1. J.Pocalypse

    Parrot's Zik blyetooth headphones.

    While I don't have high hopes for the SQ of these undoubtly sexy looking cans given their technology, I can't say I'm not looking forward to some impressions later in the year...
  2. jimmy6flats

    Bluetooth transmitter for Sennheiser MM550

    HI all,   I have just bought a pair of MM550s and love using them with my iPhone.  Am I right in saying that I can buy a transmitter that can be plugged into any line out/headphone socket in order to connect these headphones?    I have looked at buying the Sennheiser BT300 but it seems...
  3. earsss

    Not so good noise cancellation on Sennheiser MM550, any other wireless headphone with strong noise cancellation

    Hi,    I got Sennheiser MM550. 2 things I was looking for were good noise cancellation and wireless ability.    I have tested my Friends Bose® QuietComfort® 3 Acoustic and they are amazing in noise cancellation even without music ! [but they are wired :(]   I am typically looking for...
  4. operamatt

    MM550 hissing sound... normal?

    so I just received my package with the mm550's and am now giving it some attention the problem is when I deactivate the noise cancellation a constant hissing noise takes center stage in the left earcup only. I assume it's Bluetooth interferences but I just want some confirmation on whether...
  5. dtwins

    Sennheiser MM 550 + Astro Mixamp

    Hey! First post at this site, figured i'd start with a had one, lol. so ive got the sennheiser MM 550 bluetooth headset, i enjoy the headset alot, and i was wondering if there was anyway to get it to work with my xbox 360, no matter how many cables it may require, also is there a 2.5 to 3.5...
  6. svfusion

    Sennheiser MM 550

    I bought these headphones a while back because I wanted the best BT phones. Happy with them but I wanted better sound quality. You can hardwire them and they sound amazing. I want to know if I can amp these using the cable. I have a Fiio E7, but since it is bluetooth I don't know if they are...
  7. boker23

    need some suggestion's for iem's

    hey,3 years ago i bought the sennheiser mm550 and i had great time with those but they are about to see their final days . i decided i should switch to iem's and i need help choosing a pair.  by the way . i play drums for 9 years and i take music very seriously (as all of i guess). ilike...
  8. Monochromatic-7

    Sennheiser IE80 or MM 550-X?

    Hey guys,been searching for a headphone/earphone to connect to my iPad/iPhone,a friend of mine suggested these two. My main usage is for music,mostly extreme metal which of course doesn't need a lot of I wanna know: 1. Which one will sound more clear when listening to highly distorted...
  9. survient

    Sony MDR-1RBT vs Sennheiser MM 550-X

    Hey Head-Fi. So I've moved closer to my work to be within walking distance I'm looking for a new pair of mobile cans to use on the trek to and from. Several years back I had a pair of sony DRBT30Q headphones:   They... were not...
  10. DeGemaskerdeMuc

    Sennheiser MM 550-x

    I'm not an audiophile, but do like some good music. I have my new phone for about 2 weeks, and it supports apt-x. Since I don't have a decent set of headphones I want to get me one. Because I have a ps3, it would be awesome if the headphones support bluetooth. The best bluetooth headphones...
  11. fatestkid

    Sennheiser MM 550-X Wireless Bluetooth Travel Headphones

    Sennheiser MM 550-X - Bluetooth Noise cancelling Headphone - $475 OBO This was bought on Nov 30th 2012 from the source. I used it for just a few hours and I find that I want something different. Source does not take opened headphones back so I'm selling it. This is one of the most top end...
  12. Bosaapje

    Sennheiser PXC 360 BT or Sennheiser MM 550.

    Hi everyone,   I'm looking for a new pair of headphones and whilst searching I came across the Sennheiser PXC 360 BT and the Sennheiser MM550. Let me first say that I'm not really into headphones. A few years ago I bought the Sennheiser HD 205 and I liked it, until the cable broke. Since...
  13. simondid

    wireless headphones for mobile use ?

    hey so i looking for a new headset for my phone. i goth some requirements for this headset...   i wan't it to be wireless maybe bluetooth i don't know. it don't wan't it to be big and plastic like beats by dr. dre. i wan't the sound to be good like in the bose quiet comfort 3 ore...
  14. Monochromatic-7

    Need help buying a Bluetooth headphone for listening to METAL!

    Hey guys,which  Bluetooth headphones are good for listening to metal ? I know there are lots of topics about this here,but my situation is totally different.I live in Iran and I don't have the access to many authorized resellers,so please only suggest some good  international brands.I can spend...
  15. Doc-holliday

    Sennheiser MM 550 bluetooth NC headphones review Vs. Bose QC15

    Hey yall. This is my first post. I used opinions of people on this site to make my recent decision to purchase the Senn MM 550 NC headphones so I felt obligated to post my own review now that I have them out of the box. I travel fairly frequently and I needed a decent NC headphone. Eventhough...
  16. ch00b1f13

    Sennheiser mm-550x?

    I have a $500 budget to spend on headphones. I don't have an amp and NEED noise canceling for the my headset, are the mm-550x's my best option at the moment? How is their sound quality? How is the noise canceling? Are they worth the extra money compared to the mm-500x's?   Any help is...
  17. paxl13

    Circumaural headphone pain

    Hi guys,   I've been reading this forum since a long time. I was having a question for you all ! I've bought the Sennheiser RS 180 about 1 week ago and I'm suffering from all weird pain that I think I can relate to the headphone and where it presses on my skull. About 1 year ago I bought...
  18. scuderia

    Sennheiser MM550: suggestions for alternatives?

    Hi guys, I'm new here and looking for some advice. I purchased some Sennheiser MM550s and I just wasn't blown away with the sound quality. They were good, but not great, especially considering they price. I was looking for some alternatives that you guys recommend. They don't have to be...
  19. Gwarmi

    Yahoo UK - '5 of the best headphones' on the market..

      This should make for interesting discussion..   Yahoo source   <transcript below>     We’re showing their RRPs but a quick search of the internet can find much cheaper deals. Best premium - Sennheiser MM550 Travel - £349.99 There's very little these cans can't do and...
  20. Sindorius

    Looking for Headset for Specific Needs

    Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue trying to find a headset that fits the following specific needs:   1. Noise-isolating/cancelling....headset is needed for someone who works with a lot of loud machinery and wants as much of it blocked out as possible.  2. A decent microphone that can cancel...
  21. Br777

    Want truly high end headphones - look no further than your local WALMART!!!

    Thats right folks, walmart sells $600 headphones...  athw1000x   no less   or you could "settle" for the Sony mdrsa5000
  22. headfimarc


  23. Winkylocc

    What should I select

    New to the forum. Hello to all. A little about me: I work in an aviation hanger. What I'm looking for is some headphones that I can make the case to my safety gurus that they are also hearing protection. The noise level is considerate with either the people around me or myself operating rivet...
  24. placeholder

    Decent headphones that REALLY last?

    Hello,   My problem is that I brake headphones very easily. I have had bunch of Sennheiser HD-595, HD-550, Grado SR-60 and Koss Porta pro  headphones and they usually last 1-2 years. Recently I just broke the frame from my HD-590 and the repair shop told me to send them in. Well, apparently...
  25. kha0s

    High-quality Circumaural Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 4

    Over the last couple years, I've been progressively engraving podcasts and audiobooks into my daily routine. Don't know how I ever managed to get along without them. It recently became clear that the time for Apple's earbuds was up. In consequence of that, I started researching for some worthy...