1. red71rum

    JLab Audio Epic Sport Wireless review

    JLab Audio Epic Sport Wireless Review JLab Audio recently contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing a new earbuds called the EPICSPort Wireless, that they were about to unveil. The earbuds in question was to have increased sound quality, longer battery life, and the ability to...
  2. A

    V-Moda Discomfort (XL Memory Cushions?)

    So I received my Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones a few days ago and feeling fairly unsatisfied... They sound quite fantastic and the build quality is ridiculously good, however the comfort is unbearable. I've been using my HyperX Clouds (Takstar Pro 80's) for over 2 years now and the comfort...
  3. A

    Should I Get an External Dac/Amp?

    So I'm getting some V-Moda Crossfades soon with 32 Ω. At the moment I use my motherboard for sound and was wondering, would an external DAC/Amp like the E10k improve sound quality or clarity in any noticeable way? Or would it be a waste of money for such low Impedance headphones?
  4. A

    Connecting aptX Headphones to PC?

    So I'm thinking of picking up the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless II's which support the aptX codec and was wondering how to properly connect them to my Windows 10 PC? Would pretty much any USB adapter/receiver that says it supports aptX low latency work just fine?
  5. Skippman

    Replacement for Logitech H800s?

    So I'm a cube junkie who spends large amounts of my day with headphones on. I don't have any peers in my building so there's really no reason not to. I've been using a pair of Logitech H800's for a couple years on the recommendation of a co-worker and honestly, they've been pretty great for my...
  6. voon

    Simple: Best Bluetooth on ear headphone up to 150ish USD/100ish Euro

    Not for me, but trying to help someone else. Another requirement is: no microphone (somewhat paranoiac). So a classical on ear, preferably longish/large/softer (not a hard necessity) using BT (aptX or better). How they "hear" sound is not known ... so i can't say "prefers warm" etc ... just e...
  7. T

    Help! Headphones Up to $20

    I am looking to get new, good headphones. I ordered the Kingstar Sports Bluetooth Headphones S5 from Amazon, a few months ago. They work okay. The sound is pretty decent for songs with singers, but it sucks when listening to instrumental music (like symphony, guitar, piano, new age, etc.)...
  8. Neksorus

    Wireless 100 euro headphones recommendations?

    Hello headfi members, my earbuds that I used daily (soundmagic e10c) died due to my ipad case :/ (I can only hear the left side). I like to listen to trance and electronic and sometimes gameraps from JT machinima. I can pay only with paypal and iDeal (Dutch creditcard) so I can't buy from...
  9. willybravo

    Noise cancelling headphone recommendations - around $350

    Looking for some recommendations for noise cancelling headphones - my budget is around $350 which could go up or down slightly for the right ones. I do a lot of travel so quality noise cancelling is an absolute must for the plane trips. Wireless would also be a bonus. I would also like to use...
  10. MacWarrior


  11. KrayzieGSX

    Looking for wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

    Hi, I'm looking for Bluetooth in-ear headphones to use with a Samsung Gear Fit 2 watch on runs and other sports. It does not need a mic. I want something similar or better sounding than the Sennheiser CX300II (wired), which is what I currently use with an mp3 player. I like the bass and...
  12. TikantiXD

    Looking for headphones with a dedicated vibrating driver

    I am looking to buy new headphones for someone who has what is known as Single-Sided Deafness. She currently owns the Skullcandy Crushers, (older) wired edition. For her, the Crushers have been a miracle. The dedicated vibrating driver gives her the feeling of bass, and she really enjoys that...
  13. remit

    Help me with the choice

    Hello there, I've been using Audio technica LS50 for a few months but since I listen to hardstyle (electronic music with a lot of bass) I would like to make an upgrade. I am a real audio-technica fan(had im-70, ckx-9, and many others before). I also have shure se215 which I also didn't like...
  14. webreaper

    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    Hi all, Haven't posted much as I've been pretty happy with the Senn IE80s over the last couple of years. But I'm getting a bit fed up with having to replace the cable every 8-12 months. The IE80s are fantastic sound-wise, and I have custom-moulded sleeves which give a wonderful fit and great...
  15. husamia

    Shure Bluetooth Accessory Cable

    Shure released information about Bluetooth Accessory Cable for the SE models for $99 it supports telephony as well. I been thinking this would be the perfect replacement. Can someone share their experience. "Does it sound better or the same compared to cables?" the wireless SE215 looks...
  16. ricthaman

    Sony WF-1000X discussion thread: Truly wireless IEM with Active Noise Cancelling!

    Sony's new WF-1000X wireless IEM's. - Active Noise cancelling with Sense Engine - 6mm Dynamic Driver with Neodymium magnet - Bluetooth 4.1 with AAC support - 9 hour battery life (using the included charging case) Presented at IFA 2017, released Sept. 2017...

    PLUSSOUND AUDIO - Introducing BLUETOOTH CUSTOM CABLES - Available for 2-PIN/CIEMs, MMCX, FitEar, Sennheiser, Audeze, and more

    We are proud to announce that we now offer custom bluetooth cables - the first of its kind on the market. Convert what was once wired into a wireless! Module: Bluetooth 4.2 - 250% faster and reliable than previous versions. Balanced output design - improves crosstalk and separation. Decodes...
  18. JarryS88

    Shure rmce-bt1 (Bluetooth Communications Cable)

    Shure have just released a new Bluetooth Communications Cable which converts existing Shure SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846 to Wireless Bluetooth with Microphone and Sound Isolation of up to 37dB...
  19. kauljp

    Buying an open box pair

    Hey guys I am considering purchasing an open box sennheiser momentum 2.0 wireless ivory headset here in toronto. I have been trying to find a new pair for a decent price and havent found any beneath $500 cad. I just found one close to my price range at $350 cad but I am a bit hesitant because I...
  20. wes1099

    looking for bluetooth in-ears

    I am looking for a set a bluetooth IEMs. So far, I have been cosidering the following: NuForce be6i BeatsX Jaybird X3 Does anyone know anything about those three or have any other suggestions?
  21. 4

    Recommend under $80 On-ear wireless headphones for exercising and other daily activities.

    Hello, I am new to this forum and excited for what this forum has to offer. I am in high school and my teacher told me in-ear headphones (which I am currently using) are not so safe, not good for your ears, and can give you hearing loss. So now I am wondering what on-ear wireless headphones...
  22. E

    Beoplay H7 vs H4

    Hi there! I am looking for somewhat premium wireless headphones which also does not make me look like an alien in public. So far I am choosing between H7 and H4 (price is the same - I can get any of those for ~£220). What would be recommendation from you guys? I am listening to pretty much...
  23. slankoe

    Bragi Dash Pro

    Hello all, Just wanted to share that a new product has just come out from Bragi the maker of the (first?) truly wireless headset on the market, and it claims to fix all the problems that were in the original Dash. Would like to be promoting these guys because I believe they want to make the...
  24. tennisfreak

    Running IEM/Wireless

    Hi to all, As this forum has served very well for me over the years with recommendations I turn to your knowledge again in regards to IEM that are wireless that are good for running. Price really isn't that big of a deal, but wouldn't want to splurge too much. Jaybird X3 seems to be very well...
  25. mi1ez

    After new Bluetooth headphones (Australia)

    Hey guys My phone has been causing me issues and I can use neither the headphone port, nor a USB DAC. So I am looking for Bluetooth headphones. I am looking for something cheapish as they will only be used for my commute, and I will go back to my regular DAC/headphones when I replace my phone...