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Earphone alternative to ATH M50?

  1. slapshot30
    First time here buying earphones. I need some secondaries to go with my ATH M50's I just bought. My limit on spending is around $50 since I already spent a lot on headphones. I'm looking for some nice bass but with good clarity. I saw the V-Modas but then read that durability is horrible so those are out. Hippo VBs look a little too expensive right now. Any kind of sennheiser would be nice because they have a lot to choose from at good prices on amazon. I am kind of interested in the cx380 sport II earphones because they get great reviews and would work well when I workout with them occasionally. Any other suggestions?
    EDIT: I will be using this with an iPod touch. I do have a LOD and fiio E5 amp.

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