1. Nuraloops


    Bluetooth noise cancelling inEars with an inear measuremen to individualize the sound. Touch sensitive for volume, pause/play, level of outside sound.
  2. H

    [SOLD] InEar ProPhile 8

    Condition: Like-new Usage: Original owner. Light usage, less than 10 hours Included Accessories: All stock accessories included in like-new condition. Original packaging included with shipping wear (does not affect usability/structural integrity). Additional Information: For CONUS, PayPal fees...
  3. leaky74

    SOLD: New InEar Stagediver 5 WTB: Sony IER-Z1R / Anole VX

    Interest check, 2 weeks old. These are awesome but I’m looking at trying the Z1R next as I continue chasing unicorns in my search for an end game IEM! :-) I can add cash to a potential trade and also an Astral Acoustics special cable (2 pin, 3.5mm).
  4. Giraku

    SOLD: InEar ProMission X Absolutely Mint Condition Original Packaging

    I'm selling InEar ProMission X in absolutely mint condition with the original packaging and all the accessories (not opened). It was used less than 30 hours. SOLD: US$1600 shipped within CONUS or Best Offer No trading please.
  5. Focus Audio Vocal

    Focus Audio Vocal

    Focus Audio Vocal Specifications: ● Sensitivity: 105dB ● Impedance: 16 ohms ● Driver Configuration: 10.2mm high energy magnetic tesla, double cavity dynamic driver ● Frequency Range: 5 Hz- 40 kHz ● Plug Type: 3.5 MM ● Interface: 0.78mm 2-pin ●...
  6. Final  B Series

    Final B Series

    Final B series Each of the latest research results productized into an engineer driven new series. A new engineer driven product series that productizes each of the latest research results. Series concept and retail price are not bound in a hierarchy, productization is by order of development...
  7. MrLocoLuciano

    METAL MAGIC RESEARCH (Thoughts and impressions)

    I found out a few weaks ago that Joseph Mou from Jomo Audio was launching a new brand. It was launched at the CanJam Shangai but I did not see any return in english. For now, MMR is offering 4 different models, all infos come from the website. Official Website : Gáe...
  8. Vision Ears Erlkönig

    Vision Ears Erlkönig

    A BRAND NEW WORLD OF SOUND The ERLKöNIG has been developed so that you can experience music like never before. It is equipped with 13 balanced armature Drivers, consisting of four bass, four mids, four highs and one super tweeter. This powerful engine is controlled by a passive 5-way system to...
  9. flavainyaear

    *SOLD* FS PRICE DROP: Moon Audio OCC Silver Dragon V1 cable/adapters (2.5mm TRRS Balanced & 3.5mm TRRS Balanced) + InEar StageDiver SD-3 IEM. Used, Superb Condition!

    PRICE DROP from $525 to $387 Hi there! Not much opportunity to enjoy these anymore and better someone else who has the leisure to: - Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 Cable (2 pin IEM connection w/ memory wire terminated with female mini 4 pin XLR, 41 inch length), current retail value new $200. -...
  10. Fearless S8Pro

    Fearless S8Pro

    S8Pro are equipt with high quality BA drivers with 4 way crossover technology and 3 sound tubes. Every 2 BA Drivers will deal with ultra-low frequency, medium-low frequency, medium-high frequency and ultra-high frequency, which make it perform well in all frequency bands. The vocal expression of...
  11. N

    Looking for my End Game IEM, confused :-( (pro/experienced help needed))

    Hello Good People First must say I love this forum, up until now just as a reader and enjoying the threads. I really need some help from the IEM experts here, where I live, there is not much reference to listening to, so when thinking about buying, I cannot try before, so I know what I'm...
  12. anikalsi

    [SOLD] [FS] InEar Stagediver 4S

    After thinking over it a lot (and acquiring something new) I've decided that I'm gonna let go of my Inear SD4S. They were bought from another user on Head-Fi and are in great condition! They'll come with the pelican case (which does have scratches but it came like that to me) and an assortment...
  13. InEar StageDiver SD-2

    InEar StageDiver SD-2

    Germany's InEar Stagediver model with 2 Balanced Armature units. InEar, from what I hear, make military grade ear stuff. Basically, this is the lowest affordable model if you ignore the SD1 - which is known to have no bass whatsoever.


    TFZ King LTD In-Ear Monitor TFZ's new In-Ear Monitor with 12mm Double magnetic circuit Graphene driver. Specification Driver: 12mm Double magnetic circuit Graphene driver Impedance: 16 ohm Sensitivity: 108 dB mW Frequency response: 5 Hz一40 kHz Lowest power: 8 mW Connectors: 2-pin...
  15. HiFiMAN RE800 Silver

    HiFiMAN RE800 Silver

  16. mrhizzo

    WTB: Prophile 8 small version

    I would like to buy one Prophile 8 small version. If you are willing to sell yours, please send me a private message with the details and your price. Thank you.
  17. HiFiMAN RE2000 Silver

    HiFiMAN RE2000 Silver

    Hifiman RE2000 Silver The Hifiman RE2000 Silver is an In-Ear Monitor with a 9.2mm dynamic-topology driver. It carries a frequency response of 5 Hz to 20 kHz and operates at a sensitivity of 103 dB. The RE2000 also features a removable cable. Wide frequency response of 5 Hz to 20 kHz...
  18. B

    Unbalanced Sound Between Left and Right

    Greetings to the members here. :) Are there members here who have the same problem? About the sound produced more clearly and feels "hard" on the other side than the other side? - Only suggestion? - Perspective ? - Audio source? - Hardware itself? - normal? Chronology: I just bought an ATH...
  19. rev92

    EarSonics S-EM6

    Hi, for sale are the EarSonics S-EM6, in very good condition, westone cable, original accessories. They never had been serviced, used lightly and rarely. Comes in an original case. Price : 600 euro + shipping cost.
  20. mrhizzo

    InEar ProPhile 8 small

    I am interested in buy one InEar ProPhile 8 small version. If you have one, send me a PM with more informations and the price you want.
  21. EndGameSearch

    SOLD - InEar Prophile 8

  22. menuki

    LZ - A4 fully functional, worldwide shipping SOLD

    I'm offering the LZ - A4 tuneable headphones, which are fully functional, include all provided filters, via worldwide shipping. It has be added that the cable on one side is a bit damaged from use, but the cable is of course easily replaceable. The cable is still fully functional though, it's...
  23. Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference (E.S.R)

    Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference (E.S.R)

    Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference (E.S.R)
  24. DimitriTrush

    Prophile-8 Inear

    SOLD Prophile 8 for sale this unit sold without outer box as it was heavily damaged when shipped from Manufacturer. Warranty is one year through Musicaacoustics Unit is like new, it was recently replaced by manufacturer. Unit has no sigh of wear Shipping worldwide ok price Total price inclusive...
  25. jessnie

    [SOLD] IEM InEar Stage Diver 4 (SD4S)

    FINAL REDUCTION! Being Held Sold Hi everyone, I'm looking for the next home for my favorite universal IEM - SD4S from InEar, due to my decision to fully upgrade to CIEM. I purchased them brand new directly from Germany July last year, so currently they have been beautifully burnt in and in...