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Best headphones for my needs? (Bass heavy, noise isolating, noise canceling)

  1. JohnLD
    This is what I'm looking for:
    -emphasized bass (I'm a bass head)
    -closed back (I don't want too much sound to bleed out)
    -noise canceling and/or isolating (I'm not using these words interchangeably, I'm asking for either both or one or the other)

    So far
    I've looked at:
    -Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro
    -Vmoda LP, LP2 and m-100
    -AKG K550 (not bassy but I heard it's pretty good at noise isolation)

    I've looked at ATH M-50 but I've heard they're inferior (bass wise) to the COP.

    Help please?

    I basically want headphones that block outside noise, allow me to blast my music without people being able to hear it as loud as I can (obviously people will hear it, but like If I'm in a car with my family, I don't want the noise to interfere with their activities.) and have great bass and comfortable for long periods of time. MY BUDGET IS >250$
  2. money4me247 Contributor
    Go for the M100 + XL pads. they are the best sounding basshead cans I've tried. Hands-down for basshead, those are the winners. XL pads are a must for comfort IMO, as the standard earcups are quite small. If you get the M100 & the bass is not enough, you are not looking for a great audiophile basshead headphones, but you are just looking for quantity of bass. LP/LP2 is great at just quantity of bass, but there are a lot of other bass-boosted headphones out there. Sony MDR-XB500 for example.
    The AKG K550 has great bass quality & extension, but it will not satisfy someone who is truly basshead.
  3. JohnLD
    I really appreciate it, cheers

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