1. SoundPEATS Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

    SoundPEATS Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

    Lightweigh&Low Latency✌ This Transmitter/Receiver is lightweight, Instant Sound, weights only 15g, SoundPEATS MK2 Adapter adopt aptX Low Latency support enables you enjoy high-quality audio in sync with the picture. ✌Bluetooth Everywhere✌: In Transmitter mode (TX), turn a non-bluetooth device...
  2. H

    Apt-X Audio Delay?

    Hi all! I'm looking to turn my Phillips SHP9500S headphones into a wireless set, by attaching to it a portable Bluetooth audio receiver. Now obviously I'm concerned about audio quality, and would like to use an Apt-X HD receiver. The one in particular I'm eyeing is the EarStudio ES100 But...
  3. N

    Wireless or detachable cable IEMs under $500

    Hey everyone, recently my xba40ip passed away and i decided to get new ones. So I want to buy wireless earphones but dont know which ones are good. Also, if there is no good bluetooth option, it might be with detachable cable. Considering Shure SE425 but reviews say they have weak bass, so im...
  4. TheAngelOfRoses

    Looking for a pair of Wireless Headphones <300, with bass

    Hey everyone! Heads up: Im on mobile so im sorry if the spelling or formatting is utter garbage ahead of time. Simply put: Im looking for a pair of headphones prefferably sub 300 (up to 350 before tax is fine) Since cords can be a convience hassle due to them getting snagged on almost...
  5. Edifier W860NB Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth aptX Headphones with Smart Touch

    Edifier W860NB Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth aptX Headphones with Smart Touch

    Active Noise Cancelling Removes Annoyances Active noise cancelling headphone eliminate and reduce outside noise letting you enjoy your music and ignore the rest. Active noise cancelling headphones use a microphone to listen to noise surrounding the headphones and emits a frequency that cancels...
  6. Edifier W675BT On-ear Bluetooth v4.1 Headphones Foldable with NFC Connect 40mm Drivers

    Edifier W675BT On-ear Bluetooth v4.1 Headphones Foldable with NFC Connect 40mm Drivers

    On-ear Controls The W675BT on-ear controls picks up calls, adjusts music playback, and volume controls. The controls are situated on earcup for simple access and fast to touch. These also have NFC functionality that allows sync by holding the NFC device to the headphones. Lossless Wireless and...
  7. Alpha & Delta JAAP

    Alpha & Delta JAAP

    Truly Wireless Earphones (i.e Airpods, Earin) are extremely convenient gadgets. You can listen to your music on the go without struggling with tangled wires. Yet, TWS earphones come with their own set of problems: 1) Fall out of your ears easily as they do not fit all ear types. . 2) Suffer...
  8. J

    Sennheiser gameone or steelseries arctis pro wireless?

    Hi I’m confused and which one should i get the. 1. sennheiser gameone with astro mix/amp It will cost me about 350$ Or 2. Steelseries arctis pro wireless And this one 360$ I’m on ps4 only ( no pc ) Please i need your help guys
  9. AmirHwang

    Thoughts after Shure released RMCE-BT1, will detachable cable totally change Bluetooth market?

    Hello there, I am new to Head-Fi forum. English is not my native language therefore please excuse all of the language errors. Here I just want to share an idea about detachable cable. In this year, I have tried many products such as Airpods, Shure SE846, Bose QC30, Bose QC20 and JBL UA Sport...
  10. iDeaPLAY V207 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

    iDeaPLAY V207 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

    ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING WIRELESS HEADPHONES - Active noise cancelling technology removes distracting surrounding noises for a calming and private listening experience. Reduce outside noise by 85% by lowering ambient noise to a whisper with the flick of a switch. Great for reducing the noise of...
  11. Colorfly BT-C1

    Colorfly BT-C1

    Colorfly BT-C1 Portable Bluetooth Decoding Headphone Amplifier Description BT-C1 adopts ESS9318 professional DAC audio converter. The chip supports PCM 32bit 384kHz and DSD256 decoding, SNR is up to125dB, THD is -113dB, integrated decoding and amplifying function, can greatly enhance the...
  12. Sennheiser CX SPORT In-Ear Wireless Headphones

    Sennheiser CX SPORT In-Ear Wireless Headphones

    Sennheiser’s new CX SPORT In-Ear Wireless headset elegantly balances finely-honed performance and cool, purposeful design to find pleasure in sport. The CX SPORT brings joy to any activity with brilliant, high quality sound in motion. Equipped with a proprietary speaker system, it delivers a...
  13. Dudios Zeus

