1. Maukey

    Need Headphone Recommendations for Under $200

    I currently own a pair of QC15s and HD555s (Modded to HD595s). I'm a drummer, and yesterday at a rehearsal another musician let me hear the M50s. It had been a while since I heard them, but I actually was pretty floored this time. Love the way that these cans make acoustic drums sound on a...
  2. Hvati

    Headphones for Heavy Metal/Gaming

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and I'm looking for some new headphones.   Budget: $300-$400 Source: Computer Requirements for Isolation: Used mostly at home Preferred Type of Headphone: Full-sized over the ear, open Preferred Music: Everything Metal Preferred...
  3. DonkeyRhubarb

    Sennheiser IE60 Review

    I spent a long time writing this and some of it got deleted for whatever reason, so I will just let you read the rest. I might just cry if I write again and it goes again. Over the next few days, I committed myself to the Sennheisers. I had spent all this money, so I should see what the had...
  4. strokerace

    Any successor to ATH-WS99? Any comparisons to DT770 and HD595?

    It's been a while since I've last posted but since the headphones I've been wanting are now discontinued and somewhat cheaper, I thought I'd get back into my old hobby.   In recent years I've stuck to my KSC75's and my JVC in-ears (air cushions were discontinued so i picked up the bassy 101X...
  5. takeshibeat

    difference between dj and hifi headphones

    when i will have enough money i want to buy a cd player, amplifier and headphones i want to buy components because i listen to jazz my main problem is the isolation, even when i listen music with my headphones the other parts of my family which live in other rooms complain that they...
  6. Aizura

    Make your cheap headphones sound like they cost twice the price.

    So, as a lot of you guys may know, sound depends on many factors. When designing a headphone, manufacturers have to consider many variables that affect the sound, far more than simply the type of driver that is used. In fact, the sound of the driver is highly dependent on it's surroundings. A...
  7. Andyken

    Philips Fidelio L2 - review and comparison with (a lot of) other headphones

    I received my new Fidelio L2 headphones a few days ago and just thought I would share my thoughts. I read all the reviews and forum comments I could before ordering and was a little worried they might have been over-hyped, but I have to say that so far I am very, very impressed.   A little...
  8. maxxy

    LD MK3 question

    Can someone help me out with my LD MK3: I have finally received the amp - I have restrengthened the grip of the tubes, put both DIP switches at ON 1 (normal 5 setting, for my 250Ohm DT880) and let the amp warm up for 30mins. The music hasn't changed much and sounds *very* distorted. The...
  9. the limp man

    Little Dot Dilemma

    Hey all,   i rediscoverd my HD595 lately and i would like to buy a little dot amp for them. Now the are hookedup to the onboard soundcard of my pc. I am planning to mix them with my Hifi Setup. I've decided on a little dot amplifier, but i do not know witch one to choose. Its gonne be the...
  10. the limp man

    to much choices

    Hi all,   Recently i bought a Little Dot Mk3 to go with my hd595 witch ive had for a long time, and before i knew it, i bought a dt880 and a second hand hd600. I am fairly convinced that the DT880 isnt a keeper, but i love the hd600. My setup looks like this   Sonos ZP90 (ultimo...
  11. directorguy7

    Sennheiser HD 595 moving to HD 650 or HD 700

    Hi all,   First post here so sorry if I am asking a question that's been asked a million times before.   Listening equipment:   Computer with a Sound Blaster ZxR sound card. Onboard 32/300 omh or switch to 300 ohm (never use 300 as I am afraid of melting headphones).   Source - MP3, some...
  12. ady1989

    Sennheiser HD 575 mod completed!

