1. DNZGamer

    Post your EQ settings for your headphones

    Gonna try to turn this topic into a glossary of EQ settings. Please post in this format:   Brand Model EQ Program Audio Technica ATH-CKS77 Balanced Realtek Onboard Denon AH-D2000 Balanced Electri-Q Denon DN-HP700 Balanced Realtek Onboard M-Audio Q40 Balanced...
  2. jluzzy

    Best bass pounding headphones?

    So right now I have the beats studios, and they are still decent headphones but I want something cheaper and better quality. Does anyone know what are the best headphones with loud pumping bass for a good price? I've looked into the sennheisers but a lot of reviews say they don't have a lot of...
  3. slim01

    PLEASE read if you like lady porridge or headphones

    Hi guys, new to the forrum... Headphones usually aren't my thing; I have a sexy Kef/onkyo Hi-Fi setup which i love more than my own left arm (yes, the right is the yanking arm). Unfortunately no one else around me shares a passion for turning the house into a pumping trance rave or fleetwood mac...
  4. nugget2013

    Question about burn-in

    as we all know most good quality soundingheadphones (if not all) need to be burned in for the best quality sound and i have heard that to burn in headphones it can range from 20-100 hours! some youtuber said he burned them in for about 30 hours of high volume (about 80%) for 20 hours and...
  5. Extreme1Bass

    On ear Headphone: What are the best bass head <$ 70?

    Hello, excuse me if I opened a thread on purpose, but it will possible to collect more opinions to the product I'm looking for. I have an mp3 player Creative Zen I want to buy headphones with heavy bass, deep, extended but not with...
  6. sloomingbla

    Are there any headphones that feel like subwoofers?

    Hey guys, my headphones (hfi 580's) have alot of punchy bass to them and i prob wont upgrade soon but i was just wondering, are there any headphones out there that sound like that?   I keep getting jealous when i get into a car with a decent sound system :/
  7. jbob181

    Which of these headphones should I buy?

    I am in the market for buying headphones under $100 for use on bus and my laptop so which should I get.  ...
  8. ScumbagBrain123

    New rapper cans out there, I feel hesitant about these (New SMS audio headphones)

    So SMS Audio just released some new "DJ Pro" headphones, and I'm curious to see how they compare to their previous releases. InnerFidelity seemed like he really did not like the sound quality on the older ones, especially the wireless ones. However, and hear me out, sometimes the more popular...
  9. JohnLD

    Best headphones for my needs? (Bass heavy, noise isolating, noise canceling)

    This is what I'm looking for: -durable -emphasized bass (I'm a bass head) -closed back (I don't want too much sound to bleed out) -noise canceling and/or isolating (I'm not using these words interchangeably, I'm asking for either both or one or the other) So far I've looked at: -Beyerdynamic...
  10. nicdoy5

    Discontinued Sony Headphones Making A Possible Return To Canada???

    Apparently, has listed some headphones that are currently not available in the states. This would be awesome if they did come back to Canada!!     Right now, they're listed Out of Stock, but here are the headphones that could make a possible return:   XD100, XD200, XD300  ...
  11. T

    Re-bought xb500, but now they suck??!!?

    Quick history: I have owned a pair of Sony MDR-xb500 for the past 3 years. I listened to them every single day for quite afew hours (long study hours). They were so worn and used that the ear pad leather was mostly pealed off but they were the most amazing headphones ever every time I put them...
  12. FsZ Korbi

    Best Over Ear Headphones for Under $300?

    Hey guys! This is my first time posting on here because i seek professional advice :) Im looking for headphones that are over ears under $300. Before i get into specifics, i just wanted to say that i listen to Dance, Electronic house music so not very much guitar or instruments in what i listen...
  13. Docks

    Considering another pair of basshead cans.

