1. rholo

    £150 budget advice required?

    afternoon gents Right I have a budget of a £150 (uk pounds),this will be used with my iPad,iPod and computer and Possibly my iPhone. I have been looking at the Bose on ears (£125) as I already have the new Bose iem,which I quite like :) although I know Bose take a bashing on here. So what...
  2. swlondon

    Ipod/Iphone remote control earphones thread.

    Hi there,   I thought I would try and start a thread that people can add to if they know of IEM's/earphones that feature an in-line remote for controlling ipods/iphones.   I'll start by adding:   A-Jays Fours. Jamo In40i.
  3. grennerg

    Denon AH-D1100 vs AiAiAi TMA-1?

    I'm looking to purchase my first set of quality headphones and I've come down to the Denon AH-D1100 and AiAiAi TMA-1. I mainly listen to rap/hip-hop/electronic, which is why these two headphones appealed to me with their superb bass. Comfort is also a huge factor and both of these are suppose to...
  4. freedom11b

    As all of you already know. i bought 2 pairs of headphones (lol)

    Bought a pair of denon ah-d2000 and v moda m-80s.   Denons sound amazing, they really do. the vmoda m-80s.... I dont know why, but i prefer this sound. LOVE THESE HEADPHONES There super light, small, sleek in my opinion, the case that comes with it i can throw into my bag and not worry...
  5. TheChronic

    Beats by Dre

    What is your opinion of people wearing beats headphones wherever they go and thinking they look cool?   I laugh so hard on the inside knowing that even my $100 V Moda headphones are so much better.
  6. freedom11b

    Best portable amp for $100 down.

    For use with Denon ah-d2000 & V moda m-80s   used with zune hd, hp touchpad, laptop.     suggestions for amps
  7. freedom11b

    Is there a difference between V-80 and M-80 headphones?

    Theres a big price gap of like 30-50 $ between these two.   anyone care to elaborate please? http://shop.v-moda.com/p-191-v-80-on-ear-headphones.aspx http://shop.v-moda.com/p-195-crossfade-m-80-on-ear.aspx   i guess there the same... new question, do these sound worse or bette rthan...
  8. zMarkon

    Need help choosing Headphone

    Hello, New here and need a bit of help choosing my first Headphones. Budget I around £100 first off. I want an on ear headphone as they have to be portable for everyday use. I want a mix of the Beats By Dre Solo size and shape with maybe V-Moda looks if possible. I listen to peoplel like...
  9. freedom11b

    Bought 2 pairs of headphones. need advice for amp

    at home i will be using laptop/ hp touchpad.   at college i will be using hp touchpad/laptop/zune hd     question is will they power my headphones? or do i need to buy a fiio e7? pros/cons   headphones are denon ah-d2000 and vmoda m-80   i heard the hp touchpad wont have enough...
  10. ranjanis

    V-MODA CROSSFADE M-80 AUDIO VOYAGE – Reviewers wanted!

    Dying to have a listen to your favorites on the Crossfade M-80s?  Head-Fi is seeking reviewers to sound off with their thoughts on one of the hottest selling on-ear headphones by V-MODA.   V-MODA wants to let a few lucky Head-Fi.org members take these well-rounded headphones on a test drive...
  11. mkhdf1985

    V-moda crossfade vs. Roc Nation for ipod use only

    I need to know which one of these are better for my ipod touch. Specifically which one is louder through the ipod. I also prefer a lot of treble and little bass. I only got to hear the Skull Candy Roc nation at my local apple store but did not get to hear the crossfade. So please let me know...
  12. pablobaluba

    International shipping sites?

    hi. i was wondering if there are any well known serious and cheaper than amazon sites that send worldwide. i'm looking to buy a pair or two of v-moda bass freq.
  13. Noof

    Earphones for Rock/Punk to bass heavy Dubstep

    I am looking for earphones that have the sound quality, but without spending too much over $100, Some earphones I'm considering: -v-moda but i dont know much about them. -Klispch s4 but i hear the build quality sucks. -MEElectronics have a bunch of earphones like the m6 or m9 but i dont...
  14. failexander

    Best in-ear earphones priced at £45 or less.

