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Broke BUT I got a gift card!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by yenwen, Jan 18, 2011.
  1. yenwen
    Hey guys,
    So, as the title goes, I'm broke. But I do have a $164 gift card to the Apple store. I've been using the Iphone headset as my normal headset for listening to music. But I haven't always been like this I used to have a Vmoda Vibe 1 which were great for bass in a earphone but lacked a lot of clarity plus they broke on me the first month left volume died. I've had a Shure E2s that were absolutely incredible except they lacked a lot of bass ( I guess I have small ears). But anyways I'm now sick and tired of these iphone headsets and I want something nicer I would like something over the ear since I'd like to use them for music and movies. I'd also like to be able to wear them at a coffee shop and not have to listen to all of the chatter going on. Most importantly I'd like to buy them at the Apple store since I'm broke.
    I'm very interested in the Skullcandy Rocnation Aviators because I like the classic look. I'm not a fan of Dre Beats styling at all I think it's disgustingly loud in design. But I'm open to hearing about the audio quality of both.
    Also I hear that the Skullcandy Skull crushers are quite nice. Any comments on that? I found them on Amazon for 35bucks and that would save me my gift card and be dirt cheap to have.
    Music I listen to, primarily hip hop in the car since I have a booming system. But when I study I listen to Mozart to help me focus. And definitely I'd like to watch movies with them so that I don't have to bother the rest of the family with my computer speakers. By no means am I an audiophile but I definitely am a fan of sound quality. I also consider myself a basshead but I don't like to have my music sound muffled. The Vibes sounded muffled.
    Please help
    Thank you very much,
    Side note, If I later on when I have some money to spare I'd like to replace my headset for phone use and listening to music at the gym. If I send my Vmoda's back I get 50% off what would be a good choice to get from them?
  2. yenwen
    A quick look on the website and it doesn't show that they have the Rocnation Aviators but I've seen them at the store. I see also that have Shure SRH240M+ as well and a few other that look promising.
  3. jipan
    I don't know how Shure 240M sounded, so I can't comment on them. From the website, I see they have Senn PX100/200 II. PX100/PX200 II have a very nice all-around sound. They are portable headphones, pretty smaal, easy to carry. The PX100 II is open headphone, so it leak (both in and out) sound, while the PX200 II is closed headphones. But I don't think the isolation is that much better than PX100 II since they supra-aural (they sit on your ears, not around your ears). However, they are headphones, not headset, so you can't use them to do call. I don't know much about headset, so can't help you there.
    edit: if you want to know how PX100 II and PX200 II sounded like, try search for the review here, I think I read some. Or try this one: http://www.headfonia.com/ultra-portable-shootout-px100-px200-portapro-k404-v-jays-tracks-oldskool-and-hd238/
  4. yenwen
    Thanks for the link. It's definitely helpful thanks, I was hoping to get some buying recommendation on headphones that the Apple store has available.
  5. nullstring
    Honestly, you'd be better of selling the gift card and buying the headphones elsewhere.
  6. earthpeople
    I've heard some good things about the Klipsch Image One headphones. I believe they go for $150 and they are sold at the Apple store.
  7. thinkpol


     Bremerton! MXPX! Yay! lol
    Get that a lot?
  8. thinkpol
    I would probably put it towards some B&W P5s, probably the best headphones they sell at the apple store.
  9. shnitz
    B&W and Klipsch Image One are the best you're going to get at the Apple store, if you want circumaural/supraaural headphones.  If you don't mind IEMs, then the etymotic or shure are pretty solid sound.
  10. sparker
    Sell the gift card for around $140 to $145 after fees on eBay. Even after paying for fees, you would still be better off than buying from the Apple Store.
  11. earthpeople


    Haha, actually no, I think only one other time in all the forums and years I've been on the internet. lol
  12. yenwen
    Hey guys,
    So, today out of just pure desperation I went to Apple store and instead of the Aviators I got the V-moda crossfade LP.
    Sound quality is better than the Skullcandy. But I hate the styling... Simply despise it. I wanted to test out the Shure 240m+ But they didn't have a display model available to test. I spent 200bucks on these and I'm really thinking about taking it back. I hope they give me cash instead of a 200 dollar gift card. Just wondering if I return it and actually get 200 cash back in non gift card form What would you guys suggest for me in the bang for your buck headphone?
    side note: beast for movies!
  13. dreadful
    If you  end up returning them and willing to sell the card  to get cash or amazon credit look at Plasticjungle .com . It's where I sell the gift cards I don't want and nobody I know wants to buy off me . What they pay has always been fair when I have used them and have not had a problem with them.
  14. yenwen
    hey thanks that's really helpful!! My mom got a bath and body gc and it's completely useless in my house so definitely i'll check it out. I'm hoping that apple doesn't give me a gift card
  15. yenwen
    After doing a search on the Apple site I see that they have the Shure SRH840 and for the same price as the V-moda crossfades. What do you guys think?

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