1. Maximal

    What headphones would suit me?

    Hey guys, don't know if this is the right section of the forum to post this, but anyways.. Sooo, I'm new to all of this, I have never owned any good or "expensive" headphones, more than some cheaper in-ear from local stores. But since I don't know anything I have always thought they have had...
  2. nygamer814

    best headphones

    hi im new to head-fi   im looking for headphones that sound great bass,mids, and higs i listen to sony xb500 i love the bass but high and mids feel overlapped i want headphones that have the bass of the xb500 but with better mids and highs that go real good togeather. i listen to...
  3. SmOgER

    Should I get XB500's?

    My current setup:    Desire HD (EQed crap out of it - esp bass and mids, volume set permamently just below DAC clipping / peak limit caused by EQ, somewhere at the half) + FiiO E6 (with red/blue EQ depending on the mood) to finish the job and get high volume with no distortions + JVC S600's ...
  4. twjroe

    Newbie seeking advice!

    Hi,   I'm new to the site and new to the world of full size headphones. I was hoping people might be kind enough to offer some advice on what my first pair should be.   I've always appreciated good quality headphones and for most of the last decade have always opted for mid range...
  5. T

    Some song recommendations for a review I'm about to do..thank you kindly.

    I am about to review the Shure 440 vs the ATH-M50 vs Sony XB500. I need some songs to listen to with good vocals, others with good bass, others with wide variety of bass, and still others with layers of music that might show the difference between these headphones. In fact, just any...
  6. Syndicat3

    Just bought the Sony XB500.. need some advice.

    First of all, I have the JVC HA-S500s and I've been burning them in overnight:     They sound fantastic. A lot of the music I listen to sounds great with these headphones.   However, I also listen to a lot of electronic, rap, glitch, acid jazz and drumstep, and this is where I find...
  7. ourfpshero

    Sony xb500 drivers in fake beats pro

    So I had a fake beats pro I thought was real until I got a real one (wow big sound difference). the fake one is nicely made, with metal parts, and real leather pads, but sounded like a low end jvc or sennheiser. it just sat in my garage for a long time. I recently got a sony xb500 that needed...
  8. sloomingbla

    an upgrade from sony xb500? (180$ budget)

    Hey guys i just joined head fi and was wondering what a suitable upgrade would be for my xb500's.   I love the bass in them but the treble is really lacking, and i was thinking the ultrasone hfi 580's would be a good enough upgrade as people say they have really 'full' bass and the treble...
  9. T

    Best bass with audiofidelity for under 200??????

    I'm coming from owning an xb-500 (my first headphone aside from apple earbuds) and then V-moda crossfade lp (recently bought). I literally went to best buy 4 years ago and bought the xb500 not knowing anything about headphones and just thinking to myself "sony is a good brand". Fast forward to...
  10. whendeathfails

    Are there custom pad options for sony?

    Just out of curiosity i was wondering if there was anyplace i could buy custom earpads for the sony mdr-xb 500 series.
  11. johnzie

    Headphones with Large Soundstage and nice Bass?

    Looking for some headphones that will make me feel like I'm at a club or massive rave.  Any suggestions under a million dollars?  Just kidding - ideally under $200 please.  If under $100, I'll be doing backflips.   Currently have: Sony XB500 (with EQing, love the bass, but it sounds very...
  12. headphone man07

    under $75 superstars

    this is a roundup thread and I'm looking for the best headphones under $75  rules 1) pads must be huge eg ath ad900, sony xb500 sennheiser hd598 e.t.c. 2) they can be good for anything, open backed, closed back, noise cancelling e.t.c. 3) any frequency response graph, as long as they're...
  13. whendeathfails

    Whats a step up from Sony xb-500?

    I was wondering what would be a good upgrade to my Sony mdr-xb 500. Now im looking for a pair of canns that are gonna be more suited to electronic music, also they need to be comfortable, i spend most of my day with them on. Another big point for me is they need to be good for mobile use, which...
  14. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    Thumping, Heavy bass headphones under $100

    I've been looking for bass heavy headphones for a month and I need some help. I cant spend more then 100. I dont mind if the bass messes up the meds and highs. Thanks.
  15. vivalacarlo

    Should I get the Koss ProDJ100 or the sony mdr-v6?

    They seem to be similar prices in amazon so i thought comparing the two was appropriate. I have owned the xb500s so i think i am a basshead. So i think that is one thing to consider, and also from owning the xb500 i am annoyed at how big it is so i am looking for something portable. 
  16. Heitek

    Crossfade LPs vs. MDR-XB500s

    So in terms of sound quality, bass, and comfort which would be defeat the other? XB500's vs. LP's.
  17. Argus

    Alternative to beats studios ; my headphones let me down

    Hello ! This is my very first post on head fi, although I've been lurking here and there for a little time. I am (was ?) an owner of beats by dre studios, which disapointed me. Not because of the sound quality, because they were the first "expensive" pair of headphone I tried, so I don't have...
  18. I-Gamer

    Headphones under $200 for gaming and music

    Hi guys! That's a very nice forum! I checked here a lot of reviews and opinions but I'm not able to choose! Please help me!  I need to choose a nice headphone or headset for music and gaming. I have a Sound Blaster Z like source and my budget is around $200. A feature that interest me...
  19. hemingway70

    Sony, Sennheiser, Razer or Philips? Need help choosing..

    Hi guys,  After almost 4 years of use, my Technics RP-F300 has finally died out on me. I've been trying to decide on what should I get this time based on the price and availability of the models in my area (I live in UAE). I've finalised on this shortlist:   1. Sony's XB500 -  $70 2...
  20. alexander321

    Anyone heard the new JVC's ?

     Hello dear head-fiers. I noticed that JVC refreshed their full-size Xtreme Xplosives line ( ) - (S44X SR44X M55X MR55X and MR77X - the R versions feature a cable remote + mic) An year ago I had the FX1X and currently I have the FX3X and I love them. Also I am...
  21. shivi

    What is the best hip-hop oriented headphones?

    I want a good pair of headphones that will last me through college. I know the beats by dre are a good option but i feel as if they are overrated, over-priced and to "mainstream." (they also feel cheaply made). I think people wear them for the design rather than sound quality. When i visit...
  22. guitaristanime

    Seeking advice from this wonderful community.

    Hi All,   Please bear with me, I'm no expert on this subject, I just enjoy music and have a limited budget and want some help from you friendly people who know these things.   I've got a few issues surrounding listening to music out and about, mainly walking to and from the train station...
  23. DustinBroke

    Sony XB series

    Is the Sony XB600 a lot better than the XB500 or the 300? I just don't know which is overall better in terms of sound and built also comfort.
  24. slim01

    The noob asks - do you have to run in headphones?

    sorry if the questions already been asked, ive looked and can find no guides... but then i am a noob to head fi.   got some RHA CA200's and they dont sound too great... dont wanna bass em if it gonna hurt em   thanks
  25. iPoopDaily

    Sony XB500. Worth it?

    As you may know the XB line was discountinued and replaced by a new XB line which is much cheaper,and much worse. So currently,on Amazon a set of these babies is about $250. Normally these were $100 new. The cheapest used pair is $110. I currently have the ATH-Pro700 MK2's and I'm looking for...