1. phantasmor

    sennheiser HD-595 bass moded?

    I have been listening to my HD595s for a while now. When I bought them they were on sale as modded to have more bass. I have since bought the Sony MDR-XB700 and the Audio Technica ATH-M50(just bought my second pair). And I noticed that these have just about but not quite as much bass as the...
  2. Kent0

    Grado SR80i vs Sennheiser HD 595

    My mind is completely set on buying the SR80i then I saw this Sennheisers on sale on amazon, I really want to spend my money on the best that I can get.. so which one is better in terms of bass, mids <--(this especially) , and highs. BTW i primary listen rock, classical, soft rock
  3. Mr00000

    Looking for a Closed Headphone That Sounds Like HD 595s

    Hello all,        Just getting back into the Head-Fi game after a few-year hiatus. When I left off, my favorite set of headphones was the Sennheiser HD 595. I'm looking for a closed set for some isolation, but I'd like something that sounds similar to the HD 595 - accurate, good soundstage...
  4. Shini44

    Sennheiser IE80 & Sennheiser HD 595

    So i am an audiophile and i love to hear Japanese music yet i since i got few free hours in the collage to hear MP3 sometimes so i wanted to know should i use the IE80 or the HD 595? since i am an audiophile :P and i don't want to lose any quality so which one is better? what are the...
  5. Kobi

    Senheiser HD595 VS 598 VS Beyer DT150 (RAP/OLDSKOOL/OTHERS)

    Senheiser HD595 VS 598 VS Beyer DT150 (RAP/OLDSKOOL/OTHERS)   Hello, i was wondering which of these headphones would be the greatest for hip/hop music? I have posted a post before but it was a bit lengthy so i'll just cut to the chase here. My budget is £200 (UK). This includes headphones...
  6. jlamarca

    Denon ahd2000, Sennheiser hd595 amp?

    Hi I'm new to this forum but I've been reading it for some time. I have Denon ahd2000's and Sennheiser hd595's, headphones at two opposite ends of the spectrum. My question is what amp would suit these two the best. Ive done some research on the Schiit asgard and it sounds good but before I drop...
  7. subseasniper

    Sennheiser HD595's and HD598's

    Quick question here.   Are the 598's the same as the 595's on the inside but with a new paint job or are they different cans entirely?
  8. glunteer

    Help ... about Sennheiser HD 595

    Wrong place ... Sorry
  9. i4mt3hwin

    HD595 Upgrade

    I originally posted this in the recommendation thread from a different part of the forum, but they recommended me to come here and ask, so:   I currently own a pair of Denon 2000's and HD595s. I originally bought the Denon's after I got some recommendations for listening to metal music (i...
  10. Trunks159

    The Sennheiser HD598's Bass: Lack There Of or Just Enough (for non bass-heads)

    I've been hearing mixed feeling regarding these headphones. There are those who think that they are way too bass light for genres like Hip Hop, while others think that basically if your not a bass head, the amount of bass should satisfy a non bass-head. I'm torn between these and the UE6000s...
  11. Button

    Upgrade from HD 595

    Hi, I am looking for a new pair of headphones for up to £150.   I've had the hd 595 for about 6 years now and feel like it's time to upgrade.   I like to listen to Drum and Bass so I would like a headphone that can produce nice bass. (something i found the hd 595s were lacking in)  ...
  12. mercatorn

    Repairing ear pads or replacing them on HD 595s

    My HD 595s foam padding came apart because of the humidity and long-term use (i have had these for for over 8 years) is there any way i can repair it without getting them professionally fixed? I contacted sennheiser but their quote was too expensive for me. 
  13. techguy02

    Head is spinning......headphone overload

    So I built a new computer and I wanted to have some great sound with it. So I started doing some research on headphones, headsets and sound cards. I purchased a decent sound card (at least for now) and I'm going to go with headphones over headsets.    Since there are some many different...
  14. BananaOoyoo

    Upgrade from HD-595?

