1. MrMathias

    Headphone Recommendation (Over the Ear)

    Hello, everybody.  I just signed up for the head-fi forums, so forgive me if this is the wrong section of the forum that I am posting this thread in.  Anyways...   My birthday is coming up in about a month, and I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend some great over the ear...
  2. chaembian

    Budget IEM - upgrade from PX100

    Hi I'm a happy PX100 user. But during commutation, the external noise renders its useless. I'm thinking that an IEM will help me here. I'm looking out for helpful suggestions towards this: - An IEM that has the same sound signature as PX100 - Not very expensive. Probably $80 is the max I'm...
  3. adrockthewalrus

    Alternative IEM's? (cx300, cx500, v-moda vibe, e2c, UE)

    My ER6i's have tragically developed a fault (nasty rattling/scratchy soudns in the right 'phone) So it looks like im going to ahve to send them away for repair (does anyone know how lo0ng this usually takes, given I'm in the UK?). This seems like the ideal time (it happens to be payday) to...
  4. Mikol1011

    Best IEM/Earbud + Cable

    Hey I'm doing this just for fun, so please don't ridicule me. I absolutely love the Sony MDR-EX32's size and look. So my idea is to change the driver within the EX32 with something that also has a 9mm driver, or a microarmature small enough to fit in, which i highly doubt (aside from the...
  5. kevroc

    UE Superfi 5 Pro

    So, I sold my 535's and am awaiting my new/old W4's to get here and was rummaging through my audio box and came across my Shure E2c's (yuck) and my UE Superfi.5 Pro's.  Had to look them up as I didn't know which model they were.   Any way, they're pretty good.  They don't seem quite on par...
  6. That dude

    HELP! My triple.fi 10 broke!

    I recently bought the tf10 vi's through amazon and I was really enjoying them. But then, the cable broke at the 3.5mm plug. No problem, I thought, I have an extra cable, just swap them round, after all, that's the point isn't it? So i tried prying the cable off using my fingers. It didn't...
  7. drdrum

    Fitting triple.fi10 comfortably

    Thought I'd post on how I got my TF10's to fit comfy. The original tips didnt fit me good as I have a small ear canal. The foam tips work but they get icky with wax after a while. I got a pack of Shure Triple Flanged tips,I cut off the stem so there was about 1/8th"- 3/8th" left. I cut 4 slits...
  8. o black

    Comparison between the Q-Jays, Monster Turbine, Etymotic Hf3, Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear

    Has anyone on this forum compared Q-Jays with the Monster Turbine, Etyomtic HF3, and the Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear?  Over the past 2 years i have tried those 3 headphones, and i have liked the monster turbine the most.  However, unfortunately also out of the 3, they were the LEAST durable headphones...
  9. newscane

    Replacing UE SuperFi 3 Studios: UE SF5 or UE700?

    I bought a set of UE SuperFi Studio 3s about 4 years ago.  I've been very happy with them, but over the last 6 months, the cable connection for the left earphone has become very loose.  I tried the right cable in the left earphone, and it's still loose... so it's not a cable problem, it's an...
  10. project86

    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    INTRO First off I have to admit: I’m becoming a huge fan of headphone amps. In spite of having several high end options to choose from, I’ve always enjoyed the simplicity of listening directly from the headphone jack of a great sounding player. I realize that amplification is almost a...
  11. stephancho

    List of Cheaper Rebranded Headphones

    Creative Aurvana Live (Denon 1001) Alienware Ozma 5 (Ultrasone HFI-550)   any others?
  12. hojomojo96

    Altec Lansing UHP336

    Yeah, I know they're old. But I might get a pair, and I have a couple questions:   Is the sound quality really equal to/better than that of the Super.Fi 3? Does the detachable cable for the Super.Fi 3 fit the UHP336? This one, to be exact...
  13. Flavio T

    New Shure SE215 - First Impressions

    I thought of sharing this one since it got me smiling and wondering...   Under $100, the new SE215 with dynamic drivers is delivering a ton of bass and carries the same design as Shure's flagship SE535 and it has the same great replaceable cables:   Shure SE215 Review   I thought...
  14. psgarcha92

    RE0 or Super Fi 3 STUDIO?

