1. simondid

    wireless headphones for mobile use ?

    hey so i looking for a new headset for my phone. i goth some requirements for this headset...   i wan't it to be wireless maybe bluetooth i don't know. it don't wan't it to be big and plastic like beats by dr. dre. i wan't the sound to be good like in the bose quiet comfort 3 ore...
  2. Sgt_Strider

    Questions for owners of the Sennheiser MM 450/ 550-x headphones

    I'm thinking of buying a pair of these headphones just because I want the convenience of a wireless headphones. I read that there may be a slight lag when using these headphones over bluetooth when watching videos. Is this true? It's good knowing that it's flawless when playing audio, but video...
  3. Asnobanga

    Buying help for a really good wireless headphone for less than 299$

    Hello! Im thinking to buy a wireless headphone.   The headphone need to have excellent sound and also a good quality feeling. And i really want the headphone to almost not leak sound in and out.   And that i will not need to charge it all the time.   It should not cost more than...
  4. mrconfuse

    Need some help with a headphone

    I live in NYC and ride the subway to work everyday and sometimes the cable on my westone 4 gets snagged. The headphones are great but after the last incident (cable got pulled out of my iphone cause some woman brushed up against me as she was leaving and her purse snagged it). So I saw the Head...
  5. blub

    looking for: portable closed headphone, SQ & presentation = Yuin G2...but with goog sound isolation

    Hi!,   I'm looking for a closed headphone with good sound isolation, for use on trains etc. I've read quite some reviews here, but it remains hard to understand some of the phrasing used to describe the sound experience.  (As comparison references, I 'only' own Sony MDR-7506 -for at...
  6. Sindorius

    Looking for Headset for Specific Needs

    Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue trying to find a headset that fits the following specific needs:   1. Noise-isolating/cancelling....headset is needed for someone who works with a lot of loud machinery and wants as much of it blocked out as possible.  2. A decent microphone that can cancel...
  7. Vargulf

    Bluetooth Sound and Apt-X

    Hey all   I was wonder what was known by audiophiles about apt-x and bluetooth sound. I love the look and specs of the Sennheiser MM 450. I have just spent hours re-ripping all my music to flac though and classical is one of my favorite genres. Is the bluetooth system for sound production...
  8. headfimarc


  9. jude

    Sennheiser MM 450 Travel and the WOWee One, for the traveling Head-Fi'ers - Head-Fi TV, Episode 007

      TIP:  Make sure to watch this video with headphones, or through speakers with good bass response, as there is an audio demo in this video that requires it.   Episode 007 of Head-Fi TV was just uploaded.  In this episode are two products that are ideally suited for those Head-Fi'ers who...
  10. brunjoo

    sennheiser mm 400 / mm 450

    Has anyone experience with these 2 models? i got an iphone and would like to know how these headphones are. What's the difference between those 2? because the price of the mm 400 is almost 200$ less than the mm 450. thanks
  11. Winkylocc

    What should I select

    New to the forum. Hello to all. A little about me: I work in an aviation hanger. What I'm looking for is some headphones that I can make the case to my safety gurus that they are also hearing protection. The noise level is considerate with either the people around me or myself operating rivet...
  12. jude

    An Introduction - Head-Fi TV, Episode 001

    Head-Fi TV, Episode 001:  An Introduction       It has been about three years since the last Head-Fi Podcast, and I've received requests since then to resume it.  I've decided instead to start a Head-Fi videocast that we're going to call Head-Fi TV.  With new product announcements and...
  13. kha0s

    High-quality Circumaural Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 4

    Over the last couple years, I've been progressively engraving podcasts and audiobooks into my daily routine. Don't know how I ever managed to get along without them. It recently became clear that the time for Apple's earbuds was up. In consequence of that, I started researching for some worthy...
  14. pierreboulez

    Any Sennheiser MM450 Dealers in Toronto

    Hi - I'm looking to buy the Sennheiser MM450 's but would prefer to try them first rather than mail order. Does anyone know of any store that has them in Toronto? Thanks!
  15. kaizr

    Help Required: Upgrade from Senn IE8 - bass and portability required

    I currently own Sennheiser IE8 in-ear headphones, and whilst I like the sound, I find myself wanting a more in-your-face thump, and I feel ready to move on from in-ear phones in general.   I am not an audiophile by any means, and I admit I like a lot of bass (and not just when the original...
  16. borderm3

    Sennheiser MM 450 Noise Canceling, doesn't seem to work out of the box

    I opened the package, read the instruction manual.  Plugged them in and turned on the noise guard 2.0, no difference.  What gives?  I am charging them now to see if that is a problem, I didnt get any low battery warnings or anything.   TIA Chris
  17. Deusdies

    Dammit, I can't decide

    Hi guys.   So finally I've narrowed down the choice to a few Senn's models... at least I thought so.   I was || this close to buying Sennheiser PXC450. However, one guy mentioned that HD595 sound amazing. Then I went to Sennheiser's website and saw that they have HD600, HD650, PXC350...
  18. borderm3

    Sennheiser MM 450 or PXC 450

    Hi,   I was hoping some people could chime in and tell me the magnitude of difference between these two when it comes to the sound quality and the noise cancellation?   I was able to find good demos on the PXC 450, which I found to be excellent noise cancellation.     I should...
  19. Gamerphile

    Just heard Sennheisers new MM450

    Just got a listen on this MM450 thing Sennheiser is doing and thought I would just give you guys the spec's on this cool new thing: Its a bluetooth enabled headset with their Noiseguard and TalkThought which enables you to hear other people at the push of a button without taking them off...
  20. Sennheiser MM 450 Bluetooth Multimedia Best-of-Breed Headset (Black)

    Sennheiser MM 450 Bluetooth Multimedia Best-of-Breed Headset (Black)

    Best of breed Bluetooth multimedia headset with Noiseguard 2.0 active noise cancelling system.