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wireless headphones for mobile use ?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by simondid, Nov 28, 2012.
  1. simondid

    so i looking for a new headset for my phone.
    i goth some requirements for this headset...
    i wan't it to be wireless maybe bluetooth i don't know.
    it don't wan't it to be big and plastic like beats by dr. dre.
    i wan't the sound to be good like in the bose quiet comfort 3 ore b&W p5...
    what kinda off produks is out there that can deliver this ?? 


  2. simondid

    okay so i spend a few days looking around and found the only sennheiser and some designer companyes is making wireless headphones.
    but the sennheiser produkts is confusing me some have some teknologies and some have otheres but whats best and what with in my price range....

    i been looking at the following moddels  mm 400 , mm 450-x travel , mm 500 , mm 550 , px 210 bt , pxc 310 bt , pxc 360 bt 
    but my budget is only around 300 euro and gladly lowere but where due i get the most for my money ??

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