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NuForce NE700X versus Fischer Audio Eterna, subject is electronic music

  1. cali141
    After scanning the 146 IEM shootout thread for bassy, rumbling IEMs in the $75 range, I've settled upon these two. I tend to generally listen to electronic music (house, dnb, dubstep, glitch, ambient, etc.), but also listen to various other genres. Now, as far as I can tell from those reviews in that thread, the NE700X seems more well-rounded than the Eterna, but the Eterna seems to do better with soundstage and fullness.
    I can't tell which of the two has stronger, more accurate, and more punchy bass. Also, I can't tell how much more clarity and resolution the NE700X has in comparison to the Eterna.
    One thing I particularly want to avoid is harshness, and even though the NE700X is seen as "mostly free of harshness", it is also "softer-sounding at the high end than the... Eterna". This doesn't necessarily mean the Eterna sounds more harsh than the NE700X, does it?
    Finally, my last pair of IEMs was a VModa Vibe, and I sometimes had trouble keeping them in my ear canals. Would this make a stronger case for the Eterna, due to how it is reported that "the rear edge of the shells can push against the outer ear"?
    These two IEMs do seem very similar from these reviews, with the defining difference being that the NE700X sounds more forward, while the Eterna sounds more dark and full. I'm not even sure about that though - please correct me if I'm wrong.
    Thank you in advance!
  2. Gorktastick
    Let me first say that not only is this my first posting on head-fi, but this is also my first posting on any website/forum ever (with the exception of facebook)!  I hope, however, that I can be of some assistance.
    After conducting my own "extensive" research both on this website, and first person (buying iems and then returning them if i wasn't satisfied), I purchased a set of NuForce NE 700MXs.  I believe they are identical to the 700Xs, but have an in-line microphone on the cable.  I also tried virtually every tip I could get my hands on, including : monster foams, monster gels, shure olive mods, and finally comply tx-400s.  Once I felt comfortable with the complys, I began listening to the NuForces daily.  I have also NOT yet tried the Eternas, and almost bought them instead, so I can only comment on the NFs.  I listen to mostly hip hop, jazz, funk, and afrobeat.  And I like to think of myself as a bass junkie.  I was very pleased with the sound of the NFs, particularly the bass.  I definitely agree that the treble was mostly "free of harshness", and overall found the sound of the buds to be a quite enjoyable listen.  Obviously these are not the most neutral sounding iems, but you seem to be aware of that.  With regards to fit, the buds definitely don't stay put as well as I would like.  I constantly had to push the buds back in my ears, or take them out completely and reinsert.  Because of the shape, I felt that they couldn't be inserted deep enough to prevent this from happening.  I must also note that two days ago, as I was listening to music, the right earbud suddenly stopped working.  I take excellent care of my music equipment, and I am particularly careful with my iems.  I could find no damage anywhere on them.  The right earbud simply "died".  In defense of NuForce, they responded immediately to an email I sent them about the matter.  In their response, they apologized, and told me to send the defective buds back in exchange for a new pair.  Not the biggest deal, but this is why I generally only buy electronics in person, or online from a store to which I can physically make a return.  I just mailed the defective unit back, but I'm (relatively) sure that my experience wasn't typical.  So in essence, yes, the NuForces are a very well rounded listen, and they definitely impress with their bass.  However, they do seem to suffer from the fit issue of which you are concerned.  Even though I probably only made your decision even more difficult, I hope the information which I have provided helps in any way possible.  
  3. dbdynsty25
    I also haven't tried the Eternas but right now I've got the Monster Turbine and the 700X here in my office.  I've listened to both extensively and my conclusion is that the Turbines are more my type of earphones.  The NuForces just seem a little too bright for me...just a little mind you.  Had I only purchased the 700s I'd be perfectly happy with them without a doubt.  They sound fantastic and the bass definitely has some power behind it (tho the Monster has a bit more)...but I also have some fitament issues with the NuForce.  I haven't tried them at the gym yet (I will tomorrow), but they definitely don't go as deep in my canals as the Monster's do, so I'm pretty sure they will slip out a bit when working out and sweating.  The Turbines are heavy tho, so they aren't ideal for gym use either.
    I also ordered a pair of Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass earphones to try out as well.  They seem to fit into your requirements as well...so you may check those out as well.  They are 90 from Amazon right now.
    The reviews I've read have spoken pretty highly of them so we'll see.  They go up over the ear which I prefer for gym use so I'm pretty sure I'll keep the Turbines for home and the road and, assuming they sound good, the Phonak's for gym use.
    I see the Eternas are recommended quite a bit around here, so either people haven't given the NuForces a chance or the Eternas really are a better headphone.  I'm not sure...all I know is that the Fischer products aren't that easy to come by from the States which is why I haven't bothered trying to find a pair at this point.  I may get desperate though.  :)
  4. jwcdis
    Audeo Perfect Bass isn't really a "strong/bold" iem i consider them to have a rather conservative warm iem with good clarity. Though they're my favorite warm iems for that reason.

