1. ablahblah

    Trying to zero in on a compact MP3 solution

    Hi all, I'm still relatively new to the audio scene, moving past itunes/zune/youtube and into the realm of ripping lossless tracks and such, and I'm trying to figure out whether it'll be worth it getting a lossless player or not.   I know Zune (which i use, with the Zune Pass subscription...
  2. shonor6

    IE Headphones at about 75$

    Hello. I'm looking for IE headphones for flights, and for class. Therefore no one except of me should hear the sound. I mainly listen to Rock, but also enjoy Classical music sometimes. Just to give you a certain measurement of the type of sound that I like, I have the Audio Technica AD700 and...
  3. Acorn Radio

    Audio Technica ATH-M50

    hello, im new here and would like some help on deciding what pair of headphones to get.   im looking for headphones for recording music, playing guitar through, and listening to music from my laptop at home or my zune on the go.   ive read alot of reviews on here and other sites for the...
  4. sennheiserhd485

    Is a DAC necessary?

    To have an audiophile setup, I need an amp, DAC, and headphones, right? Is the DAC only for computer use? I would be using a CD player as my source. Do I need a DAC/amp combo or is seperate best? Does a DAC make a huge difference is SQ?
  5. Vault

    No love for Sony XB 700?

    Haven't seen much written on the Sony XB series, so thought I would add some very brief impressions. Briefly auditioned the XB 700 at Sim Lim Square in Singapore this afternoon. Unfortunately I didn't have my Zune on me, so music was supplied by Sony (and could be coloured by the music they...
  6. Apparat

    Looking to replace Zune Premium Headphones V2, help is appreciated

    I found this website yesterday, which was really fortunate since my Zune Premium Headphones v2 spontaneously died (also yesterday) and I need to replace them now. I'm not knowledgeable at all when it comes to audio things so I really hope someone can help me make a good choice.   I'm looking...
  7. Clincher09

    Most inexpensive good amp for D2Ks?

    I'm currently using the Denon D2000's out of a Zune and a Fiio E5. They sound great to me just with the E5 powering them, but from what I heard I'm missing out on the full sound I could be getting with my Denon's. I bough a PA2v2 but the E5 powers my Denon's just as well. I just ask for...
  8. SilentDaze

    Cowon J3 Ringke Silicon or Noreve Leather

    Whatsup HF, looking for some feedback on the J3 cases.  I am debating between the Noreve leather case and the Ringke silicon case.  I don't mind the price difference, the determining factor is first and foremost protection.   Hypothetically, if I were to drop the J3, which case would sustain...
  9. sennheiserhd485

    Most detailed, airy, bright headphones for Zune unamped?

    What are the most detailed, airy, bright headphones for Zune unamped? Preferably under $150.
  10. sz1999

    why Shure SRH750DJ needs amp to drive? its impedance is only 32ohm

    So i got Shure SRH750DJ and plug in clip+, zune, sony mp3, it sounds low volume and no detail. Then I plug it to fiio E9, SRH750DJ suddenly is wonderful. So why it needs amp, the spec says it is only 32ohm impedance, i thought any portable player can easily drive 32ohm. Any tech guru please help...
  11. NguyenAdam

    Best bang for buck amp for Sennheiser 555s

    I'm thinking about ordering the Sennheiser 555s soon and was wondering what is the best bang for buck amp that I can use with my Zune?My budget would be around $50-$75. I decided that getting a pair of headphones would be more beneficial than getting a speaker setup for my computer.
  12. Wsh

    Buttons are better

    Need some direction on a good portable mp3 player that uses buttons and not touch screens.   Yes audio quality is important, budget is 150-230'ish'.   I listen to rock, pop, hip hop, smooth jazz, techno and classic jazz, so a very wide range.     My IEMs are TF10s and so a flat EQ...
  13. batphink

    WOOT! Zune 4GB 2nd gen

    WOOT! is selling the Zune 4GB 2nd gen in pink, green, red and black for $70 plus $5 shipping.  
  14. A

