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PLUSSOUND AUDIO - Introducing BLUETOOTH CUSTOM CABLES - Available for 2-PIN/CIEMs, MMCX, FitEar, Sennheiser, Audeze, and more

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    We are proud to announce that we now offer custom bluetooth cables - the first of its kind on the market. Convert what was once wired into a wireless!

    Bluetooth 4.2 - 250% faster and reliable than previous versions.
    Balanced output design - improves crosstalk and separation.
    Decodes aptX, AAC, SBC
    Up to 40 feet range
    Up to 12 hours battery life (longer on standby)
    Features advanced button commands, battery indicator, auto pairing devices, wind noise reduction for mic

    Choose from five cable series:​
    Exo Series
    2-wire per channel
    Starting at $149.99

    Echo Series
    Full sleeved 2-wire per channel
    Starting at $174.99

    Poetic Series
    Individually sleeved 2-wire per channel
    Starting at $199.99

    X6 Series
    3-wire per channel
    Starting at $224.99

    X8 Series
    4-wire per channel
    Starting at $299.99

    For bluetooth specs and compatibility list, visit the following link: http://www.plussoundaudio.com/customcables/bluetooth.html
    Are your IEMs/headphones not listed on our website? Do you want to hardwire your headphones and convert it into a wireless headphone? We may offer it, simply email us at sales@plussoundaudio.com for more info.
    PlusSound Stay updated on PlusSound at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/plusSound/ https://twitter.com/plussoundaudio http://plussoundaudio.com/
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  3. seamon
    How does the LCD 4 sound with this.
    I am really interested and curious
  4. DeeKay10
    Not optimistic about the sound quality.
    Whitigir likes this.
  5. BubbaJay
    I use my Elear with my Xbox One S controller and listened to it's bluetooth and it sounds pretty good for wireless. I'm for definitely going to get a pair of these cables for my Elear, maybe even one for my Nighthawk as well.
    PLUSSOUND likes this.
  6. xportz
    If this supported aptX HD it would be a much more interesting proposition.
    Tex Irie likes this.
  7. Tex Irie
    No Apt-X HD???
  8. Silent Xaxal
    I'd be curious on how the HD800S would sound on these.

    Can good amplification be put inside such a small space?
  9. jeffhawke
    Not interesting at this price without aptxHD
  10. Levanter
    @PLUSSOUND How about sending some 2-pin custom cable & HD800S cable demo set for me to review? lol :D
  11. canonlp
    I was so looking forward to something like this, but without aptxHD, it's a no go for me.
  12. lostman
    LDAC would be nice too. Wouldn't mind picking up one of those new Sony players. At least they support aptX (but not HD) so not all is lost.

    That said, I don't know what I could use as AptX HD transmitter. There aren't many.
    PLUSSOUND and Mshenay like this.
  13. WallofHooligans
    Looks like a cash grab, smells like a cash grab....
    Want this product for less than 30 bucks? Buy a bluetooth headset off amazon and chop off the earphones that are attached to it. Solder on detachable plugs or even straight on to your old cans. Voila- same deal.
  14. thefitz
    I guess the fact that it comes with multiple connector options makes it the "first of its kind". I've been using a little USB dongle about the size of my thumb and it works perfectly.
  15. Niouke
    or get a sony SBH20 for 30$...that said the SBH20 is not powerfull enough to drive BA IEM correctly and the bluetooth butchers the sound quality, no ABX needed
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