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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. Ampeezy
    if it were the LCD-XC then there might be a difference...just looking at the design of the open LCDs the choice of wood cannot possibly affect the sound in any meaningful way no?
  2. Ampeezy
    hobbit music sound? i was thinking a more elvin sound
  3. Ampeezy
    On another note, I am seriously curious about Audeze driver variability/silent revisions. I wish we could all get together somewhere and listen to each others' LCD-2s lol. I cant put mine away since they came back from repair, its ridiculous...now i'm hoping they never break again because i honestly dont know what i will get back
  4. bavinck
    Ya man, all us Canadians are just a bunch of trolls.
  5. Ampeezy
    It is with honor, I give you the "Trolliest Troll of the Year" award. seriously, hahahaha. Honestly your sarcasm is on point...the passive aggression is just sublime man, kudos
  6. DavidA
    The type of wood makes a difference for Grados but then the amount of wood in the grado cup is much higher in proportion compared to the LCD-2/3, the LCD-XC with the entire back made of wood will have its sound affected by different types of wood, similar to the TH-X00 (mahogany vs purple heart)
  7. Ampeezy
    my thoughts exactly
  8. bavinck
    Boys, an sonic variation with vegan vs lambskin pads?
  9. floppiness
    Would a cable upgrade be worthwhile? I don't like the stock one very much. 
  10. fiascogarcia

    Cables are really a personal choice, hard to tell someone else they matter. I got a DHC Complement 4 for mine and I notice more detailed, cohesive sound. Worth the price? That's a totally personal decision.
  11. Lohb

    Well do you mean you don't like the physical design or the sonic character you think it gives ? That's a start...
  12. fiascogarcia

    Vegan have to have at least a little more sound absorption, right? So I guess yes.
  13. Lohb

    It has come up before, Vegan vs lambskin - and official word is there is no difference.
  14. sludgeogre
    My stock cable was coming apart after a year so I bought a Forza Audioworks cable that I totally love. It's pretty pricey, but the para cord construction of it is very durable. It also looks way better. I have the Noir Hybrid and I definitely think it tightened up the bass and added a little more clarity.
  15. heliosphann
    Got a great custom cable from Impact Audio Cables:
    Really good quality and it won't break the bank.
531 532 533 534 535 536 537 538 539 540
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