1. grunt12g

    looking for new IEM

    Just recently me sony IEM's pooped out on me. Forgot what model since I got them about 3 years ago. Bought a V-Moda Vibe but concerned about their build quality. Now  I was looking at the Nuforce NE-6 but with all the different IEM's out there it's hard to make a decision. I want the best SQ for...
  2. Rndmness

    Phiaton MS400 vs V-moda Crossfade

    Hi Head-fiers,   I'm looking for a pair of portable circumaural headphones. I've basically narrowed my choices down to these two because I've heard good things about their sound and I like their looks. But of course, I can only buy one. Which one would you recommend?  I already have a pair...
  3. Mochan

    Vmoda Crossfade vs. Phiaton MS400

    I'm hoping Head Fi can help me and post comparisons of these two from first hand experience.   I'm a bass head and these two have fallen into my radar as my next set of bassy closed cans. But they are either too new or too obscure that it seems doubtful anyone has listened to both.   ...
  4. jf2oo6

    Some good bass IEM's for under a 100 pleassseeeeee.

    Hey guys I need some help.  I am very new to IEM's.  So pretty much like the title says.  I need a set of iem's that have good bass, but also sound good in the other areas too.  I will be mainly using these at the gym, but I dont run or anything mainly just weight training.  I would like to stay...
  5. trevordabomb

    Need help finding the best in-ear earphones for around $50

    I've been recommended the Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision, Sennheiser CX 400-II Precision, Sennheiser CX 500, V-Moda Vibe, and Ultimate Ears Metro.fi 170. I'm no good at knowing what earphones are good just based on the technical data and everything, so I can't decide. Do you think you guys could...
  6. lebomb

    Better sound? Vmoda Bass Freq vs Phillips she9550

    Has anyone actually heard the two?  I own the Vmodas, and was wondering how they compare to the Phillips?  I read the Phillips got great reviews............deep bass like the Bass Freq, but with great highs as well. 
  7. valkolton

    V-MODA CROSSFADE WIRELESS: Exclusive Preview, Videos, Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

    VTF WIRELESS?    INTRODUCING:: CROSSFADE WIRELESS - the versatile wireless headphone the Head-Fi community (+everybody) can use every day for any situation.   “I feel it is the best sounding and most versatile Bluetooth headphone I’ve ever tried… You be the judge” -VK       EXCLUSIVE...
  8. georgehots

    New to head-fi, looking for a decent pair of iem's

    I have some normal skullcandy earbuds that go inside the ear. They aren't that great, but it's just meantime while I shop for a decent one. Anyway, one of the buds doesn't work so well unless the cord is in a specific way, which is annoying. Should I call it quits or is there a way to remedy...
  9. seltzered

    Recabling V-Moda Vibe ii iphone earbuds, what cabling should I use?

    Hey all,   I'm joining the "broken cable" v-moda group today, as my v-moda vibe's right channel lost connection underneath the strain relief of the ipod button.   Before deciding to just buy a new pair of IEMs that will break again, I'm thinking about recabling them instead. Why? Because...
  10. Pathogen666

    V-Moda Crossfade LP works for modern Heavy Metal?

    I'm in pursuit of some over-ear, comfortable headphones for use on my computer, speaker system, and ipod.   I was in the Apple store the other day and saw a pair of big, bulky, and stylish headphones plugged into one of the demo iTouches   I tried them on, found them to be quite...
  11. mtrzrv3

    V-Moda vibe duo vs maximo im-590

    Hi,   I've finally decided between the vmoda vibe duos and the maximo im-590s. which one is the better of the two/are the maximos worth the price difference?
  12. Trager

    Ever buy a pair on a lark and find you really dig em? (V-Moda Remix)

    I left my current phones at home while on an overnight work trip and desperately needed a set of phones to keep my sanity with in the interim. So I went to the local Best Buy, figuring I'd pick something midrange up and take it back if I wasn't happy. The only pair they had that looked even...
  13. anaxagoras

    Klipsch S4i or V-Moda Remix for iPhone

    I want to get decent headphones / IEM's that have the "3 button" controls for iphone 3gs (answer, volume -, +). I know there are better options out there, but since I will be using these for about 50% use when running the controls are a big deal to me. Being able to take important work calls...
  14. SchneiderStudios

    New V-Moda Crossfade LP Unboxed & Reviewed

    Hey guys, I recently received V-Moda's newest Crossfade LP headphones and I made an unboxing. They sound pretty damn good and they feel pretty well made too. Very lightweight even though there is a lot of metal. Feast your eyes on this no-bull straight to the point HD unboxing (:  You can...
  15. Batmitestar

    Vmoda Vibe vs Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro

    Hello All! This forum is a great source of information - thanks!   Anyway, I am somewhere between casual and serious, so I am NOT super knowledgeable by any means. I found Vmoda Vibes an Amazon, "Refurbished" for $14. Since it was so cheap, I snatched them up. So far, so good, after burning...
  16. Jeff K

    New Comply™ Foam Tips compatibility update!

    Hello Head-Fi'ers, We have recently tested and approved new earphone models for compatibility with our Comply™ Foam Tips. The newly approved models are: Creative EP-830: T-400 Monster Beats: T-500 Monster Turbine: T-400 Scosche IDR600: T-400 V-moda Sport Series: T-400 V-moda Vibe...
  17. Mochan

    Hippo VB vs. Vmoda Vibes

      I borrowed a friend's Hippos and was excited to try these highly-regarded bass monster IEMs. However, my initial impressions have me a little confused.   I'll be comparing them first to the Vmoda Vibes, which is the only IEM I have on me at the moment. This is fine because the Vibes are...
  18. valkolton


      I think one of the core ideologies behind innovation and entrepreneurship is that if you can't get what you want, build it yourself.  This is why I founded V-MODA and Kolton Technology many years ago.  Many do not realize that V-MODA was the first company to release fashion-forward...
  19. valkolton

    V-MODA::: Two Free Headphones + Free shipping for Xmas!

    Spend $100 or more on V-MODA.com, get both a red & green in-ear headphones (the perfect stocking stuffers) as well as upgraded free UPS 2-day shipping in the contiguous USA.   Order now by 3pm Pacific Time Thursday for delivery in time for Christmas!       Offer ends December...