PLEASE read if you like lady porridge or headphones
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New Head-Fier
May 14, 2013
Hi guys, new to the forrum... Headphones usually aren't my thing; I have a sexy Kef/onkyo Hi-Fi setup which i love more than my own left arm (yes, the right is the yanking arm). Unfortunately no one else around me shares a passion for turning the house into a pumping trance rave or fleetwood mac reunion... yes.
I've literally just bought a set of RHA CA200's for my mrs, at just £17... let me know if ive made a mistake (can't do worse than the fake Beats she bought in turkey OMG holy *sheet* batman)!!
Never heard of RHA before, so bought some out of curiosity and because they look to be very well reviewed on amazon... plus she'll dig the white boy look.
In general can people fake sub £60 headphones on eBay?
What I need is something crisp and clear, with a big, punchy bass for dance music. Not TOO much bass if it drowns everything else though, this is maybe my concern with the JVC's below? I LOVE big bass and eat bass flavoured cereal, with extra sprinklings of bass on top, but when the bass gets all up in my face, I mash my head against a mace.
I have a pair of JVC hafx1x, which are REALLY impressive, esp for £13, but my ears seem to reject and slowly push out every earphone i put inside them like unwanted afterbirth. I've listed some phones below, please dont knock the JVC's below because they are JVC, knock them only if you know them to be smelling of dried wholegrain faeces. 
I listen to trance, trance, hard trance, trance, fleetwood mac, trance, and most other types of music (exept metal) including trance.
I have normal sized ears but a small, kind of 'elf like' head.
What would you go for from below... if you were a me.
-If the 2 sony's are REALLY much better than the cheaper ones, i'll consider buying them because obviously I've only just met you guys & trust you with my cash.
-Please rate them in bang-for-your-buck-a-roo-poo and **quality**.
-Looks are not important (unlike lady womens's)
  1. [size=18.399999618530273px]£17 - Keep the RHA CA200's for myslef if theyre bassy enough [/size]
[size=18.399999618530273px](maybe get the silly RHA SA700 Couture Edition for the Mrs?)[/size]
  1. [size=1.7em] [size=18.399999618530273px]£24 - JVC HA-M5X Xtreme Xplosives Stereo Over Ear[/size][/size]

  2. [size=1.7em] [size=18.399999618530273px]£28 - Senhessier HD 202 on ear[/size][/size]

  3. [size=22.399999618530273px]£33 - JVC HAS4X Xtreme Xplosives On Ear[/size]

[size=1.7em]    - £50 RHA SA950i[/size]

  1. [size=1.7em] £50 Sony Mdr-V6 Lightweight[/size]

  2. [size=1.7em] £55 - Sony XB500[/size]


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