1. snootles

    Spotify and Setup

    HI,   I am not sure if this is the best forum for the question best here goes.   I do most of my listening now at night in bed. Due to convenience my source is either an Iphone 5 or Ipad Air with premium Spotify on extreme setting.    I use a lightning adapter into a Pure i-20 and then...
  2. hieupham93

    Upgrading from Sennheiser HD595 and KRK kns8400

    Hello guys, i need your recommendations for my next headphone that I'll purchase in the near future. I've owned the HD595 and kns8400 for quite some time. The kns8400 really needs an amp to boost up its volume so that's the reason I don't want to bring it around so much. I'm looking for a...
  3. KefkaticFanatic

    Headphone case for Sennheiser HD595

    Hey guys,   I've had a pair of HD595 for a few years.  I occasionally will take them with me when travelling bus/train/plane and will usually just wrap them a few times with a thick plastic bag and then stuff them in a backpack.  I know this is a pretty poor solution, but I just hadn't...
  4. KefkaticFanatic

    Cheap Soundcard or DAC/Amp for HD 595?

    Hey guys,   I've had a pair of Sennheiser HD 595 for a few years now and love them.  However, I've only ever used them directly plugged in to the motherboard (ASUS Maximus IV GENE-Z).  I have been considering upgrading my setup to include a sound card or perhaps USB DAC/Amp.  However, I...
  5. squarewave

    Sennheiser HD 595 replacement? Any other than HD 598?

    What open phones to get next?   My trusty 595's are breaking apart after 6+ years of good service. They are a great match for my needs, just weak in the bass.   The HD 598 are the current replacement I think, and seem perfectly good.   I would like fairly straight freq response...
  6. SP Wild

    PX100 vs HD595 vs SE530 - Ipod 6G review

    Since I have quit my job a few weeks ago - I have been getting soft and fat from inactivity, hence the need for some excercise - and naturally, some "Eye of the Tiger" as I pound the bag and run up the stairs (dragged myself up huffing and puffing mostly). I have had the Ipod a while now...
  7. VicM

    Headphones to replace HD595

    I am looking for some new headphones and dac/amp. I am leaning towards AKG Q701 with a Fiio e17(or e10) or the JDS O2 (or is a soundcard like an Xonar STX a better idea). Id like to stay around $500-550 for a budget, so id like some suggestions. The music I listen to is Trance and Classic Rock...
  8. Istria

    Need to upgrade my Sennheiser 595s ... suggestions?

    I've had my 595s since they came out in 2005. They've served me really well and, to be honest, it's not as though they don't provide an enjoyable listening experience anymore. I mostly feel like I can justify upgrading them, so I'm looking for some suggestions. I've always loved Sennheisers...
  9. tannerbnd

    Any major difference between the Sennheiser HD 555 and HD 595??

    I have the 595 and love them but want a pair for work and can get the 555s cheaper than buying another pair of 595. I don't want to lug them back and forth? Is there really much noticeable difference if I'm going to be using the 555s with a MAC and fiio 17 DAC? Thanks
  10. bthall

    Most Comfortable full sized Headphones

    It would be interesting for everyone to list their THREE most comfortable cans they've ever worn.... BarryT
  11. DrFinkelstein

    First good headphones HD595 , Now I want to try somthing different +portable amp. Lookin @ MDR-V6, SR80i , ATH-M50

    I own a pair of Sennheiser HD595's that I use for home listening with my Matrix mini-i DAC/head amp hooked into my home PC. I also own a 16GB apple Itouch for portable music, but the generic apple earphones finally broke. This new pair of headphones will be for the Itouch mainly, but also for...
  12. mcescalante

    Sennheiser HD 595 deal - buy em?