    Hey guys, have decided to buy IEMs in a week, upgrading from Creative EP630s, my source is going to be a Sansa Fuze V2, and a FiiO E3.looking at ebay, i see that i can get the Ultimate ears Super Fi 3 studio at 72.95 USD and the Head Direct RE0s at 93USD. What should i go for? the super Fi 3s or...
  15. chubbyfatazn

    UE700 for $80 - go for it or skip?

    Hey all,   The cord on my SuperFi.3s is giving way for the third time, and Logitech didn't feel like replacing it for me (third cable in 6 months). Instead they gave me a 50% off coupon on all UE products. Originally I was eying the TF10s as my eventual replacement (since I can actually get...
  16. mccc

    Looking for a new IEM: Neutral sound wanted

    Hi,   this is my first post to this forum and I want to say "hello" :) to all of you. (Sorry for my English...it is not my mothers tongue...)   For my IRiver T60 4GB I am looking for a new IEM. I previously own a SONY MDR ???, which cable broke very soon and it was too bass loaded...
  17. GarageBoy

    What case do you guys use to carry your IEMs and your mp3 player?

    Just curious what you guys use to store your IEMs and source between sessions. The stock tin can that the UE3s come with suck (bends the cord in weird angles to fit)
  18. O

    The death of Ultimate Ears? How many replacement cables should I buy?!!?

    Did anyone else notice that the critically acclaimed and dearly beloved line of universal fit Ultimate Ears IEMs with replaceable cables is pretty much extinct? In their place are these cheap looking buds that start at $20. All that's left is the TripleFi 10 (on either UE's website or Logitech)...
  19. ag04

    The next step! Where should I go from here?

    Greetings Head-fi-ers,   New to posting, but not new to this forum, I've spent a good deal of time reading here, and have found this site to be a great resources for all things headphone.  A little about myself:  Started mixing audio for my church 7 years ago, and used sony MDR 7506s and...
  20. gibson5469

    UE600 upgrade from Super.Fi 3?

    Logitech offered me the UE600 as a warranty replacement for the Super.fi 3, so I can either wait until they are back in stock or take the "upgrade".   What do you all think?
  21. r3dl4b3l

    Audio Testing for UE Triple.Fi and Super.Fi 3 Studio Recommendations

    Hi All!   Just received my Triple.Fi 10 Pro and Super.Fi 3 Studio in the mail today and was wondering what would you all recommend listening to test these out?   TIA!
  22. coldmack

    Sleek Audio SA1 vs HF5 vs Super fi 3 vs IE6/7 vs S3/4

    If I am looking for a natural sounding IEM where the output is as close as what the musician intended to be which one of these listed should I be looking at? Which will also bring out the detail in the music? Cost is about the same as all can be had for about 100(either new or used) from...
  23. HxCKhaos

    Ultimate Ears SuperFi 3 Studio vs Bose IE Triports

    Hi, currently logitech had a deal with the SuperFi 3's for $35, personally I already own the bose in ears and I find their kinda muddy, so I'm wondering if I should take advantage of the deal, would I be getting a upgrade? Thanks
  24. SalseroCAN

    Help pick between UE SuperFi3 and MEElectronics M11+. Need good isolation, and good bass!

    Hi there,   I am trying to pick between ME Electronics M11+ at $25 shipped vs Ultimate Ears SuperFi 3 Studio at $35 shipped. I've used Me Electronics M6 before and quite liked them(broke them, my fault). Both are very good deals    ...
  25. bigdan89

    advice on iem for rock/metal

    alright after countless hours reading a bunch of threads and articles i decided to join and ask for further assistance  im looking for some good iems in the 120ish range that will do well with classic rock,metal and all its genres and some rap and hip hop.ive read that the   heje900k were a good...