1. Quake120

    Several Year Follow-up HD-595

    In around 2008, I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD-595s. I went from Bose OE headphones to these, and to be completely honest, I disliked the 595s at first. I just found them cold, analytical, and bass-less. As many of you suggested, I stuck with them until the break-in period was done. Well, due...
  2. Quake120

    Fiio E9 w/ DT880 & HD595

    How good is the Fiio E9 for HD595 and DT880? (And possibly others, although I don't know which ones right now...). Does it have enough power to power the demanding DT880s (250ohm)?  
  3. NCSUFan

    Owner of Sennheiser HD 595's

    Hey guys, I'm new to this site and new to audiophilia in general but looking for some knowledge and suggestions on a next purchase.  I've had my first pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD 595's) for several months now and literally love these things They have amazing quality for the price. Here's...
  4. Anathema123

    Upgrading from Sennheiser HD 595

    Having read the topics I could find regarding this question, I couldn't really find an accurate answer to my question, so I thought I'd post my own thread.   So; I've owned the 595s for around three years now, I believe. I've been meaning to upgrade for a while, and with the upcoming holiday...
  5. drtturnip

    hd595 mod

    I have always liked these headphones but felt that they had a little more to offer. My complaints were twofold and common. Lack of bass and a slightly phased blurred upper mid. I have been running them through a modified harmam kardon hk505. I dropped the series 470 ohm limiting resistors with...
  6. XRafael95X

    ASTRO 2011 vs AD 700 vs SENNHEISER hd 595

    hey guys help me please    what is the best for gaming    i cant not  decide   thanks 
  7. starbux48

    Sennheiser HD 598 or HD595

    I am torn between buying the 598's as I think maybe there has been some improvement somehow in the sound quality/manufacture, but can get used or refurb 595s for maybe $20 to $50 less.  Does anyone know if the 598's sound any better and though I know it may be only $50 more, are they worth it...
  8. Ultimate Audio

    Sony Xb500 vs Xb 700 vs Sennheiser hd 595 ??

    i have the 500s i like the bass , but is worth to upgrade and buy the 700s ? i use the H whith my Laptop,Sony vaio f11 m1h whith realtek sound card and i think is work very well.i have also ipod touch but has a ****ty audio quality comparing whith my laptop.   I have also a little pair of...
  9. Xenoex

    How to make a custom cable for Sennheiser hd 595

    Hi i'm getting 595s for Christmas this year and was wondering how i could make myself a custom cable or re terminate the stock cable for them. I tried on my brothers 555s and really like them except for the cord length and that it wasn't a 1/8" (3.5mm) connector. I would like step by step...
  10. jamesino

    HD 595 Set-up for a Noob

    Hi,   I am relatively new to this. I have had a Senn HD 595 for a year now and I'm looking to squeeze some more quality out of it. I exclusively listen to flacs and 320 kbps mp3's from my Dell XPS 15 laptop and I'm confused with some of the terminology and components that I need. Just by...
  11. Supra Man

    Difference in sound between HD595's and 598's?

    If someone could please, do tell me what the difference between the two is, describe the effects, ect. ect.   I have NO idea, and I would like to know. Knowledge is power some say..
  12. 7Karma

    my Sen HD 595 sounds really bad... is that just me?

    I have been using my Sen HD 595 with Asus Xonar Essence for about a 2 weeks or so and it was suppose to be huge upgrade from my previous Sen model which is PC 151(this is a headset around 60 dollar range) since this is first time I ever went for audiophile headphones.   I use headphone in my...
  13. Rockofeller

    Which of these will most improve the sound through my HD595's (through computer) - DAC or DAC/amp?