    Hi! Long time reader here looking for a new pair of headphones.   Price: $500 (or slightly higher)   Music: Anything and Everything! (Electronic, Kpop, Dubstep, Rock, Classical, Rap, etc.) (Ratatat - Loud Pipes)...
  15. AnthonyMcEwen

    HD 558 / 598 cracking issue? (Or Recomend me some other Headphones)

    Been looking at these and then heard about a cracking issue, can you please tell me more about it and if its been fixed?   If not can you Recomend me some Headphones that are good for listning to all types of music and are under £150 that also have a detachable cable and are very durable...
  16. ipmaham

    Sennheiser HD595 disappointing, Audio Technica M50???

    Recently bought some new headphones from gmcmage (not fault on his part. arrived quick and pristine. much appreciated) and to my surprise the headphones sound weak. Not too mention the leakage on their part is absolutely horrific. They are 80% as loud on the outside as they are on the inside...
  17. cmach

    About to make the plunge

    Hello,   I currently own a pair of Sennheiser 595's and have decided to make the move to the 650's. From what I was able to read in reviews and in this forum the 650's need an amp to really get the best out of them. The only issue is I don't have a clue as to what amp to get?   The...
  18. rligeti

    Ned some advice for "work" cans.. Full size, closed back. $200 range...

    Well it's been forever since I've been here, or got on a headphone tear, and I'be been through a number of sets of cans and now I'm back in the market. The hobby got a little out of hand for a while.   what I've had/used/sold/have   Grados SR-60 still have Grado SR-80 still have...
  19. CurtCorps

    Looking for Headphones with good bass impact without hurting the treble and mids.

     I'm looking to get a new pair of headphones on a budget of 300 dollars. I listen to a lot of dubstep and really any other music with a strong bass line, but at the same time I listen to a lot of classical music and classic rock. So I don't want a headphone with over powering bass. I'm...
  20. NatureEnergy

    Need help on headphones ( Sennheiser, AT or Sony or Beyerdynamics)

    Hello guys,   I've been doing researches about headphones the whole week! about 6 hours a week or more than that!! so im still not into the audophile world as my knowledge about headphone is still fairly low :P. so basically, I DO NOT WANT an amp with me while i use the headphones, as i find...
  21. 0rph3u5

    ~$200 Headphones for gaming and music

    I'm sorry 'cause I made another thread earlier wondering about the AD700, but I've made a decision that I feel warrants a new thread of entirely different price range.  To summarize, I spend a lot of my time gaming, but I also really like music and listening to commentaries.  I'm using a Xonar...
  22. lakersfan2424

    Sennheiser hd380 pro or hd555 or hd595 or audio technicia ath m50s LE

    Which of the headphones listed in the title should I buy? I want good SQ with a very slightly exxagerated bass. I also want comfortable, noise isolating (not noise cancelling, as I've heard it makes the SQ worse) headphonss that don't require an amp (just driven by an iPhone 5 with dongs in the...
  23. Quake120

    Onkyo SX-TR606

    I have an Onkyo SX-TR606 that I am using as a headphone amplifier. It has made my Sennheiser HD595s sound better, but I am not sure if that is because they are now properly amped, or if it is because I am using SPDIF out from my computer to the receiver, bypassing the headphone jack. Any...
  24. r3dMuGeN

    *NOOB* Looking for starter headphones ~ $200-250

    Hey guys,   Ive been looking at a few threads here and there, first time posting. I've just been using stock ipod earbuds and razor moray? earbuds, I have a Corsair HS1 PC headset at home also.   Im looking for something dedicated to my music (ipod touch4, or PC) I listen to a...
  25. Heisenberg88

    Portable Amps and High- end for noobs

    Hey there I´m kind of new in this world, and I want to learn more, have some advice from the experts and meet new people, and at the same time I have some cuestions, I recently bought the Sennheiser HD 250 II and I don´t know if have made the best call there, 'cause they have some awsome lows...