1. HiFiGuy528

    TekNmotion Bluetooth headphones for the budget minded music lovers - only $59

    I just got this in for review.  I thought it would be fun to see if a $59.99 BT headphones stacks up to the big players costing a lot more.  Stay tuned for my unboxing video.   http://www.compuexpert.com/TekNmotion-Airhead-BT-Bluetooth-Stereo-Headset_p_219.html      
  2. headcoatman

    Best bluetooth headphones under $300? Help needed. (Lots of details and links inside.)

    The main consideration here is audio quality. Audiophile quality, if that can be obtained in this price range. The convenience of bluetooth is necessary for my music listening at work, but I know it doesn't compare to wired cans. I don't necessarily mind if they're bulky; "stylish" is not a...
  3. Pjaze

    Wireless Headphones - Without white noise / background noise?

    Hey guys,     It has been a while since I have done any research on wireless headphones.. Last time I was searching I got the impression that there was no wireless headphones on the market that didn't have some white noise/background noise.   Is this still the case?   What would...
  4. ztrike00

    What do you think about this bluetooth headphones?

    What do you think about this bluetooth headphones?   the link from the manufacturer   http://www.bluedio.com/detail-produit.php?ref=518   the say is HIFI level   here is another link from ebay  ...
  5. MRiNiCK

    Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

    I wanted to give one of these bad boys a try but i dont know which one to go for yet. As of right now I'm Using my 1964 T CIEM for portable use, and at home my PRO 900 HD 650 and AKG 701.. I would love to use the bluetooth wireless headphone as my secondary headphone. but i dont know where to...
  6. milesranger

    Increase the hearing distance???

    Hi I have headphones for my TV with a hearing distance of 50m or so.  I work alot in the yard and want to be able to hear the news ect at about 100 m plus.  How do I increase the hearing distance from 50m to 150m or so. Thanks ahead of time Lyle
  7. Sugi

    Need Wireless Surround Headset for Computer Usage

    Update:   Is it safe to assume that all wireless headset/phones use their own sound card built-in meaning no audio jack interface?  If this is so, I will not be able to buy a headset with a built-in sound card.   May be looking for a wired headset now? -Wired Surround Headset...
  8. intexproblem

    Wireless Headphones INTEX IT-HP905FM (Sindabad)

    Hi everyone,   I have a question regarding the Wireless Headphones  INTEX  IT-HP905FM (Sindabad). Me and my husband both want to buy the same headphones for each of us. Our neighbor has them (she lives in the apartment next door) and we liked them and decided to buy the same ones for us...
  9. intexproblem

    Wireless Headphones INTEX IT-HP905FM (Sindabad)

    Hi everyone,   I have a question regarding the Wireless Headphones  INTEX  IT-HP905FM (Sindabad). Me and my husband both want to buy the same headphones for each of us. Our neighbor has them (she lives in the apartment next door) and we liked them and decided to buy the same ones for us...
  10. c0reyl

    Best bluetooth DAC?

    I'm looking for the best possible small bluetooth DAC like this:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-Bluetooth-3-5mm-Stereo-Audio-Music-Receiver-Adapter-Wireless-Speaker-/140832465874#vi-content   Is there any quality difference between this and a $50 one?   Which one is the best one to...
  11. quebert

    Beats By Dre wireless review

    The Beats collection as a whole get panned pretty badly, and rightfully so as they're stupidly expensive. Imho though they're not as bad sounding as some make them out to be. For the price? sure. But I'm not an audiophile so I guess my standards aren't super high.  I couldn't find many reviews...
  12. Bender1987

    Best Portable Blue Tooth Speaker?

    Hey guys if this the wrong spot for this my bad "or if there has already been a thread on it can i get a link?"   But anyways i am in the market for a portable blue tooth speaker in the 2-400$ range and was just wondering if anyone has some  experience with them, since there seems to be a...
  13. Wolvaras

    Jabra Halo2 Portable headphones. How do they compare to the traditional choices?