    Any help on this decision would be greatly appreciated! I have a pair of Sennheiser HD595's. They are from about ~2005 and I think they sound excellent. Since I sometimes listen to them out of my iPod, I don't want to upgrade headphones. That said, I would like to see how much quality sound I...
  14. avaneeden

    Looking for a DAC/AMP combo for laptop and HD595's

    Hi all,   I am looking for a DAC/AMP combo to use on my laptop.   I find that the Laptop's output just does not have the power to properly drive my HD595's.   I don't want to spend a fortune, but dont want rubbish either.  Let's say around $ I aiming too low? Something portable would...
  15. finaljason823

    HD 595 and Sound Magic A10

    I'm not a total newbie to audio in general, but I wanted opinions on how good this combo will sound. I have the hd 595 set and I use them with my iPhone 4s and iPad. Until last week i also used an old DIY cmoy amp I bought off of eBay for 40 bucks a few years back and a fiio l7 lod cable. I've...
  16. pevsfreedom

    DT990 Pros COMFORT vs HD595 COMFORT

    Hey all,   I just got the DT990 Pros and have a couple of issues with them.   They squeeze my head a bit. And they get my ear super hot. Would these symptoms be the same with the HD595's or are they more comfortable? Hows the sound compare?   edit : I hope this isn't a dumb question...
  17. bleudeciel16

    Need recommendation. (hd595's died, $1k budget)

    My HD595's broke.  They lasted me many years, so I got my money out of them.   What I loved about them:   Comfortable Extremely bright mids/highs (to my ears) Open and crisp sound. (hope this makes sense?)   What I didn't like:   Lack of bass.  I don't like a ton of bass. ...
  18. earphiler

    Upgrade HD595 to HD600 or get new DAC first?

    I have HD595 and uDAC2-HP running from my macbook air.   i want to upgrade the DAC and get a headphone amp sometime too (eyeing the ODAC+O2 combo for down the road possibly)   but should I upgrade cans first or the DAC?   Also considering HD650 over HD600 but doesn't seem worth the...
  19. TheTempest7

    Headphones $250 Bass and Rock?

    I was looking at Sennheiser HD 595 and seemed perfect but read that they lacked bass. Anyone know a brand like Sennheiser that performs almost like Sennheiser Headphones that have really good bass? I love lots of bass but not so much that, that's all I can hear. I listen to: Red Hot Chili...
  20. bleudeciel16

    My broken HD595's worth anything or should I throw them away?

    I've had my senny hd595's for a long time and they've been great headphones. (super comfortable too)   I tripped on the super long cord and they slammed into the ground and the plastic that attaches one of the cans broke.  The driver itself it untouched.  (as far as I can see, as the driver...
  21. Sowexly

    Recommended soundcard for HD 595

    My 595s haven't arrived yet but I've owned a pair of Ultrasone 900s (do I miss them so) long story short; I found a nice deal on some used 595s I've heard I don't need an amp to drive them but I was thinking about getting the Xonar STX to help give them some kick, any other more modern...
  22. Gemt

    Laptop amp questions for the Sennheiser HD380pro, and some hd380pro vs hd595 questions

    Hey, been following the forum and head-fi "gear" rankings for a couple of years now whenever I'm interested in some new head gear, but this will be my first time asking a question on the forums!   I'm currently using a pair of "soundstage-modified" HD 595s (removed the isolation stuff on the...
  23. Wuhtzu

    3.5mm jack connector/cable for Sennheiser HD595

    Hi everyone   I own and really love a pair of Sennheiser HD595 headphones. The only problem is that they terminate in a 6.5mm jack connector and I use them mostly for my computer, mp3-player and so on. What I do right now is to use an adapter cable like the one made by Grado...
  24. headnik

    Sen HD 595 - 600 or Beyer 770 - 990 PRO need advice

    Hi,  First of all I prefer listening  over the speakers so I have never used headphones seriously. Now since my situation is different I will need headphones for some time. My taste is : as much natural sound as possible, close to flat response precise sound in every mean. To elaborate...
  25. Supra Man

    Cracking pad on HD595?

    Had this pair for about a year and a half now. They have been on and off my head at least a few times every time I use them, which is very frequently, near daily when class is in provided there is no chance for rain snow or moisture and often at home so as not to disturb my fiance at night or...