Just got my new HD595! HELP - Static Noise
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Jul 10, 2011
Hi there
just got my new Sennheiser HD595, now theyr really good, i also h ave the Xonar Essence STX.
now ive set the impedance on normal gain as the HD595 just need 50 ohmz.
my settings in asio are:
bitdepth: 32 bit
latency: 1ms
Ive set everythin to play at 44.1khz to avoid resampling.
now ive downloaded some Flac audio samples and i play them through foobar with the asio plugin.
the flacs are at 96khz but i hear alot of static in the back ground?
can some1 tell me what have I done wrong? I have the latest drivers from the Asus Website for my Essence STX.
am not sure whats causing the static, i even set the PCM to 96khz but i still get the problem.
also in a few other songz which only run at 44.1khz i can pick up static.
Do my new HD595 need burning in? if so whats the best way to do it for them?
please help!!
Thank you.

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