PX100 vs HD595 vs SE530 - Ipod 6G review
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Dec 29, 2009
Since I have quit my job a few weeks ago - I have been getting soft and fat from inactivity, hence the need for some excercise - and naturally, some "Eye of the Tiger" as I pound the bag and run up the stairs (dragged myself up huffing and puffing mostly).

I have had the Ipod a while now with little use. I spent all day today ripping CDs with EAC to WMA lossless (J Rivers Media Center is my PC remote controllable software with RAM playback and ASIO), Then repairing my Itunes install to get my Ipod operational again after which I import the WMA lossless to Apple lossless and into the Ipod. Now the fun part - which headphone will make me lose 10 pounds in 2 days.

REFERENCE: Bryston BDA1 > Lehmann BCL or Cayin HA-1 > HD650 or K701

Bass was overwhelming muddy, midrange indistinct, treble OK. Tonal balance was excessive warmth - beyond full body and into flabby (much like me). Excessively prominent bass lets down what might have been a good pairing for working out - good headband and comfort, ease of use noted. FAIL

Well balanced, fairly neutral. Real sounstage and detail, better defined bass. Problem with upper midrange and treble - treble extension is limited due to a roll-off at the very top. Upper midrange retains a resonant, boxed-in "nasal" quality. Comfort is excellent, phone not really suited for outdoor activity. FAIL

Superb sound quality. Tonal balance is on the fuller side of neutral. Treble is articulate and detailed. Midrange is beatifully nuanced and balanced. Bass is sublime - low and tight - shaming my reference. Soundstage is on par with PX100, ie, no reall soundstage - Does not mean the HD595 is in someway better than the SE530, it is in no way better. PASS

Looks like the IEM SE530 will be the one. Except they are not the one - because they are a microphonic when using my favoured silicone tip. The foam tips solve this problem but they roll-off the treble and are a nuasance to remove and replace in the ear.

The solution:
I have found a way to make the Ipod give out a valve sound without tubes. Poor recordings sound good and even MP3's will benefit. The bass though not as good as the Sure's, is on par with the HD595's. Treble is nicely extended with a nice coating of sugar. Tonal balance is on the fuller side of neutral. Overall sound quality completely devastates the HD595 (HD595 - considering price, really lost this match). Full and extended with a very nice midrange - not quite as detailed as the HD595 nor the soundstage as big, however the fatal flaws of the HD595 are not present.

Hope this has been as helpful for beginners that do not know where to start with their limited funds.

Ohhh and before I forget, The solution was to run the budget PX100 with the bass reduction equaliser that is built into the Ipod. If you have an Ipod and a PX100 - use the bass reduction and enjoy music in a way that makes me wonder about my so called "reference" setup.


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Jan 27, 2005
'lol' was made for this.

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