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V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

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  1. MrNurse
    I figured I'd start a thread soley for the up-and-coming V-MODA M-100 headphones instead of flooding the M-80 thread. 
    Here, we can discuss everything about the M-100! That includes suggestions, feedback, pics, and future reviews!
    I'll start by continuing the previous discussion and I will organize this post later tonight. I'll add the prototype pic later too. 







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  2. MrNurse

    Only one that I can remember. If there are more, post them up.
  3. djsquared
    V-MODA M-100 Summary as of July 11, 2012. Thanks for many Head-Fi members and, of course, V-MODA CEO Val Kolton for their contributions.
    The V-Moda M-100s...
    ...are closed circumaural cans meant keep in step with the M-80s more audiophile-pleasing sound signature.
    ...will most certainly be an upgrade SQ wise from the M-80s. Val Kolton from V-MODA has stated the highs are more extended than the M-80s while still avoiding a strong treble spike common in other headphones that could cause hearing damage with long listening sessions at high volume, and the bass range will be boosted to somewhere around +8 or 9 Db, sort of like a compromise between the M-80 and the LP2 models.
    ...have hinges, so they will be foldable.
    ...will be using 50mm drivers.
    ...have a secret additional feature that has not yet been revealed.
    ...do not require an amp, but will scale well if you decide to use one.
    ...do not have a definite price yet, but are expected to cost around $300.
    ...are current expected to be released somewhere around late July to early August.
    ...will be released in two colors--White/Silver and Shadow. A third color scheme may be included for the mass production release
    ...will use the same custom shields as the LPs/LP2s. You can get the shields for 20% off using the limited-time promo code M-100MANIA.
    ...will come with a case3 cables, and a 3.5 mm to 1/4 in plug. The 3 cables are an audio only cable with a dual-share feature (headphone splitter?), and iphone compatible cable with controls and a mic, and an android compatible cable with a mic.
       • The audio-only cable may have a color woven in to it.
       • The smartphone mics are referred to as "super mics" that are improved from current offerings

    ...may have reversible cups in the listening position, for quick DJ-style monitoring.
    Pages with pictures:
    - Early pictures of the M-100s on page 1

    - Original color designs on page 67
    page 91
    page 92
    page 93
    - Early picture of the case on page 102
       - page 105

       - page 150
    - Pictures and early impressions by Anakchan on page 90 (from the Tokyo Headphone Festival 2012) and page 152

    - Picture showing the hinge on page 168
    - 1/4" plug adapter page 169
    - Picture showing off the scale of the M-100 case on page 197

    Brief Video Response: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150928608616028

    Tokyo Headphone Festival 2012 Sneak Peek Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glPlFTB0kOs
    ______END SUMMARY____________________________________________________________________________________
    This was my original post from way back when :)
    I copied this photo from Sound+Vision Mag.http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/image/v-moda-m-100-shadow (Hope you don't mind me posting it...I just got it from a quick google search). Regarding the sound profile/driver issue, my $.02 is this: I wouldn't mind the larger driver requiring an amp to reach its potential if the sound turns out to be like an over-ear M-80 with juicy deep rumble-ness. Word :) Oh, p.s., is San Diego close enough for a tester [​IMG]?? Peace!
  4. The Doctor
    Originally from the M-80 thread discussing the potential issues of the M-100