    I currently have the XB500, XB700 and DT770/80s for cans. XB500 is too boxy, although i like the punch. Lacking just a hint of sub bass compared to the XB700. XB700 is more resolving than the XB500, I would prefer it be a bit more darker. DT770/80, still my fav but has a sharp treble spike...
  14. dominicanyunior

    Need help choosing headphones

    Here my story. I really own a couple not so expensive headphones which includes  sony xb500 apple earbud  Astros a40 ( yes I used them for music even though i bought them for my gaming rig)   So here is where I need your help I'm going to buy 2 pairs of headphones one for gaming and...
  15. Authority

    Looking for headphones with the BEST bass

    I recently sold my Astro A40s, which were specifically for gaming, for a new headset. It would be used for gaming but it is NOT the primary purpose. Mostly want it so i can listen to music (dubstep/trap) so good bass is reallllllllly wanted, which is the reason im getting a new headset. Used for...
  16. moonmaster345

    Upgrade from the famed Monoprice 8330

    These headphones have been amazing to me, indestructable, sound quality is good comparing to my old Sennheisers, and im considering an upgrade from these bad boys, specifically in the $50-$85 dollar range in the Miami FLorida area, but i can buy online.   Ive been thinking of some audio...
  17. Kazzazi

    Best Headphones Near and/or Under $150??? Step Up from my Sony MDR - XB500

    Hi, I've been looking at new headphones for a while. I'm mainly looking in the $100 - $150 range. I currently have the Sony MDR XB500 set, I love them, but I'm looking for something more durable and better sounding. After using this set for over 2 years, my standards concerning comfortability...
  18. Pudsi

    Headphones for Astell & Kern AK120

    I own an Astell & Kern AK120 which I bought 3 months ago. I bought it to replace my 11 year old iPod. Now, you may struggle to understand or believe this, but I cannot tell the difference in sound quality between the two devices. I play FLAC files on the Astell & Kern AK120 with the Graphic...
  19. KrazyShark

    Best powerful bass earphones?

    Hi audio lovers! I've been looking for bass earphones recently and I kinda need your help. So I've been with my Sony MDR XB-500 headphones for a few years now, never disappointed me, vibrating powerful bass, most enjoyable bass I've heard so far, the way it makes my entire ear vibrate is...
  20. MrVinny1113

    What are the most comfortable headphones regardless of price and sound quality?

    I just upgraded from my Sony MDR-XB500s to the Sennheiser HD 558s and I was slightly disappointed when I first wore them on and realized they weren't as comfortable as the XB500s.   And then I wondered what the most comfortable headphones of all time were and I created this thread.   [Insert...
  21. jordannn15

    Best bang for the buck headphone?

    I would like the best headphone for the money that can fullfill some requirements: - Closed-back - Great for hip-hop/rap - Low impedence so I can drive them with my iphone - As I said before the most bang for my buck - Velour pads or replacement velour pads available - Good bass that doesn't...
  22. biggbenn74

    XB500 Pads, What They Look Like, How To Remove, Mods (With Pics!)

    So, I recently spotted a pair of broken Sony XB500's on eBay for $15 and snagged them for cannibalization. The pads were in good condition, which was a huge plus. On the downside, they came from a heavy smokers home, so they do smell a bit. Anyway, here is a picture of them half taken apart:  ...
  23. Ultimate Audio

    SONY PULSE Wireless is the new king of big bass headphones ??? (sony pulse vs xb500 i have both)

    i have both and the pulse smash the xb500 in all departments,better sub bass, better mids, better hghs , and the bass impact is amazing ,
  24. gr8soundz

    Sony MDR-XB950BT Bluetooth headphones

    Didn't see any threads on these but wanted to get some more info if anyone has details to post.  ...
  25. AudioZ4

    New Skullcandy Crushers Rock!!! New XB500 Replacement!!!!

    Hi all people, i want to share a amazing story. I have had the Sony xb500 headphones for a long time until yesterday one of the driver stopped working. I look around and saw that the XB500 is no longer being produced. I was very disappointing because they were something unique that no other...