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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. betula

    Unfortunately I have no personal experience with Audezes. (Yet.)
  2. oAmadeuso
    Blimey... Would not expect to be seeing that.
    I chose lamb for durability.

    My background is in watch design and I know my leathers. That's a very thin split of lambskin.
    I've a lamb leather jacket that's taken son knocks over the years and looks better than that.
  3. obsidyen

    Apparently LCD 2s shipped since December 2015 have a different tuning to previous fazor models, closer to pre-fazor LCD 2s. I have not heard one myself, but they say that the bass has much more impact and slam, more authority. Someone on another forum actually wrote a review about this new model (I can PM you the review, I'm not sure if it's allowed posting the link here). He basically says post-revision LCD 2 "does bass better than the HE1000, some LCD-3, HEX, HE560 and pretty much anything else out there."
    Audeze officials recently said they re-voiced EL-8 line, so I'm not surprised LCD line is re-voiced as well. That said, LCD line also have had some hardware changes as well (thinner film or something like that).
  4. betula

    Different sounding headphones under the exact same name from the same manufacturer?
    I am slightly sceptical.
  5. obsidyen

    Well don't be, if it's Audeze. Audeze doesn't have the driver consistency of Sennheiser and they are known to have done many silent revisions over the years.
    Anyway, Mark Cohen talking about re-voiced EL-8 line...
    "...Cohen also points out that the EL-8 have seen significant re-voicing since their CES 2015 debut and that anyone not hearing them in the last six months “Hasn’t heard the EL-8”...."
    It's on digitalaudioreview website if you want to read the whole article.
  6. grizzlybeast
    This means that I have the the silent revision. My bass sounds pretty good too. I just got my drivers installed in mine last week. 
    Would be cool to compare them to the lcd-x, my memory could be wrong. 
  7. bavinck
    Mine definitely has great slam, no question at all.
  8. betula

    Wow. That is not a responsible behavior from a big manufacturer like Audeze.

    This means on the second hand market one can absolutely have no idea what sound signature they get.

    I find this to be a pretty poor approach for a big name as Audeze.
  9. sludgeogre
    I think it's a great approach, it's continuous product improvement. As an engineer, my goal is always to make my process better. I think of my primary customers first, as a producer of a product, my concerns are done after the product warranty is over. I know that isn't ideal for everyone, but it's how a business needs to run to make itself better and more competitive. They could help the used market if they publicly released revision information, but that would upset new customers, so I don't really care either way.
    It kinda makes me want to send mine in for new drivers. I had them break on me in May of 2015 so mine are a revision before the latest one at least. Would be nice to have even more bass slam for death metal.
  10. betula

    Sure, but if there were significant improvements in sound quality, signature or driver itself, they should (must) indicate it at least with a new letter in the product name.
    LCD 2F2 or something like this.
  11. bavinck

    I disagree. They are continuously making their product better, that's a good thing. Hifiman does the same thing, Sennheiser has been known to do so too. . Fiio tried to, but idiots on the x7 thread went bonkers.
    sludgeogre likes this.
  12. betula

    In this case we disagree on this matter.
    In my opinion a product name should indicate the exact same quality.
    If something changes in quality, the name should change as well. At least with a letter.
  13. CanadianMaestro
    Most hi-end audio companies develop their products with evolution in mind. (Some even aim for revolution -- giant leaps in SQ). As such, I tend to promote the notion that not all gear within a manufacturer's product categories should/would sound the same.
  14. x RELIC x Contributor
    I've been seeing this from Audeze for quite a while. My LCD-XC sounds quite different from others I've heard, and the LCD-2 measurements also vary quite a lot, even without official or silent revisions. There is simply a lot of variation from Audeze. Still sounds good though.
  15. Ampeezy
    Yes, a thing with Audeze for sure...mine sounded much better when they came from repair...bass was much better and overall a much much smoother listen. My original pair was manufactured in January 2015, and the repair was done in February 2016
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