Introducing the MA650 Wireless and MA750 Wireless

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  1. RHA Team
    After posting a couple of teaser videos below we are thrilled to announce our two new products, The MA650 Wireless ($99.95/ £99.95) and MA750 Wireless ($169.95/ £149.95) Due for release later this year. Full specs can be found on our website, Any questions just ask!

    • Bluetooth wireless technology
    • aptX™ streaming for compatible devices
    • 12 hour battery life
    • Noise isolating, Aerophonic™ design
    • Splash and sweatproof to IPX4
    • 3 year warranty

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. RHA Team
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  3. RHA Team
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  4. glassmonkey
    So chunky on ear and Bluetooth buds?
  5. RHA Team
    All will be revealed later this week .... my lips are sealed until then aha
  6. RHA Team
    Second teaser uploaded!
  7. Achybreaky
    Excited for this, my ma750s are the best earphones I've had. Be good go see rha bring something new to wireless.
  8. RHA Team
    Thank you very much! We cant wait to bring these new products to the market, We should have some more information coming soon!
  9. Achybreaky
    You guys know that it says what the two new products are on your website right?
  10. RHA Team
    The information that should be on the site is the teaser videos above, Could you send me a screenshot of what you see?
  11. RHA Team
  12. Felwinter
    Any clue on when will they be available?
  13. Achybreaky
    Are they going to be stocked in apple in the states? There's definitely a similarity between these and the beats wireless earphones, but these look a lot more robust. Hopefully not too heavy for the gym because the sound on the 750 is amazing. Look forward to seeing them.

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  14. RHA Team
    We are hoping to release them summer 2017 with a more precise date nearer the time, Once the date is available I will update the thread.

    At the moment we are still working with our retailer and distribution partners in terms of stocking the new products, I should hopefully be able to confirm retailers that will be stocking them soon.
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  15. ryanjsoo
    Looks good guys, sad wireless is such a necessity now, but it's a liberating technology for sure!
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