    I hope this is the right subforum for this, here goes! I bought a pair of 575's years ago for dirt cheap and I never used them much. For those who may recall, the 575s were a limited run that they stopped because the drivers cost too much to manufacture. I think they retailed for about 150. They...
  13. Marvin123

    Lost bass on right side - Sennheiser HD595

    Hi all,   I own the Sennheiser HD595 for around 4-5 years now. I recently noticed something wrong with the sound. I can clearly hear stereo, but the left side sounded more full and louder. I checked it with a tone generator, and it became clear all bass was gone from the right side. A 100hz...
  14. Rankiz

    Higher volume in right speaker

    Hi, I have used my Hifiman Re-400 for some months, but I am def sure that the right speaker have higher volume  than the left speaker. I find this annyoing and was thinking on sending them into Hifiman for repair/replacement. However, when I think about it, my Sennheiser HD 595 also seems to...
  15. willgao

    Most comfortable closed back headphones for 6-8+ hours daily use

    Hi guys,   Im looking for a closed back full size headphone for daily use 6-8 hours   I use it mostly at the office so prefer a close back headphone, avoid disturbing others...And since for such long term listening I put comfort and light weight first. velour pad or fiber pad would be the...
  16. guppysb

    Which tube preamp? $300-400 budget.

    Hey guys,   What I own:   Studio Monitors: 2x Behringer Truth 3030A (Love them!!)   Headphones: Sennheiser HD595 Beyerdynamic DT770 - 32 Ohm Beyerdynamic DT990 - 250 Ohm   Amps: Maverick Audio Tubemagic D1 (GE getter tube and 2x LT1364 Op Amps) Fiio E17    Sound Card: Creative...
  17. snootles

    What Closed Back - Please help

    Hi,   I'm looking for some advice. I need a pair of closed headphones for use in bed as my wife gets disturbed by the bleed of open backs.   My setup is Spotify on Iphone 4s into Pure i-20 into X-Cans v3. I would love to change the X-Cans but don't have the budget right now.   My usual...
  18. Guust-Fi

    Sennheiser HD-595 Anniversary Edition

    Just wondering... Does anybody have pictures? Does anyone actually have them? I guess they're exactly the same as the normal version, right?
  19. pheonix991

    End all "Which gaming headphones" Thread

    Here is a list for all you gamers who need a good set of gaming cans for your FPS shooters, or games in general! Open-no amp Sennheiser HD485-$80 Sennheiser-HD555-$150 Sennheiser-HD595-$191 Open-needs amp Sennheiser-HD580-$125 Sennheiser HD650-$319 Closed-no amp...
  20. intlplby

    Circumaural vs Supraaural

    i understand what supra aural and circumaural are but what is the difference between them sonically? or are they just chosen based on comfort for the user?
  21. schwarzenneger

    which headphone gave you your first EARGASM

    mine was the hd580.
  22. ferraro25

    Best headphone purchase, worst headphone purchase you have made

    What do you consider to be your best and worst headphone purchases so far? WORST: Sennheiser HD-595 (50 ohm) Also my first "good" headphone purchase (early September of 2005). As a gamer and fan of all kinds of music genres, new to headphones and head-fi, I read the praise these headphones...
  23. alitomr

    The Sennheiser "veil"

    Could you please define the "veil"??? I have been reading a lot here n the forums and the term keeps appearing and I dont know what it means. I have a pair of HD555s that I simply love. I like them so much that I keep asking myself how would be a pair of HD595 or even the HD600. I want...
  24. theyazzern

    spare some advice for a palpably novice headfier........about tube amps/dacs

    Hey all, I am currently in the market for a reasonably priced(sub 400 $) tube amp/dac combo for home use.   My criteria are as follows:   1) The aforementioned price limit. 2)a decent DAC Topology. 3) Ability to compliment a wide array of headphones. 4) Ability to plug straight into a pc...
  25. ForShure

    Tube amp questions

    Hello all, for the past few months I've been interested in diving into the world of tube amps. For Christmas I'm asking for a LittleDot MKII tube amp. I plan on using it with my 50ohm Sennheiser HD595s. From my research I understand that normally tube amps are used with higher impedance...