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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. chesebert
    Is there a reason why my AMB M3/Q11 sounds better than the Beta22 (3 channel with DACT) with LCD-2f? 
    All my other cans are the other way around, as it should be.  
  2. exsomnis
    There are definitely some situations where the LCDs are good with certain amps as opposed to other headphones (this is well documented with all kinds of cans). But for LCDs I see that it mainly comes down to power requirements.
    The LCD-2F has an impedance of 70 ohms and should be driven by an amp that can provide 1-4 watts of power at that impedance to provide the best results. Given two amps of similar quality but different power output, the one that provides good, clean power within the sweet spot of 1-4W will sound better. 
    And of course, there is that personal preference that comes in to play. 
  3. Alchemist007
    What determines whether the amp is really good enough? I would think loudness, the O2 doesn't give close to 1W but sounds plenty loud to me at the 9-11 o'clock position - not even close to max. What about a 4W amp would make it sound different, because I think at the same positions it would blow your ears out as far as loudness is concerned.
  4. sludgeogre
    Headroom for big dynamic peaks and transients is the biggest difference to my ears, but it all depends on the amp topology as well. If it's a Class A amp, I don't think you need 4 watts of power, 1 watt max seems to do me just fine. I've plugged into beefier amps and it sounded just as delicious. If you compare a 1 watt Class A and Class D amp, you'll want to light the class D amp on fire, as those need a whole lot more headroom to sound good.
    As far as I'm concerned, a well designed amp that can put 1 true watt of power into a headphone around 50 ohms is all you need for almost any application besides really crazy headphones.
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  5. exsomnis
    I too once thought that my O2 was all that with my LCD 2. Until I heard a few 1W+ amps. My current amp does crazy numbers but the main difference in sound for me is the gravitas and immediacy of the music. It is night and day between having the power and not - especially listening at moderately loud to loud levels. A drum getting beaten is getting beaten in your vicinity as opposed to sounding like a recording of it. Bass is thunderous and reaches down low - you'll finally realise what people mean when they say that LCD 2 bass is slamming. It's a full bodied sound that is the closest one can get to a proper speaker setup - for me at least.
    You will also have a better sense of the air and transient sounds in and around instruments, because the instruments have become distinct. Transients are better, strings are more present, pianos are more liquid...it's hard for me to describe but you will definitely recognise the difference.
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  6. marcan
    It is even better for me at least. No room treatment can give you this transients and distortion free sub bass. 
  7. Dr John
    I have tried a simple Pangea amp, and a few other more elaborate units with different technologies- OTL, poor bass response, class 'A' , too bright, hybrids, too bright, poor staging. But then i found the match for the LCD2's - The WOO AUDIO WA6-SE with the tube upgrade to the Sophia Prrincess. Once broken iin they ar the best > IMO
  8. coolcat
    I've also found the M3 match my LCDX better than the B22. have you also found that  the M3 doesn't try to change the LCD into something else, it just emphasize the strong points of the LCD , it doesn't try to make the soundstage bigger or give you a better instruments seperation (actually everything is fine with M3 but I think there are some amps which do it better), it just give the bass punch, emphassize the mid, open up the high just a bit , that's it, but the overall listening experience is just right, this is the LCD(X), I wanna listen to
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  9. chesebert
    Your impression is pretty much spot on. However, I have been using my LCD exclusively with my B22 but not without some tweaking. My Linn Klimax DS allows me to input a customized parametric function within the DS's firmware. Specifically, I have dialed up the bass shelf, lowered the peak at 10k and add a little lift to the 1-2k range. The result is the best of all worlds. All the soundstage and transparency that B22 provides with tremendous bass slam, sweet mid and easy to listen treble. Yes, I realize this is sort of "cheating" but the result is the best headphone I have ever heard. 
    For those with Linn DS, I am using the "Space Optimization" feature but customized to generate a Harmon curve based on LCD2f's frequency response. 
  10. coolcat
    @chesebert wowww nice tweaking. Great how you've found out. 
  11. tamleo
    Does bigger Watt always mean bigger Ampere? Or voltage and current magnitude delivered depends on amp topology? Thanks
  12. ElDibujante
    In my country only get the FIIO E17k, it will be enough to connect to Audize LC2?
  13. Lohb

    At that size and price zone try and get a Cayin C5 amp even used price and pick up a separate DAC unit.
    Cayin C5 is a small wonder for its price, slightly on the warm tubey side of things.
  14. taxiq
    Have been running the 2's through a tube pre with 6sn7's to a First Watt F3 with considerable success especially in opening the high end to something approaching an HE6.
    edit: typo
  15. Lohb

    Nice, I have something similar planned. Tube pre into a fully balanced amp....dial the tubes until I get what I'm looking for. Wider sound-stage/raise the treble.
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