    Hey there Head-Fi!   I'm looking for something portable to play on my Galaxy SII around or below the 70 euro mark (Netherlands). I already own a pair of Sennheiser HD598's on my PC, so it will only be used on my phone. I listen to a wide variety of music, From Rock/Pop/Club to the occasional...
  14. Airwolf

    Suggestions for wireless home theater headphones?

    I am looking at purchasing a pair of wireless headphones that I can use when watching TV and I thought I would post on here before pulling the trigger.  I am going to be connecting the headphones to an Onkyo TX-NR515 receiver and they will be used for watching TV shows, movies, and video gaming...
  15. JeffWilson

    Jensen JW120 ("Linx") replacement?

    I have adored my Jensen JW120 wireless headphones for years. I have purchased several for use with my TV and really can't live without it. I have a serious hearing problem, so if I am going to watch TV with my wife, I need them so that she can listen at a tolerable level. The main feature...
  16. augustya

    Need Suggestion on a Good Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ?

    Hey Guys Hi !   I need help and suggestion on buying a Wireless Bluetooth Headphones which I wanna use with my Apple devices iPhone & iPad. "Wireless and Bluetooth is a must". I listen to a lot of Techno, Trance, House music so a powerful Bass is also a must. I was thinking about the Harmon...
  17. Monochromatic-7

    Need help buying a Bluetooth headphone for listening to METAL!

    Hey guys,which  Bluetooth headphones are good for listening to metal ? I know there are lots of topics about this here,but my situation is totally different.I live in Iran and I don't have the access to many authorized resellers,so please only suggest some good  international brands.I can spend...
  18. Superfluous10

    Replacement Headphones for Sony D66 Eggos

    So after many years of using my d66 eggos, the headband snapped. I'm now looking for a similar replacement. The Sony DRBT50 look interesting as they have Bluetooth. However, if I want a direct connection, is there a cable plugin? What else is similar?
  19. Yetitrician

    Bluetooth audio help

    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum. I am a novice compared to you all. This is my first post. I would like your collective recommendation for a Bluetooth headphone set that meets the following requirements. $150 or less Must work with a Macbook Pro Reasonably portable As of...
  20. Theendgamelv3

    Possibly looking for some headphones perferably wireless for under $200 bucks

    As the title says I am possibly looking into getting some new headphones. Right now I own Sennheiser RS120 which I do enjoy, but I think I need a upgrade to better sounding headphones. These are wireless and I do like the freedom it offers being able to walk around the house and not worrying...
  21. Useraid

    Anyone have Smart Wireless Headset pro?

    Was wondering how it performed considering there are no reviews I can see out there: http://anythingbutipod.com/2012/06/sonys-smart-wireless-headset-pro-combines-mp3-player-and-wireless-headset-dongle/     Might be a good clip+ replacement considering battery life, sd card and bonus...
  22. PurpleAngel

    Parrot’s Zik wireless headphones with touch panel and NFC technology

    Parrot’s Zik wireless headphones with touch panel and NFC technology   http://www.gizmag.com/parrot-zik-headphones/23271/?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=6cb4e60e79-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email  
  23. Fozzie

    Looking for decent wireless IEMs (Phiaton PS 20 BT?)

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for decent wireless IEMs for workout at the gym.   My main IEMs are Shure SE535. When I workout i'm using the SoundMagic PL-50 and I want to replace them with wireless BT set.     Any recommendations ?     What do you think about the Phiaton PS 20 BT ...
  24. ARoach

    Looking for the best value WIRELESS speaker (for MP3 player).

    I need a speaker for a boat. Any suggestions?  I'd rather not go into Best Buy and blindly pick the first decent thing I see... Looking for (preferably) under $100 (CDN).   It's a been while since i've been on this forum... it looks nice now!!! :D
  25. dcm1602

    Headphone advice appreciated

    Basically im trying to find a pair of headphones for an older person who is hard of hearing for the sole purpose of watching tv.   I know a decent bit about gaming headgear, but have absolutely no idea what id be looking for (or even compatability) for something that I could hook up to a...