    Well I do have an idea or two..
    1.) Make a type of AMP that can be built into the cable somehow (perhaps at one of the plug ends so it does not disrupt the way it can catch on the clothing. Doing so you could sell it as either an accessory for those who do not already have amps and/or make it a combo pack with it included and label it as a (premium or total experience) package. This way those who do not already own an amp can easily buy that.
    2.) Perhaps integrate a type of AMP into the headphones themselves. I would imagine its not impossible but considering that I am also not 100% sure on how everything is designed on the inside of the M-100's I am sure there will be issues about, not including powering (which can be done by a recharge cable and Lithium Ion, but eventually the battery itself will need to be replaced after it wears down.) Weight, materials, and price.
    3.) Same as 1 basically, but make it just a mini amp just designed to power the M-100's. Also can be sold the same way as 1.
    Again these are just ideas I am tossing about, I have always had a mind for design and technology so stuff like this gets my mind rolling constantly.
    Also, I would absolutely love to test them, sadly I am based in Jersey. Hopefully things come out for the best!
  5. valkolton Contributor
    I'll be answering questions here. 
    TO LOCK OR NOT TO LOCK ACOUSTICS.  this is the question... I'd love your feedback, my protos are out on loan right now but I'll organize a time soon to test for those in LA and San Diego if there are enough volunteers.  Need more test subjects and subjective data for our database on it, I'm a fiend for use-case and preference statistics in making decisions.  With M-80 I was on tour so I used a 31-band EQ with producers, M-100 data has been from audiophiles and consumers. 
    Stay TUNED... literally!
  6. boylit
    I wish I was over there and one of the lucky ones to test it..... Val, how do you describe the current sound unamped? That's what we'd like to know...
  7. roma101
    Thanks for keeping us updated, Val! :) Since SQ is the most important thing, I'm sure you'll make the best decision. I wouldn't mind it sounding great from an iPhone 4 and then even that much more amazing amped. Really looking forward to these cans coming out. Could turn out to be my perfect portable. 
  8. deadhead12
    I'm down for being a guinea pig!
  9. Kagelou
    Can't wait till these hit the market! I'd love to compare them to my M80s through my computer and J3, and I'm also interested in the size of the actual headphone. The M80s look larger in picture than their actual size, so I'm expecting the M100s in those pictures to follow the same trend lol
    Val, I remember you saying that you expect headphone cables to go to the right side...are the M100s definitely going to have a right sided cable?  Thanks~
  10. djsquared
    Further to my previous post, as a head-fi newbie, and based upon what I have read here so far, I trust that V-MODA will make the right decision for SQ. The M-80 gets great reviews on this board, and the LP/LP2 line is very popular with the DJ/basshead crowd (though I've recently read some audiophiles can't take their hands off the LP2).
    All things being equal, and aside from SQ, the things that I love about V-MODA headphones-- and the things that keep me hyped for new releases such as the M-100--as opposed to, say, going for the HD 25 Amperior-- are the detachable, kevlar coated cables; iDevice-compatible 3-button mic; ; 45-degree plug; beautifully functional exoskeleton case; comfortable design; customizable (or not) finish; lack of screaming logo or branding; rugged mil-spec quality; 60 day test-drive guarantee; and the level of involvement by the CEO (who also happens to develop the products) in trade shows and on a forum discussion board such as this. This company seems like something special, and the product seems like it will be worth the wait.
    That's all for now. [​IMG]
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  11. 12Rounds
    All the discussion has centered around the sound of the M-100; will there be any changes in terms of comfort/design/style vs. the LP's? Or are we talking about the same shell but different drivers?
  12. Angelopsaro


    I tottaly agree with the highlights you stated.. Often headphones have always disadvantages but v-moda seems to pay attention to detail. form the case to the cables etc.
  13. valkolton Contributor


    Thanks ya'll, it's a TON of work, but it's the little things that count and hearing ya'll talk about them makes it worthwhile.  Nobody mentions the removable strap system inside the case, isn't that sick?!!  The two little straps on it is designed to hold faders or earplugs.  It was tough to make with the unique case material, it was originally a zipper but I delayed the whole launch of LP until I got it right.

    SIZE/ERGO of M-100
    While I do realize some people want the earpads a bigger diameter, overall I think the satisfaction is high of the existing LP/LP2 size (hundreds of reviews analyzed), and the "fitted" look is important to wear a headphone in public with pride (no teletubby!).  Therefore, we are keeping it close to the same for M-100.  
    There is a very major feature that I haven't discussed yet and isn't in any pics.  Maybe I'll give a sneak preview of the carry case in a few weeks and you can guess what it is!
  14. sfoclt
  15. RPGWiZaRD
    Man I wish I lived there so I could be a guinea pig, I've spent years EQing headphones so can usually tell whereabouts in the frequency range I think there's too much of a dip or peak only by listening to music. I do wish M-100 has slightly bigger inner circumference (wider) though as my ears didn't fully fit inside the LP2's cups and I actually got slightly tired ears despite the cushy memory foams when it was resting slightly on the ear. The padding itself is quite wide/thick, if you don't want to make the cup much bigger I'd just make the diameter of the pads more narrow at the sides so there's a wider innercircumference instead as it seems there is some headroom to make it smaller without sacrificing on comfort (more like the opposite, if ear can fit fully inside it would get even more comfortable). I bet there's aprox 4-5 mm to gain here by simply doing the pads more narrow at the sides which would be enough.
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