    Dudios Zeus

    【AptX for High Fidelity Audio & CVC6.0】 aptX codec provides pure, CD-like high quality sound for compatible devices. With CVC 6.0 noise cancelling tehonology ensures your music fresh and smooth without skips. 【Water-Resist & IPX6】 Nano coating protects the Bluetooth earphones from sweat damage...
  14. jude

    Sennheiser (Finally) Releasing Wireless Exercise Headphones: Sennheiser CX SPORT

    Last year, in the Head-Fi Buying Guide, I wrote a "letter" to Sennheiser that, while tongue-in-cheek in tone, was also a genuine request. This is what it said: Dear Sennheiser, Why don't you make a wireless exercise headphone? I'm not sure if you've noticed, but everyone else is doing it, and...
  15. joe

    Koss Porta Pro Wireless Review

    If you're looking for a tried-and-true budget headphone that sounds great and doesn't break the bank, you can easily look at the Koss Porta Pro. It's a legend in the community and a well-regarded headphone, especially at its $49.99 price point. Practically everyone has experienced or owned the...
  16. Koss Porta Pro Wireless

    Koss Porta Pro Wireless

    The new Koss Porta Pro® Wireless takes the legendary sound and the iconic design of the classic Koss Porta Pro® headphones, wireless. The Koss Design and Engineering teams collaborated to create the perfect wireless configuration using Bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X to ensure the Porta Pro® Wireless...
  17. Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato

    Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato

    Built for Love of Music High quality mobile audio should not be outrageously expensive or difficult to use. While there are now many DAPs around to choose from, the DP-S1 delivers the best balance of immersive high-fidelity reproduction and everyday practicality. Lightweight, compact, and...
  18. edvardd

    Apple wireless headphone in 2018

    Apparently Apple are working on a wireless headphone, probably over-ear but I don't know really. I wonder if they will find some way of implementing something similiar to LDAC? Noise canceling is to be expected but apart from that we don't know much. I'd like to see some new functionality that...
  19. MIPRO MI-909 Wireless IEM System

    MIPRO MI-909 Wireless IEM System

    Manufacturer’s Synopsis MI-909T Digital Stereo Transmitter The MI-909T is a rugged digitally-encrypted rack transmitter. It operates in a 64 MHz wide bandwidth and allows multiple preset compatible channels operation. Delivering up to 50mW output power, it has high dynamic range stereo audio...
  20. Westone Wx Single Driver In Ear Wireless Earphones with Smartphone Controls & Mic

    Westone Wx Single Driver In Ear Wireless Earphones with Smartphone Controls & Mic

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Sensitivity: 114 dB @ 1mW Frequency Response: 20Hz - 16kHz Impedance: 19 Ω (ohms) Driver: Balanced Armature, Full-Range Bluetooth: V4.0 with aptX technology Battery life: up to 8 hours Wireless range: 10m Cable: Removable MMCX FEATURES Bluetooth 4.0 powered by aptX...
  21. Nexum AQUA+

    Nexum AQUA+

    AQUA+ | 32bit Wireless Headphone Amplifier About NEXUM: NEXUM comes from Taiwan and is established in 2013 with focusing on wireless audio technology design. Over the years, NEXUM launched several products into the market like the MEMO, AQUA, TuneBox2 and LINKA. They are care about design...
  22. Mifo F2 Bluetooth Headset

    Mifo F2 Bluetooth Headset

    Main Features: ● Built-in 1050mAh Li-ion battery can play for 50 hours ● N45 strong magnetic rubidium iron drive 40mm large-aperture driver unit and independent rear cavity reflection completely surround your ear and make your ear more comfortable ● Listen to the sound of A2DP stereo sound...
  23. H

    Can't decide on which WIRELESS headset for gaming!!

    Hey guys, this is my first post here in head-fi and I heard it was the best place to go when it comes to advice with us audiophile fans! So, I've done my research and it comes down to these headsets Astro Gaming A50 ManO'War SteelSeries Siberia P840 HyperX Cloud Flight Sennheiser GAME ZERO...
  24. Evilcalyptic

    Wireless layla w/bassport = Gold

    Check it out mannnn!
  25. infinitum4

    Wireless IEM recommendation

    Hello! I'd like to ask for recommendations on an upgrade over my Jaybird X2. I'm going to use these mainly for commute and exercise. They can be either truly wireless or just traditional wireless as long as they are tangle-free and does the job well. For reference, I do have an FLC8S for...