The death of Ultimate Ears? How many replacement cables should I buy?!!?
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Jan 20, 2011
Did anyone else notice that the critically acclaimed and dearly beloved line of universal fit Ultimate Ears IEMs with replaceable cables is pretty much extinct? In their place are these cheap looking buds that start at $20. All that's left is the TripleFi 10 (on either UE's website or Logitech), and yeah, the writing is pretty much on the wall for those too (they stand way out on the current MSRP lineup).
It's quite sad for me, personally. I started out with the Super Fi 3s (with replaceable cable), graduated to the 5s, and then to the TripleFi 10 vi (though personally I kind of still think the 5s are the best cause their bass is so kick ass). Though I knew this day was coming, Logitech's business model is mediocre sound for the masses, not for the niche/luxury audiophile market. How strange that they decided to buy them in the first place (guess they just wanted to leap into the earbud market with a bang).
Before we start collectively begin mourning the loss of some of the best portable headphones ever made, and speculate why they have disappeared ( well heck, they just last too long with that replaceable cable design and there are only so many consumers out there willing to pony up $100s of dollars for supreme sound and since we all bought a pair or two already there are probably none of us left buying them anymore!), my first instinct is to corner the market on replacement cables so that A, I can use mine forever and B, make tons of money on Ebay 10 years down the road when people are scavenging for these bad boys and I'll sell 'em for a premium to those in need.
So here is my question. Now that Ultimate Ears is fast becoming the next COBY of headphones, how long will Ultimate Ears/Logitech carry those replacement cables for their old customers? Need we buy tons of them while they are still around? Will there be a third party company with decent pricing around to sell them to we audiophiles 10 years from now?
Let the tears flow fourth.

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