everything else? Sounds like a plan.
  9. Koolpep

    So quoting myself....
    I heard back from Audeze. You can send in your LCD-2 for complete transducer change - which will update the sound signature to the latest and greatest. Costs are $250 plus shipping. I am pretty convinced to do it, but have to wait until after a local meet up.
    Great customer service from Audeze. It's so good to know that this is offered to customers!! Respect!
  10. fiascogarcia
    Looking forward to impressions on the transducer change.
  11. rothkowitz
    Sorry-for both transducers?

  12. Koolpep

    Yes. Otherwise it would create quite an off balance issue :wink:
  13. rothkowitz
    Thanks, I just wanted to check the all-up price. Mine are from late-2011 but if they were going to fail they would've done so long ago (touch wood)
  14. betula

    This puts my earlier argument into different lights.
    I find it great that Audeze offers this. Makes pointless to rename slightly improved/updated LCD2 models.
    Thanks for the info.
  15. heliosphann
    I think this could be true. I've got an 'Oct 15 LCD-2f that sounded very similar to a pre-fazor 2.2 with better treble and soundstage.
529 530 531 532 533 534 535 536 537 538
540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549

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