1. red71rum

    Mee Audio's X7 bluetooth Sports Headphones Review

    Mee Audio recently let me know that they were coming out with a cheaper version of the X7 Plus, called the X7. I told them I would like to check them out and they sent me a pair. Since I have received them in the mail, I have tried to put them through their paces, using them in different...
  2. tomartinaz

    BTunes plug makes wired headphones wireless

    The Kickstarter campaign is very cool. I backed it. Has anyone else backed it? 
  3. vp89

    any wireless dj headphones?

    im looking into wireless DJ headphones (bluetooth). i want it to be wireless and still work with the sound effects on PowerAmp (android App) I know theres wireless Studio Beats by dre, but im not into the beats headphones, im just not the bandwagon type of person lol. are there any headphones...
  4. remember1t

    help a newbie - suggestions for entry level digital phones please

    First a couple of basic questions / observations 1) are all wireless headphones digital now or is analogue still available? 2) some years ago I bought Ampliphone digital and although the sound quality was good, the build quality was not and they did not last long.   So now please can anyone...
  5. Farid FXX

    Please recommend best over ear bluetooth headphones!

    Hello!   I'm looking to spend around $300ish on a pair of nice closed over ear headphones which run through bluetooth. I'll be using them primarily for jogging and working out in the gym. I hate anything in ear, so don't even get me started on those.    I do enjoy a little bass heavy...
  6. boby22

    cheap wireless headphone

    Any sugession about a cheap wireless headphone under $50
  7. bedlam inside

    Does anyone know wireless headphones called Sick Parrot or some such?

    Hi, Someone had these on the Train this morning, we talked a bit.   They seemed cool and they have something like the 3D sound switch I like so much on my headphone amp. I only heard them briefly, I thought my audio technica's had better noise cancelling and sound, but I don't really...
  8. tofu

    Wireless speaker setup under $200

    Are the promedias the best I can do?   I was considering the DIY route, but the cost of an amp, drivers, wireless receiver, and building a sub make it way over $200 for something halfway decent.  This seems like one of those times when mass produced is the most cost effective.   I just...
  9. scubanarc

    Wireless transmitter receiver pair for headphones

    Hey Guys,   First post around here, so howdy :)   I'm looking for something and I don't know if it exists. Maybe you guys can help me out. I have audio playing in the house and I want it to play simultaneously in my headphones without wires between me and the house. These are standard...
  10. weaiyoh

    Good wireless headphones/earphones?

    So here's the situation. I'd like a pair of wireless headphones or earphones or whatever. Not too bulky or expensive. I'll most likely use them for my computer to listen to music, but I'm not much of an audiophile so to be honest, sound quality isn't of utmost importance. I'd like to be able to...
  11. JML91

    Wireless USB (non-bluetooth) In-ear headphones

    Hello!   I am completely unsure if such things exist, but I am looking for wireless in-ear headphones that use a USB transmitter, rather than Bluetooth (my computer freezes up and Skype crashes completely when I use bluetooth, unfortunately). I am really hoping for in-ear and wireless. Any...
  12. simondid

    wireless headphones for mobile use ?

    hey so i looking for a new headset for my phone. i goth some requirements for this headset...   i wan't it to be wireless maybe bluetooth i don't know. it don't wan't it to be big and plastic like beats by dr. dre. i wan't the sound to be good like in the bose quiet comfort 3 ore...
  13. jeffrocc

    Good Bluetooth headphones for real?

    PARROT® ZIK BY STARCK WIRELESS HEADPHONES Has anybody managed to try these out yet? Furthermore, any recommendations of another brand that may be worthwhile? Anything I've tried so far just stinks!!
  14. nlrela

    Need advice / information on bluetooth headphones

    At the moment I am looking for a bluetooth headphone, but unfortunately I haven't found any comparison until now. The following ones I have in focus:   Klipsch Image One Bluetooth Sony MDR-1RBT Logitech UE-9000   Has anyone seen a comparison somewhere of these devices or at least a...
  15. Lufkum

    Headphone with a mic!

    Hi   I'm searching a wireless headphone who i can use to watch movie and to play online on my ps3 so it need to have a mic on!   So i need an headphone/set! Can you help me ?     Thanks you   Edit i saw some like this  ...
  16. Aelaria

    Wireless headset recommendation?

    Hi guys, I just joined... my apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place!   I know there is much hate for gamer headsets.... but I'm hoping someone who has experience can help me pick one out:   a) I NEED wireless. I've tripped over my old wired headset cable so many times I've damaged...
  17. ZMan2k2

    Jaybird Freedom or Freedom Spirit BT Headphones, any new users?

    I'm seriously considering these, not sure which ones yet.  My Galaxy SIII gets pretty good performance from the BT antenna in it, as I can go about 25 ft. from the phone with my Jawbone Era before I get breakup.    The last review I read was about the iPhone4, which had a weak BT antenna in...
  18. survient

    Sony MDR-1RBT vs Sennheiser MM 550-X

    Hey Head-Fi. So I've moved closer to my work to be within walking distance I'm looking for a new pair of mobile cans to use on the trek to and from. Several years back I had a pair of sony DRBT30Q headphones:   http://store.sony.com/p/bluetooth-headphones/en/p/DRBT30Q   They... were not...
  19. TheGiuce

    Looking for bluetooth headphones that meet the following needs

    I'm hoping to pick up some bluetooth headphones by Christmas this year. I commute daily on the metro with my Klipsch Image X10i (which sound great), but I am going crazy dealing with cables! My requirements are the following:   - Wireless (bluetooth A2DP) - Compatible with iOS and Windows...
  20. asimov1

    Recommendations please - Best Wireless Headphones for under £120 / $190

    Hi everyone,    Was wondering if you could throw some recommendations my way for a pair of Wireless Headphones (preferably closed) for under £120 / $190. They'll mainly be used on a PC for Music, Movies, Gaming.      Thanks in advance.
  21. Rightclick/Scissors

    Are Bluetooth Headphones harmful to your health?

    Anybody have any bad experiences? What little I've read about the headaches has put me off...
  22. ats433

    Wireless headphones with two-microphones

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a set of wireless headphones that have one microphone at each ear. I have seen a lot of dual-microphone headsets, but both microphones are at the same ear.    Has anyone seen wireless headphones that have 2 mics -- 1 at each ear (ideally both omnidirectional)...
  23. joepaul

    Noise Cancelling and Wireless

    Does anyone know if all Noise Cancelling Headphones are unable to reach full volume? Tried the Sennheiser PXC450 and they would not reach high volume levels and seemed muffled. Tried several less expensive cans without this feature that sounded much better. My problem is i need portable over ear...
  24. joepaul

    Noise Cancelling and Wireless

    Does anyone know if all Noise Cancelling Headphones are unable to reach full volume? Tried the Sennheiser PXC450 and they would not reach high volume levels and seemed muffled. Tried several less expensive cans without this feature that sounded much better. My problem is i need portable over ear...
  25. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Sony MW1 - Smart Wireless Headset pro

    When it comes to Bluetooth, the preconception of its sound quality is generally on the negative side, even from those who have never used a BT headset before – This is no doubt the result of reading too many a horror story over the internet. The idea of a BT headset for music seems more like a...