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    Infrastructure Engineer
    Gaming, Headphones, Computers, Business, Boxing, MMA, Cameras, Mechanical Keyboards, IT
    Headphone Inventory:
    Headphones: (Ranked in terms of sound quality)

    HifiMan HE-560 or Audeze LCD-2 Fazor edition
    Sennheiser hd650 (Equinox cable)
    Denon AH-D2000 (Cry-Vampire Wire Cable)
    Sennheiser hd600 (Blue Cardas Cable)
    Sennheiser hd580
    Denon AH-D2000
    Sennheiser HD-25-1 II (Tied with ATH M50)
    Audio Technica M50
    Sennheiser hd555
    Audio Technica AD700
    Alessandro ms-1
    Grado sr-80

    IEM's (Ranked in terms of sound quality)

    UE Triple Fi 3
    HiFiMan RE262
    Fischer Audio Eterna V1
    HiFiMan RE0
    Sennheiser IE7
    Shure SE115
    Apple EarPods
    Vsonic GR06
    Mee Electronic M6
    Sennheiser CX300B
    JVC Marshmallows
    JVC Air Cushion
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    C&C Box V2
    Little Dot MkIII
    Glass Jar Audio's Level 2 Soha
    MisterX Soha + Jisbos
    Nuforce uDac2
    Pico Amp/Dac
    Nuforce HDP
    Centrance DACport
    Centrance DACmini CX
    Burson Soloist SL
    Burson Soloist
    Source Inventory:
    Modded X-Fi Elite Pro
    Modded X-Fi XtremeMusic
    Zero Dac
    MisterX Gamma 2
    Nuforce uDac2
    Pico Amp/Dac
    Nuforce HDP
    HRT Music Streamer II+
    Centrance DACport
    Centrance DACmini CX
    Grace Design M9XX
    Cable Inventory:
    Stefan Audio Art hd650 Equinox 9ft cable
    Stefan Audio Art hd600 Equinox 10ft cable
    Custom Cryo-Vampire Wire 9ft cable
    Zu-Mobius Sennheiser 9ft cable
    Blue Smurf Cardas Cable for hd600/hd650
    Blue Jeans LC-1 RCA Interconnects
    Wireworld Ultraviolet USB Cable
    Nuforce Mini to Mini Cable
    Signal Cable Analog One Mini to RCA
    Wireworld Luna 6 Interconnects
    Wireworld Stratus 5
    Power-Related Components:
    Ethereal ESP3014 power conditioner
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    X-fi Elite pro is modded with a soldered lm4562 and shorted decoupling capacitors

    Zero Dac has some upgraded opa627's and lm1364's with upgraded Sanyo OS-CON's.

    Denon D2000 are markl modded
    Fujifilm X100
    Realforce Topre Keyboards
    Leopold and Filco Mechanical Keyboards


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