1. kyleskool

    Any Suggestions for a Pair of Wireless, Circumaural Headphones?

    Hey guys,   I was recommended here by someone when I asked this question else where. The title really says it all. I'm looking for a pair of wireless, circumaural headphones, and was wondering if any of you guys had any suggestions for that or brands that would be good to look into for them...
  2. jclyle

    Sennheiser RS220 Availability?

    Has Sennheiser announced when the RS220 will be available in the US? I've searched and can't find any info.   Are there any reviews for these yet? The press release stated September availability.
  3. plonter

    what about wireless headphones?

    Hi.  i am always on the look for improving my portable listening experience.  for now it seems that iem's is the best choice for high quality audiophile on the go. this made me think about wireless bluetooth headphones. how is the sound quality?  do some of you use this kind of headphones...
  4. Megazine

    Friend wants $100(max) headset. Which should I recommend to him?

    -He wants a bluetooth, wireless headset. -I'm sure he doesn't want a over head headset. -He would also like a mic on it but it's not a must -I think a behind neck headset will work best? He will be using it to listen to music through his iPad2. My other friend has the motorola S9-HD but I...
  5. tahag

    is HDR 170 have compatibility with RS 180 transmitter?

          i bought RS 180 but i don't satisfy with surround (i think it don't have surround i thought because amazon http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-RS-180-Wireless-Headphone/dp/B002TLT10S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1312993260&sr=8-1 it's written Dynamic surround sound)      i want to experience...
  6. Freeze

    Is there such thing as a wireless audiophile grade headphone?

    Is it possible to get a wireless headphone with audiophile quality?
  7. headfimarc


  8. roofus

    AKG Hearo Wireless headphones

    I just received my AKG Hearo 999 Audiosphere II Wireless headphones via UPS. I am listening to "The Essential Paul Simon" as I type. I am very, very impressed with these 'phones. The list price is $1200 US (YIKES!) but I picked them up for $449 from Eighth St. Music in NYC. Sorry I didn't buy...
  9. jalyst

    best wireless headphone system?

    Hey ya'll, is this still the best around in your opinion? http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f13/et...system-278501/ I'm interested in hearing everyone's thoughts. Thank-you.
  10. essential

    Wireless headphone purchase for TV audio, recommendations?

      The girlfriend falls asleep much earlier than me, and I need to use headphones to watch TV in our bedroom.   I had a 40" Sony TV that had a headphone output, but that TV died, and Best Buy replaced it with a new Samsung (warranty replacement).  The new Samsung does not have a headphone...
  11. insultcomicdog

    Replacement Pads for Sennheiser HDI 234 Wireless Cans - Orginal or Equivalent (Pic Included)

    Hey All,   I'm trying to find replacement pads for these cans Sennheiser HDI 234 Wireless Headphones.   Here's a pic: http://instagr.am/p/CoCRu/   They're pretty old (early 90's?), and I'm 99% sure Sennheiser doesn't stock replacements for these anymore. I've looked on eBay and the...
  12. Cadder

    Best Wireless Earhpones for ~100$

    Hello Guys, I am looking for wireless earhpones with decent sound quality and good built quality that could be used while riding a bike/ running. I will not use those earphones to listen to the music at home so the sq doesnt need to be superb but I would apprecieate if it was at least good  -...
  13. cazmantis

    Wireless headphones help!

    Hi!   I want to buy my boyfriend some wireless headphones for his birthday. primarily he will use them with his i-pod touch and possibly our home computer. He goes running a lot so I have been looking at some which will be more suitable for this. So far the best products I have found are ...
  14. robinclp

    Recommendation for wireless headphone

    Hi guys.  I have the hd600 but I find it too bulky and the wires too long.  Are there any good wireless headphone suggestions with decent sound quality?
  15. Klaasje

    Going Wireless

    I've been reading around and I know wireless is still in it's infant stage however the quality is probably enough for me. It seems Kleer is the way to go. I have a Sony NWZ-S639f and in order to go wireless I would need:   - Kleer adapter - IEMs with detachable cords   I doubt this...
  16. ncsmitty

    Sennheiser HDR 160

    I have a pair of wireless Sennheiser HDR 160 and can only get sound from the source(s) on one channel.  What's the best way to check for the problem or should I just pack  up and mail back to Sennheiser?  Any worthwhile comments appreciated. NCSmitty
  17. Joy2011

    Sennheiser wireless headphone

    What kind of Sennheiser wireless headphones is better?
  18. Mphisto

    Any good wireless PC headphones you would recommand?

    Hi guys, as stated above, Any good wireless PC headphones you would recommend? I have had tried this 5 in 1 LapSonic Headphone (http://www.lapmate.biz/lifestyle.htm) and it didn't turn out to be what I expected it to be. Thanks for your time P.S I am new in this forum, if I am posting this...
  19. pne

    Need a low latency wireless headphone

    I know, wireless headphones suck. But I really need a pair because I am staying in a dorm and want to play my electric guitar. I have a few decent cans but the big issue is the wire. It gets in the way of the guitar, gets tangled up with the guitar cord, etc. It's fustrating as heck so I would...
  20. Greeni

    Sennheiser BT series opinion

    I am aware of the compromise of wireless phones, just wonder if Senn BT series' Bluetooth technology could bring closer the gap there is.   Anyone tried these and like to offer an opinion ?
  21. jalyst

    Which of these is the best monoaural BT headset?

    So I've narrowed the best monoaural's around (order of preference) to these 8, prices are very rough: __ IN *** $xxx AUD Voyager Pro+ [2] ____ OUT ****** $xxx AUD Blueant Q2 $137 AUD Jawbone Icon   $xxx AUD Savor M1100 [2] $122 AUD Nokia BH-904 $147 AUD Endeavor HX1   $129...
  22. RecklessFable

    Bluetooth for the Gym

    I'm looking for preferably IEMs that I can use at the gym on machine while listening to my tablet (which I can't exactly stick in my pocket).  I have a pair of older Moto ROKRs and the background hum drives me nuts!  I mean, they are BlueTooth, why are they humming as if there is line noise?  ...
  23. BigMak2012

    Problem pairing multiple KLEER headphones (Sennheiser RS 160 & RS 180)

    I have Sennheiser HD 160 and HD 180 headphones and TR 160 transmitter. I have had them since a couple of months with both the headphones paired to my transmitter and they have been working perfectly fine so far. Both the headphones could be used simultaneously paired to the same transmitter.  ...