    As for the eternas I am pleased with them except for the large housings since they're so big I found myself trying to adjust the iems to fit deeper in my ear to get more isolation but doing this ends up hurting my ears. i'm rather new to describing iems but I think the difference you will hear in the eternas is the percussion (snares/bass) sound like they have distance between the mids and vocals on the soundstage. I enjoy these mostly for alternative rock bands. Bass is full rather than punchy in my opinion so it is good for electric music such as Crystal Castles but maybe too full for something like eurobeat/trance. Listening to them is somewhat a unique enjoyable experience.

    I think if you're aiming for electric 700x is probably the best to go but I have not tried them yet
  5. dbdynsty25
    Like I said, I only recently ordered the Audeo's...and they should be here today, so I was only going off of what I've read.  Hopefully they'll be a warmer compliment to my Turbines.  Glad to hear they are a little conservative.  We'll see shortly (well, after a few days of burn of course, lol.  :)
  6. erics96521


    I just suffered the same loss of sound from the ne-700x's.  The right side died on me (short in the wire near the jack) and I have to almost bend the wire in half to get any sound from the right side.  I just emailed nuforce and I am awaiting a reply.
  7. erics96521
    Nuforce is officially the best company I have ever dealt with

  8. mvw2
    You're going to have an interesting time trying to find something very detailed but at the same time laid back enough not to be overly analytical or aggressive.  Typically, these are mutually exclusive.  A fast earphone tends to be pretty analytical and analytical tends to be pretty aggressively detailed.  Sometimes you can get a lot of speed, but a softer note.  Some BA based earphones do this where they are quick but lack some of the raw power in a way that could be overbearing.  There are a couple choices I've used personally that I might point you to, but none of them are at this price point.  I have used the Eterna but not the NE-700X. 
    I will say that the Eterna was an impressive earphone.  It did a lot of things very well and was quite enjoyable to listen to.  They reminded me of a BA based earphone more than the dynamic that they were.  They just had a very short, clean note that was quite unlike most dynamics.  Bass is emphasized, and this does make them pretty fun to listen to.  The only real shortcoming of the Eterna was the level of detail.  They are not the most articulate earphones out there, and better products will show their shortcoming in this area.  Alone, you don't really notice it though.  They aren't specifically sluggish, muddy, slow, or anything.  They do quite well.  There simply are more detailed products.  At this price point, I question if there are better though.  The Eterna is quite good, worth in my eyes double their price tag.  I've used a few other earphones around the price point like the RE0, RE-Zero, Xcape-IE, old Denon C700, and CC51.  Not many earphones at this price point flat out impress me.  The Eterna was good enough to do so though.
    Now the bigger question is are they right for you?  Well, tough to say.  I could say that most people will probably like the Eterna if they tried it.  They are clean, reasonably quick, and the sound stage is rather good.  For techno stuff, they do fair well.  If I had one word of warning it might be that they are not quite as edgy as you may desire for that type of music.  Techno kind of needs a little bite/sharpness to the sounds and speed to detail the digital variations.  This tends to take a more expensive earphone to do well.  Now your last pair was the Vibe, and I started out with a pair of their first gen ones.  They're definitely fun to listen to, but they are quite muddy relative to the scale of what's out there.  If they are your base line for speed and detail, you will be pleasantly surprised by a lot of offerings available these days near the $100 price point.  They've simply gotten better and better.

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