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Poll: IEM under $20

  1. brian609
    Okay so after research I've narrowed my choice to 2 headphones. I just made a poll to see what everyone else thinks. I do not the way the m6 has the wire that stays behind the ear so take that into consideration. Thanks for voting in advance. 
    EDIT: Oh forgot the Creative EP630
  2. Olimoronio
    You also forgot the Maxell Juicy Tunes!
  3. gibson5469
    For closer to $10, I think the JVC Marshmallows are a steal. Especially after adding triple flange tips, it changed the sound considerably, haven't even Kramer modded them yet.
  4. Olimoronio
    Juicy Tunes eat the Marshmallow's for breakfast and also cost $10.
    I have only heard a few worse sounding IEM's than the Marshmallow's and most of those had pics of Fred Flintstone on them.
    Real Talk™
  5. brian609
    So the options I listed in the poll arent good?
  6. Olimoronio


    Sorry, haven't heard those.
    The Philips SHE5910 and the Skullcandy 2XL Spoke also sound really good for $20 or less.
    Have you tried ljokerl's IEM Review thread?
  7. adirere
    go for Soundmagic PL30.. way beyond others in this price range.
  8. Painful Chafe
    Get the M6's and enjoy. They are on sale today. Only the black.
    Use coupon code
    They come out to $14.99 plus 2.95 for shipping.
    You will probably grow to really like the over the ear wire. They make them very secure and eliminate microphonics.
  9. FearSC549
    Even cheaper at Overstock.
    $15.99 free shipping
  10. XxMerlinxX
    Why would anyone suggest the M6 over the M9?
  11. Marcus_C

  12. glfpunk
    I've got the Vmoda's and have had them for quite a while.  I've used them snowboarding, at home, and every time I go to the gym and they're a great all around IEM.  They're built well and have withstood my tossing them around and leaving them in cupholders and putting things on top of them.  There's no issue with microphonics but the cable does have a bit of memory.  Not a big deal for me. 
    I'm certainly no expert and haven't owned any high end IEMs so I don't know that I'm the best to judge but to me they're great.  I had a pair of Sennheiser CX300's until they broke and some other cheap ones until I got the vibes.  The sound quality is very good just keep in mind I don't have a lot to base this on or compare it to.  The Meelec's get a lot of love on here too.  I have a pair of IE7's on the way but regardless of how good they are, the Vibes aren't going anywhere. 
  13. ZV3


    I completely agree, the Vibes were my primary IEM until I got some Monsters, but the Vibes are REALLY GOOD for the price. Nice bass, and decent mids and highs.
  14. JRG1990
    The soundmagic PL11 , is a good option, they have a nice clear spacious sound and a decent amount of bass that doesn't over power anything.
  15. Youngblood
    I also suggest the M6. Another choice would be the brainwaves alpha for $15 at mp4nation, or maybe one of their SoundMagic options. 

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