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Are V-Moda Crossfade LP's good at a $160 price tag?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by maxmusic, Feb 3, 2011.
  1. MaxMusic
    Anyone give these a listen? Trying to get style without buying the dre-aded (pun intended) beats. 
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  2. MrJohnny
    They are extremely Bass heavyyy.. They are Dull too. they arent TERRIBLE but not Really you know worth 160 More like 50 
  3. MaxMusic
    better or worse than beats?
  4. g5tar
    on a side note, i wear portapros at work...i look the fool :) but they sound darn good for 30$
    160$ may be a bit steep considering most of the cost is going to advertising. just my .02
  5. MaxMusic
    Im looking for people to give me valuable responses who have actually listened to the headphones. I have never seen an ad for these outside 1 in skymall of all things, so not sure where you get that idea. 
  6. ljokerl Contributor
    I think the sound quality competes with decent sets in the $40-50 range but the design is quite decent - durable, comfortable, isolating, etc. I wrote a review of them here.
  7. MaxMusic
    Thanks, that helped.
  8. g5tar
    duplicate post ;(
  9. BlutoSlice
    I had them for a week and was not a fan except for the look and feel. The Cross fade LP are equally poor as the beats by dre studio ( bloaty fart bass , congested and rolled off treble)  and both are slightly bettered by the Beats Pro  but that has painfull upper range and no mids.  Don't bother with either and save money with a Sony XB500 or 700.

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