    New iPod Touch 4G first impressions

    Got mine yesterday, the design is even better than before and it feels faster than my old 3G.   Important for me is the sound, so I tested the same lossless file at the same volume with the same headphones, and the 4G definately sounds better, more dynamic sound, and a tad warmer and natural...
  15. Woozle Wuzzle

    Zune HD vs Sony X

    Hi, Im just debating whether or not to sell my Sony X for a Zune HD. I realize how amazing the SQ of the Sony X is but the Zune is very enticing. I believe the Zune will have a good SQ as well and its more of a all rounder device such as the ipod touch. Thanks
  16. smachine

    Zune HD + TF10s - Would an amp help?

    Was just wondering if I would get any benefit on my Zune HD and TF10s with an amp like the ibasso t3? I already like the sound im getting, but was just seeing if I have been missing anything by not using an amp. There is no LOD on the zune, so I would only be able to connect an amp through hp out?
  17. kidgfoo

    Zune HD or Sansa Fuze v2

    Ok guys, i am trying to get into this greater sound quality appreciation that you guys are into (audiophiles), slowly. I doubt that i'll get to audiophile status, but still like good sound. I lurk around here more than post, so please excuse my low post number. Now, my question to you guys is...
  18. runnerD

    Please help - Headphone Amp or Ruin Speakers?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but here goes:   I have a pair of JBL EON 510 Active Speakers for being a DJ part time.  I use a Microsoft ZUNE to power these self powered speakers.  When I turn up the volume all the way on the Zune, it seems like the JBL Eons have...
  19. kite7

    Zune HD + Dock = Very good quality line out?

    Once in a while I like to do a reality check with my DAC compared to something else because sometimes I generally accept expensive gear being better without really testing. However, I am always willing to save money.   Today I chose to compare my $449 Nuforce HDP's DAC against my Zune HD +...
  20. Olimoronio

    w00t! My Mat Electronics haul!

    From left to right... Top Trisonic TS-YK220 Trisonic TS-YK5000 Nippon America CD-2000 Nippon America CD-5500 Bottom Zune earbuds Digital (???) earbuds Nippon America Model IV folding headphones The fun thing about buying from Mat Electronics is that the...
  21. hobohunter23

    Which amp should fit well with SRH 840's and a Zune? (LOD not possible with zune, sadly). No bass-boost, around 100$

    Hey,   I was looking into an portable amp with a price around 100$, maybe a little more, maybe a little less depending. I'm not really looking into an amp that boosts bass, as im happy with the bass the SRH840's put out. I was thinking mostly either one of these three amps- PA2V2, Minibox-D...
  22. hobohunter23

    Good amp for Zune+SRH 840's?

    I'm looking for a somewhat portable amp for use with my Zune (so no Line Out is possible, it'll just have to be a regular cable), and my Shure SRH840's. I'm willing to spend around 80-120$ for an amp. It doesn't have to be as portable as something such as the Minibox-D, but I would like it to be...
  23. goraman

    What is Zune doing?

    My wife asked for an Ipod so after a little head to head listening The 80 gig Zune sounded so much better and was easyer to use,bigger screen and better earbuds. I listened to both useing lossless files and the same IEM's so there would be no other varyable but the source. The Zune spanked...
  24. lozanoa11

    Worth it to get cheap customs?

    I have wanted to get a good portable setup for a while but do not have a large use for it. I just found out Im going to africa again that includes a 16 hour flight :O, and want something good for that. The custom IEM look very attractive to me but the price is not so attractive. I see some...
  25. Bullseye

    Looking for more options: SS AMP or AMP/DAC combo

    Hey there,   I currently have the Cute Beyond headphone amplifier. I am happy with it except for the  hum/noise I get due to the power supply (ground loop).    I also have the Little Dot I+ and with it I don't get that background noise.   I am not looking for any "sound flavor", in...