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Cowon J3 Ringke Silicon or Noreve Leather

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by silentdaze, Dec 24, 2010.
  1. SilentDaze
    Whatsup HF, looking for some feedback on the J3 cases.  I am debating between the Noreve leather case and the Ringke silicon case.  I don't mind the price difference, the determining factor is first and foremost protection.
    Hypothetically, if I were to drop the J3, which case would sustain the shock of a fall more?  I hear that silicon absorbs shock better, but it seems like this silicon case is practically a skin and may not be thick enough to absorb more shock than the Noreve leather.
    Here is a link to the Noreve leather case:
    And the Rearth Ringke Silicon case:
    For fellow J3 owners, which case do you prefer and why?  And for those that own either case, what are your impressions of it?
  2. BotByte
    I would also like to hear this
    I'm lead on buying a J3 in the next several weeks or so to pair my Grado sr80is
    I'm wondering if it should have a case or not, I'm gentle with my stuff, yet crap happens
    I'm also getting a extended warranty on it, so it worth it to buy a case.
    I use a cheapy zip up case for my Zune Hd. It's hard all around and has great fall damage.
    Also, if any one would like to, can they message me and allow me to ask them about their J3?
  3. BotByte


    I've heard good things about the Rearth case
    Pros (what I heard and read):
    It's silicone, yet rigid and stretch
    It doesn't collect lint like cheap cases
    It indents and shows the buttons, through the case (still covered)
    Bottom has opening
    The cover comes right up o the screen and might be hard to click buttons that are smashed to the side
    No screen cover (who needs it with scratch proof glass)
  4. proedros
    i am expecting a J3 with this case and some anti-screen protector so i will write my opinion....

  5. BotByte
    A quick update,I was recently at Walmart spending two gift cards I got for christmas
    I was looking in the electronics and saw about a dozen cases for iphones and smartphones that would fit a j3 or s:flo2
    Mostly sleeves and hard cases from camera section
    So check out a nearby walmart of radio shack and try out the cases there before buying one online, you might find something you like
  6. SoulSyde
    Rearth/Ringke FTW.
  7. Willieboy
    I just receieved the Noreve case for my D2+ and it is beautifully made.  I like the fact the screen is protected when the case is closed.  When I want to listen to some tunes, all controls are readily accessible.
  8. kargi
    I haven't seen the Noreve, but Ringke is AWESOME!

    Best silicon case I have ever seen. Just soft enough to put the j3 inside, once it is in, it feels like a hard case. Texture is great, not gripy. Buttons have tactile. Copyrighted marks (cowon,j3) and "brushed alu" part are also cool. In adition it forgives, if you put the screen protector a little croocked.

    Only down side for me charcoal color looked darker on the website, I may order a black one, if this wears out.
  9. SilentDaze
    Well I bit the bullet and ordered a Black Ringke silicon case.  Originally I was going to get charcoal, but decided on black instead.  I also ordered a screen protector:
    Trident did a review on it (in the dual pack page, he also said to order a single instead, that's what I did)
    I know it's tough glass but it collects fingerprints really easily, so I'm hoping this helps that.  Also, nothing is scratch proof, it may be resistant, but it's not indestructible glass.  The screen protector also gives me ease of mind, which is invaluable on a $200-300 device.
    I was really torn on the choice between the two cases, but the minimalist nature of the Ringke really sounded good once I saw the J3.  It's smaller than I expected, and I'd like to preserve that.  I know the leather case wouldn't bulk it up too much, but I know the Ringke would offer good protection and add less bulk.  Also, silicon is more shock-absorbent, which lends me to side with it.  Another factor is that the leather case has to expose the buttons on the outside.  This means they are also exposed to scratches and damage more than the silicon case.  Another thing to consider is that the mic on the back is covered on the Noreve, but exposed (like it should be) on the Ringke.
    Not to mention the price difference.
  10. SilentDaze
    Well I just got my Ringke case in today, and I love it!  It's really thin and doesn't bulk up the J3 at all.  Very smooth and nice feel, covers all the buttons well and is a really great design.  My only gripe is the bottom doesn't have very much protection, but that's not really Ringke's fault.  Because the headphone jack and usb/micro sd slot are down there, it has to be open to allow access.  This makes it vulnerable, but if you have your headphones plugged in that will obviously help protect the bottom.  Combined with my screen protector, the case really adds to my peace of mind.  I'm happy with this case and as of now won't be buying a Noreve leather case, although I bet I would have liked that one just fine.  As a final note, I recommend this case and it has definitely made me a fan of silicon cases in general.

  11. proedros
    +1 on the ringke silicon case
    This thing is really worth buying - and this comes from someone who shops very few things and i am very,very pleased.
    Great feel , looks awesome and is very handy - all the tactile buttons stand out perfect and it feels like a second skin to it
    i can not imagine me using my J3 without it.
    Great , great add-on.
  12. SoulSyde
    I just placed an order for one in True Blue.  I'll post pics when it arrives.
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  13. proedros
    You're gonna love it - this case keeps my J3 from getting scratched or dirty ,fits like a glove and  looks damn good 
    i encourage anyone here who digs his J3 to get one - this is a great investment and at such a small price you won't regret it at all
  14. fallingreason
    I have a Ringke case for my J3, as does my friend for his J3.  I think it will provide adequate protection for small bumps and drops.  However, I think the leather case you linked looks like it would provide better protection in a more extreme mishap, or a very big drop.  If you are generally good with your electronics, I'd go for the Ringke.  They are more stylish and do not make the player overly bulky, still very pocketable.
    I also have the Ringbo screen protector on mine even though it is probably unnecessary.  It is a great quality screen protector.
  15. SoulSyde
    J3 with True Blue Ringke case...

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