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I've Come A Long Way From Beats- Thanks Head-Fi

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by maxmusic, Feb 21, 2011.
  1. MaxMusic
    My first large outlay of currency for a headphone was for the Beats Pro model in late December. I got them, and they did sound good. However, They were very uncomfortable and simply too bulky to be portable. I paid $300 at the time, and I could't reconsile that much money for headphones that I didn't like that much. So i sent them back (full amazon refund). 
    After that, I almost went off the deep end, and I almost ended up with some Beets Studios. I purchased some for $165 off ebay, and I was LUCKY enough to get fakes. So I sent them back (and yes, the seller did give me a full refund and paid for return shipping).  
    Ok I said, forget that. So i went looking for other stylish headphones that might sound good. I ended up with some V-Moda crossfades after falling in love with their looks and getting them at great deal ($130). At $130, for the average person, I would stand by the statement that it was indeed a good deal. Their build quality was supurb and their looks were spectacular. Their sound, however, was extremely lacking. They sounded like a $100 fashion headphone, which is what they are. Now those are being sent back as well (in the process, amazon has a 30 day return policy and i'm lazy). 
    It was then that i decided to come to my senses. Headphones shouldn't be about how they look, because no one really cares if your headphones look good. It should be about the sound quality.
    After doing tons of research here on headfi, I finally settled on some headphones that would be the best for me (no intention of buying an amplifier at present). 
    I am presently being shipped RE-ZERO's and M50s, and this time, I am confident that I will not be disappointed. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, and thanks to everyone who wrote highly informative reviews. 
    I will follow this up with my impressions of the new headphones (and yes, I will wait for burn-in before passing judgement, Ive been taught well [​IMG])
  2. xXFallenAngelXx
    Gtz on ur new gear and glad u got something out of this site!
  3. MaxMusic
  4. smashing


    Forget about the impressions. Get out of head-fi while you still can! 
  5. Graphicism Contributor
    Cool... I'm wondering what source you're using?
  6. MaxMusic
    Iphone, no amp. Which is why I chose the RE-ZERO and M50
  7. Graphicism Contributor
    Yeah the M50 is the can to get un-amped. My thinking behind the source was if you don't like these new cans you have on the way start looking at that before you send anymore back.
  8. h8uthemost
    This is probably the best advice in this thread. I've recently bought a pair of headphones. I'm looking to get those a mod-makeover, and I'm also thinking of getting another pair(maybe some pretty decent IEM's). All thanks to this site...
    This site did help me choose my cans though, so I'm very thankful about that. But I'm starting a whole new obsession now. So be careful.

  9. Danneq
    Yeah. Get out while you can!
    When I started lurking here in early 2009, I just had a Sansa View and cheap Philips earbuds. Now look at all the MP3 players and ear-/headphones in my signature... I don't need any more MP3 players, but I'm always on the lookout for nice ear-/headphones.
    About the ATH M50, I really like my pair. The only thing I can complain about is that the mids are slightly recessed, so that vocals and guitars doesn't make a big impact in the same way as on headphones with more forward mids. Other than that, they sound great. They are a little bit too big for portable use, at least for me, but they get plenty of use at home.
  10. smashing

    Just wait till this get released...
    Oh... and I don't see these in your sig too!
  11. Danneq
    Let's not forget the coming FiiO X3 DAP!
    But seriously, I am not very interested in the HifiMan players nor the Little Dot. I like older players (preferrably pre 2006). When I lived in Japan during 2010, I bought a used Kenwood HD20GA7 and a Victor/JVC Xa-HD600. Besides that, I have bought used Creative Zen Vision:M, iRiver H120 and Toshiba Gigabeat on Ebay. It's nice to be able to mod the old players with new batteries and HDD's. Now I have all the space I need for music, so I just look for interesting headphones. Anyway, this place can give you an addiction...
  12. smashing


    Oh my. I haven't seen these players being mentioned much recently. I'd always wanted to check the HD20GA7 and the other Kenwood players up, but seriously forgotten all about them when I was in Japan twice. Still kicking myself for it...
    Creative is a local brand for me, and I'd never ever been impressed by them. It's still common for us to get the Creative Nomad listed on the used market here from time to time. LOL.
  13. Danneq
    I really like the Kenwood and JVC. Too bad they never really made it outside of Japan.
    Actually I do like my Zen Touch and Vision:M. The Vision:M was the last great player from Creative. Not the best sounding MP3 player made, but in all a very good player. After that they have only gone downhill...
  14. MaxMusic
    So, I have had the RE-ZEROs for 3 days now.
    I now understand what the terms "detail" and "speed" mean for headphones. 
    Couldn't be happier with them, the adapter doesn't even bother me, much smaller than i expected. 
    My only concern is that I am going to break them :frowning2:. I'm trying to be extra careful but even just tonight I kneeled down and the cord caught my knee when I leaned up, pulling the headphones out of my ears (both of the earpieces remained in, and the iems themselves fell out, it was weird).
    Oh and whats all this talk about different MP3s? Why not just stick with an IPOD, does it really make a difference in SQ? I was under the impression the only thing that mattered in the player was its power output (which means nothing if you have an amp) and the type of file on it (320kbs/lossless/FLAC, etc). Those hi-fi man players look clumsy. Ipod/Iphones are slim, and do everything. Not even coming form an apple fan, I use PC, just love their mp3 players :)
  15. Danneq


    Sorry for taking up space in your thread. Well, for me, two things have kept me from getting an iPod - no custom EQ and the image I have of Apple (which is not too positive). There are other great players other than iPods, just as there are other headphones than Skullcandy, Bose and Beats. So iPods aren't the be all end all solution.

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