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New Shure SE215 - First Impressions

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  1. Flavio T Contributor
    I thought of sharing this one since it got me smiling and wondering...
    Under $100, the new SE215 with dynamic drivers is delivering a ton of bass and carries the same design as Shure's flagship SE535 and it has the same great replaceable cables:
    Shure SE215 Review
    I thought they were pretty awesome in this price range and it will certainly cause a lot of disruption in the $70-$150 price range.
    They are launching tomorrow btw.
  2. dziendobry
    I am looking forward to the release of these. It seems that they will be in a sweet spot as price and quality go.  Thanks for posting the helpful review before their release. 
  3. Flavio T Contributor


    You're very welcome!
  4. Enthusia
    Definitely nice. I will most likely purchase one myself.
  5. EraserXIV
    Any comparisons with the Westone 1?
  6. JeFFz
    Great news on this new dynamic earphone from shure, wonder how does it compete in the higher end dynamic driver iems... Definitely looking forward to more impressions in the future!

    Either way aren't head-fi MOT not allowed to post reviews or such on products they sell in general discussion forum? I thought their posts are restricted to their own respective sub forum. No matter how good this earphone is, I still find that you are trying to promote and advertise the products you are selling.
  7. jant71
    I thought the Super.fi 3 and it's re-brands were the first under $100 to have replaceable cables?
  8. piggys123
    looks nice. I may be thinking of getting one
  9. Volt2187
    Just ordered a pair.  Glad they were released this soon (I was thinking late March at first).  Can't wait to get them.  I was thinking of getting the 315s or 415s (I have the Westone 2s and love them), because of the removable cable, so when I saw these I fell in love with the concept of removable cables for an iem this cheap. 
  10. music_4321


    Perhaps people considering getting this new product should be aware of the following comments written nearly 2 months ago and posted in the Westone 4 thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/527694/westone-4-appreciation-thread-and-reviews-a-k-a-westone-4/240#post_7177145 -- note that the $450 Westone 4 does NOT come with replaceable cables.

  11. dbdynsty25
    I'm with this guy ^^^^, the less moving parts the better.  Give me some good cable strain relief and I'm cool.  Tho, I do kind of like the idea of using the regular Shure cables most of the time and switching to some cable with an inline mic for Xbox Live or talkin' on the phone.  So there is THAT appeal.
  12. Mkubota1 Contributor
    I can see the merits and validity of both sides.  But yeah---  "ZING!!!"  [​IMG]  Good memory, music_4321.
  13. TheGomdoRi
    Very interesting, thanks for the news! I only wish the SE425s and 535s were offered in the black housing. [​IMG]
  14. gduck
    im eagerly awaiting more reviews on this, as the ergonomics really interest me a great deal, fit and ergonomics of a BA but dynamic fun in sound ? reasonable price too
    I have kept my eyes on sunrise xcape, fischer audio eterna, monster turbine, etc. but it appears the design of the shure 215 will be the most comfortable and isolating, fingers crossed
  15. Flavio T Contributor


    Yes. We finished that up. For bass the SE215 is an improvement over the W1. If you like the replaceable cables, the SE215 is a great product at a great price. If you like fixed cables the W1 is also a great product. But if you like thumping lows, the SE215 has the edge over the W1.
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