    There is a deal on Amazon today to get the 595's for $140. This is like $40 off of what you can get them for regularly, which is a pretty good deal. I already have a pair of ATH-A700's that I love, but if these cans are great I wouldn't mind dropping a few bucks on them. I have also heard that...
  13. Choobies

    General Questions [Regarding HD-595, FiiO E1, iPod, iPad, Amps]

    Hey everyone,   I've spent the last eight hours or so browsing the Internet, looking up headphones, amps, and the like.  Lots of Google searches directed me to threads here, which have definitely helped a lot.  However, I'm still left with a lot of questions with which I'm hoping you guys...
  14. ffdpmaggot

    Removing the grill / mesh from hd595

    Would there be any tangible change in sound quality / weight if i were to remove the grille and mesh from my hd595? I was hoping that i could make them "breathe" a little more, weigh a little less, and sound a little more open, potentially after my warranty runs out and i upgrade to a new pair...
  15. glmoneo

    What's a good amp match for the Sennheiser HD595?

    I'm new to this hobby. I was never a headphone guy, opting for large fullscale loudspeakers. I have a very good system (Classé, Bryston, Oppo, Linn, B&W) and would like to augment it with these starter headphones I bought for me and my son.   What is a good inexpensive headphone amp ($200...
  16. jnevi9nr

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 - Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 -Sennheiser HD595 - Grado SR80i - Shure SRH840

    PLEASE help me choose the best phones for my ears.  Pros vs. Cons of each - Best overall sound?     Audio-Technica ATH-M50  - Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10  -Sennheiser HD595  - Grado SR80i - Shure SRH840   Thanks so much!   Jay
  17. octan3

    Suspicious Sennheiser HD595 Deal?

    Hi, I'm completely new to the world of audiophilia and Head-Fi, but recently I have gotten very annoyed by the sound quality of random 5$ headphones I had lying around the house. I heard from my friends that the Sennheiser HD595 was a great headphone for gaming (I'm a pretty avid gamer) and also...
  18. Iqbal

    Just got my new HD595! HELP - Static Noise

    Hi there   just got my new Sennheiser HD595, now theyr really good, i also h ave the Xonar Essence STX.   now ive set the impedance on normal gain as the HD595 just need 50 ohmz.   my settings in asio are: bitdepth: 32 bit latency: 1ms   Ive set everythin to play at 44.1khz...
  19. lemon2

    Fiio amp for HD 595s or Goldring DR150s?

    Hello   Following other discussions on these forums I am getting the Senn HD 595s and the Goldring DR150s. (I'm only keeping one of them long-term)   I will mostly use these big cans with my PC, but if I were to use them with my Galaxy S2 would a Fiio amp improve SQ?   I really...
  20. Hephaestus123

    Questions about the Sennheiser HD 595's

    Hi. I've been looking into getting a new pair of headphones and the one that sparked my interest was the hd595's by Sennheiser. I listen to a lost of rock and some house, trance, dubstep, etc. The cans fit all my needs... except alot of users commented on the bass being very shallow. I usually...
  21. Zesty95

    What should i use to power my HD 595's???

    Hi, Im very new to high end headphones and was wondering what would be the best option for running some Sennheiser HD 595's. Would running out of my laptop be ok? or through the output on some desktop speakers or should i invest im some kind of amp?   Thanks in advance!!!!!   Zesty95 
  22. bead

    M3 for HD-595?

    Hi, I am just getting started in the headphone DIY arena. Right now I have HD-595 which I like, but I want to some day get HD-650's.    I am looking to build a good amp to help power the current headphones and whichever ones I end up getting in the future, which would likely be the HD-650s...
  23. Risenzealot

    Headphone amp for Senn HD 595's.

    Hey guys I'm brand new to this stuff and was j/w what amp you guys would suggest if any. To be honest I don't want to spend a ton on it as the headphones have such a low impedence anyway I think. I'd say $200 bucks would be my budget.   Basicaly I use them on my PC listening to Winamp. I use...
  24. Spunky424

    Need Help/Recommendation For HD595 Mic/Cable Mod

    So this is my first time modding headphones but i've done a bit of research and with the help of some fellow head-fi members i've come up with the following diagram:     So my goal for this project is to further extend the cables as well as add a microphone to the Sennheiser hd595s for...
  25. Nazo

    Best CMOY-compatible Op-Amp for modded HD555 (HD595?) for me?

    Lately I've mostly been using my modded HD555s mostly with a CMOY amp for various reasons. By modded I mean that first I removed the surround reflector foam (effectively making them HD595s) and then I did the soundstage mod, making them a bit better. I've also recabled them temporarily with a...