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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by valkolton, Mar 28, 2012.
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  1. valkolton Contributor
    I think one of the core ideologies behind innovation and entrepreneurship is that if you can't get what you want, build it yourself.  This is why I founded V-MODA and Kolton Technology many years ago.  Many do not realize that V-MODA was the first company to release fashion-forward headphones in a variety of colors, but quality + sound performance has always been even more vital. 
    From when I was young, I had a passion to customize everything to  perform, look better and last longer - starting from my legos all the way to motorsports ranging from RC to the racetrack.   
    And with that note, I'm very AMPED to announce our first AMP/DAC, named VAMP.
    Between now and it's ship date of ~May 15th, I'll try to answer as many questions as I can about VAMP, explain it's virtues and CRITICALLY LISTEN to your feedback for future versions of our headphone amplifier line.
    Here are a few answers on the specs and details of VAMP:
    #1 - it is made for iPhone 4/4S
    #2 - TBA
    #3 - TBA
    #4-1024  TBA
    Val Kolton
    V-MODA Owner and CEO
  2. Cla55clown
    I agree, I think headphone aesthetics if an important feature that is quite often overlooked, especially for the portables. I'll be hard pressed to wear a goofy/ugly looking pair of headphones out in public no matter how great they sound. Nice to see you're venturing into the portable DAC/Amp arena and can't wait to see what you've come up with. Any word on the price point...<$150 USD?
  3. Farout18
    So Val....I am a pretty firm android phone fan.  I do love my iPod Touch though for music and I also use my computer a lot.  Will it work with those sources?
  4. roma101
  5. valkolton Contributor

    Future VAMPs will... We aim to be phone platform neutral.
  6. mikeaj
    Well if it's shipping around the middle of May, I presume that the design is all done and all.
    Regardless, I'm not particularly convinced that one can improve significantly on the iPhone 4 DAC with an external portable unit.  Even if you do get slightly better sound with a secondary device as a DAC, it's at an increased cost of materials, increased size, and lower battery life than if you were just looking at an amp alone.  I'm not familiar with the entire V-MODA headphone lineup, but it seems as far as I can tell that all are pretty sensitive and thus don't need a dedicated amp for extra volume, and most look like relatively resistive loads that can be handled well enough by the integrated amps of most portable players.  Maybe this means more difficult-to-drive headphones in the future?
    So along these lines, I assume the VAMP must be offering features that aren't available at the price point or form factor--maybe a robust hardware EQ, crossfeed, mixing multiple sources, something like that.  Either that, or it's just the styling that sets it apart, which would be disappointing IMHO.
  7. Farout18


    Ok cool thanks for the info :)
  8. Ghoose
    hmm nice but the price tag is up there.. im sure its worth it, but i cant make that for a while...
  9. Gryphus0204

    I like the fact that it is for Iphone... But will it be like a cover? Or external amp?
  10. Lurkumaural

    If this relase is anything like what I saw and heard at the Bay Area meet, Head-Fi is going to go bananas over this product. I don't know what pictures and info are in the M-100 thread regarding the VAMP, but it is truly a special product and I hope I can afford one while I still have an iPhone. I can't imagine that an Android version would be so tightly integrated even if it did play well otherwise.

    And about tight integration:
    1. Does it charge the iPhone via USB to the VAMP? Maybe a dock connector to charge/sync?
    2. Does it support mic/remote from the headphone out? (Is that even possible? NDA or no?)
    3. Does it have its own volume control? Could one use the iPhone volume (rockers, touchscreen, remote)?
    4. Please?

    Basically if it were an augmentation of the DAC and amp stage of the iPhone with all of the same UI we've come to know and rely on as iPhone owners, I'd be all over it. Anything else makes me not want to carry an amp, quite frankly.

    Sounded great though. Hearing an LP2 out of my phone made me kinda want a pair; hearing the LP2 through the prototype amp made me really want a pair.
  11. Mysterious
    Subscribed !
    valkolton likes this.
  12. songmic
    Made for iPhone 4/4S, that's great news! So I guess it will be one of those products that has the license to bypass an iPhone's DAC, like Fostex HP-P1 or VentureCraft Go-DAP. If the first production version is to be made for iPhone 4/4S, will it be made so that it latches easily onto the iPhone's physical design, like Go-DAP?
  13. WiR3D

    I understand the problems with android, if it supports driverless USB audio (such as the E7 I believe?) Then atleast modders will be able to use the VAMP with android, until Google forces it as a standard, which honestly cannot be too far off.
    Just a thought anyway :p
    and 1024? thats a binary multiple, mmm memory size? Too big for bit depth or bus width.
    Why would it need memory?
  14. djsquared

    This is what I'd love, because right now when I'm listening to my M-80s through a portable amp, the integrated volume/track selection controls on the V-MODA cable do not function. It would be awesome to retain the track skip/volume/play/pause features on the cables while being amped.
    BTW. Val, you're responsive as heck to our collective obsession. Kudos!
    Sub'd to this thread as well as M-80/M-100 :)

  15. RPGWiZaRD
    Will there be any VAMP products compatible with other devices such as computers. Seems strange to me to focus on a specific platform.
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