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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. hernandoco
    I have a FIIO E17 (the original one) and it works just fine for portable use with the LCD2.2.
  2. Jim Dickson
    the lcd 2 sound wonderful with tube amps!!!​
  3. oAmadeuso
    Agreed, the Lyr2 and some NOS tubes are a match in heaven with the Lcd-2's.
  4. coolcat
    I used to own the Minute EL34 amp pairing with LCD2.1 and LCD2 2.2 , I used the el34 telefunken and Mulard XF1 tubes , the sound is so great, if I want to listen to some fast pace music I used the telefunken, for vocal I reached for the Mulard.
    By the way if you want to spare some money from the tubes (both cost me 300$ per pair) , please try the M3 amp. It matches so well, I dont think the M3 amp is inferior to my El34 amp.
    But if you have enough money go for the 300B, I think the sound is in another level (might be overkill though concerning the price of the amps and 300B tube)
  5. JBal4
    Has anyone tried the Grace m9xx with the lcd-2?
  6. jodgey4
    I did with my LCD-2.2F. Perfect amount of power and detail :). Pretty crisp sound overall.
  7. mammal
    I very much prefer m9xx to Mojo when it comes to LCD-2 and LCD-3, definitely enough power for me.
  8. JBal4
    I just grabbed a little tube amp the other day so I'm going to see how well that does. thanks for the info on the m9xx
  9. dermott
    I have a set of pre-Fazor, 50 Ohm LCD-2 and am looking for a balanced SS amp. I have a Yulong DA8 MK1 DAC that will feed the amp. I am looking at the Schiit Ragnarok and the Violectric V280. Any thoughts on these amps for the particular cans? The V280 is newer, so not really finding much by way of reviews or impressions.
  10. Lohb

    Yes, MOJO seems to work best with IEMs and dynamic cans under $800....
  11. cjc
     The  Musical fidelity X-cans V2 with the Audeze LCD-2F is a nice match. I just put in some NOS tubes from Russia that sound surprising good. Hard to tell if it is any better yet than my Asgard 2.
  12. kashmiami
    I recently bought the LCD 2.2, I don't have an amp yet.
    Even without the amp, listening to it from the laptop--they sound incredible. better than the Grado 225's I had.[execept mids]
    2 questions.
    1)Do I need an amp, if I do-- can anyone reccomend a portable amp.
    2)Some of the female singer voices are in background when compared to male & the mids are a tad bit recessed. Are these actual issues or are they due to a lack of amp. I do not want to return these back if I can figure out these issues. I love the bass.
    Thanks in advance for your time.
  13. Alchemist007
    Sounds like a prefazor. It helps to have a more revealing dac/amp. The GE 6dj8 tube running from a Project Ember helped female vocal revelation but it's still noticeable say compared to other headphones. I think a fazor model would be a step up in that regard specifically, assuming it's not a fazor 2.2 already.
  14. desik

    I don't recommend switching to fazor. Completely different headphones. Especially for a bass-lover. I don't have any issues with female voices on LCD-2.1, but never tried them unamped. Evanescence/Nightwish - all sound wonderful.
  15. Lohb

    2.1 un-amped, oh no.
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