    Hi.   My in-ear earphones just broke and I need a new pair. I bought the Sennheiser CX 300 II which I was very satisfied with, but since they broke I figured I'd try a new pair.   Which is the best pair priced at £45 or less? I will primarily be using them for music and/or phone...
  15. sulkoudai

    How are the New (Judes approved, apparently) V MODA V80s??

    V moda was really popular (even with some Head-Fiers) with the original Vibes (the first one, not the revised one, the revised one sounds crap compared to the first), but the Vibes 2 and the Crossfades was apparently really disappointing according to some Head-Fiers   I went on their site...
  16. bengewarmer

    V-Moda Crossfade M-80?

    Just came across a pair of v-moda m-80s in a store, haven't got a chance to try them out. Are these different than the crossfade LPs? Has anyone listened to them or have any opinions? Just curious. Checked v-moda's website and I found v-80s, but not m-80s.
  17. DocMoffel

    NYC/Boston headphone store needed.

    Hi !   I live in the Netherlands and i want to buy the Crossfade lp from V-Moda. In Us they are cheaper and a friend of my is going to NYC and Boston this Friday. Can someone tell me a store in NYC or Boston where he can buy them for me? I hope someone knows.   Cheers.
  18. slapshot30

    Most bass under/around *$150*

    Hey guys, just wondering what earphones you would recommend for the most bass around $100 $150. I already have the Brainwavz M2 but they don't quite have enough so I am deciding to upgrade. Any that you could recommend that are bassier than the M2? I've heard the Turbines are quite bassy, should...
  19. blackz88

    [HELP] Which Headphones to buy

    Hello   Im currently deciding on buying a pair of headphones for my self   I have the Monster Turbines and Brainwavz M2 earphones and i love the bass on both.   I do like bass because i listen to a lot of pop music.   Currently i have the Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio in mind...
  20. javyn

    Best headphone for sleeping

    Could someone recommend a good and comfortable headphone set for a newbie who wants something he can wear to bed? I sleep on my side so it makes things a little difficult...
  21. yepimonfire

    IEMs painful.

    anybody had any experiences with IEM's being painful to wear? i recently got a pair of ety HF5's (which i absolutely love how they sound) and i've noticed they make my ears hurt sometimes when i put them in or when i've had them in awhile, not really the ear canal hurting but like a painful...
  22. Genocide174

    V-moda Crossfade LP: I need some confirmation!

    So.. From what I've read on the forums, there has been some mixed feelings about these headphones. Some people love it because of the extreme bass, some hate it because of the same reason.   Pretty much every review I've seen OUT OF head-fi is positive. As mentioned above, in head-fi it's...
  23. stavs16

    Torn between what to buy

    I'm looking to purchase a decent set of IEM's, around the 100 dollar price range, maybe 115 tops. I cant decide what to buy between the SHURE SE215, ULTIMATE EARS 500,V-MODA Vibes, and the klipsch S4. These are the only ones that I have looked at so far, and I cant decide what to buy. I am a big...
  24. lovelyboy1712

    JLab or V-moda ?

    Now i'm considering: *** V-moda vibe * V-moda vibe duo * JLab J3 * JLab J4 *** so I need your advices. +It's used for : iPhone - iPod - Samsung Gala S +Type of music : Pop music somtime with rock HIGH BASS   AND Thanks ...
  25. cifani090

    What do your kids think of Audiophilia/What got you into Audiophilia?

    I was just reading a post on hometheaterreview.com on "Saving Audiophila: How To Get a Young, New Generation of Audio Enthusiasts Hooked," (http://hometheaterreview.com/saving-audiophila-how-to-get-a-young-new-generation-of-audio-enthusiasts-hooked/) and i was reading the post and than the...