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Lark has a loud and pleasant voice. It is said that Mongolians regard it as a sacred bird and believe it can bring good luck and hope. According to the legend, Genghis Khan's birth and enthronement are both related to it. In addition, it also symbolizes wealth. There is a saying that Lark sings for the sky, and can bring about boundless wealth. It sings well and represents many auspicious connotations among Chinese folks.

Happy New Year to all of you! Just stay healthy, happy and sound!

Brand: KBEAR
Model: Lark
Interface: 2PIN 0.78mm(TFZ)
Frequency response: 20-20kHz
Sensitivity: 105dB
Impedance: 16ohm
Earphone material: Zinc Alloy+Environmental friendly PO
Color: Mauve; light gray; Aqua green
Cable material: 4 core silver-plated cable
Plug type: 3.5mm L-type gold-plated plug
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Latest reviews

KB Ear Lark Review (4k version)
Pros: -Great presentation and accessories
-Amazing Bass performance
-Very Good build quality and cable.
Cons: -A little shouty and artificial sound.
-Treble can be piercing at times
KB EAR Lark Review:


Impressive packaging and presentation for an EMI of just 30 USD. Small but luxurious box. Great set of accessories, with good quality cable, two packages of eartips and a compact case very well built. Build quality is also very good. It resembles the KZ ZS10 PRO, ZSX ... and some CCA models.


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PS: This LARK is from the first batch, therefore, it is of the "4k" version.

The Lark has a W-shaped sound, with increases in bass, mid-treble and treble.

Bass: Lark's bass has a small bump, but very controlled. The level of definition and detail in this region is very high, even compared to IEMs of any price range. In terms of quantity, the bass provides enought punch and weight to enjoy any musical genre. However, it may not please the "Bassheads". I didn't notice any leakage of bass for the mediums.

Mids: As said before, this Lark is from the first batch, so it is from the "4k" version. The midrange is more lively and energetic, thanks to the noticeable increase in the 4-5khz region. Voices and instruments like guitars, pianos and trumpets sound more lit, energetic and vibrant. On the other hand, this extra energy on the upper-mids ends up making the sound a bit artificial and can be fatiguing with some (few) recordings. Despite this, the current Lark sold have less energy in this region and, therefore, must have more balanced and natural mids.

: KB EAR Lark presents treble with a good level of detail and sharpness. In terms of quantity, it's evident that there's a considerable increase in the region of brightness (7.5-10khz), which contributes to a more energetic and vibrant presentation. However, as happens with the upper-mids, this increase occurs in an amount that contributes to making the sound a little artificial. In addition, although they behave behave in an acceptable way with most recordings, the highs can be sibilant and make the listening experience fatiguing in some cases.

Imaging/soundstage: The Lark is excelent in that regard. The presentation is quite wide for an IEM and the imaging is pretty accurate. just kudos to lark here.


Both IEM have very similar prices and relatively similar sounds.

In terms of Bass, both present great performance, with a lot of detail, punch and control, but with different quantities. The Lark has less bass, which, in my opinion, brings more naturalness and clarity to the sound.
About Mids both behave in a similar way, however, even being of the "4k version", the Lark is more contained in this region of the frequency spectrum. Thus, KB04 ends up sounding a little more artificial. Regarding Treble, both have a very similar presentation, with peaks in the 7-9k region. As already said with respect to Lark's treble, both are quite brilliant and, in my opinion, a little overdone, so they can be annoying in some situations.

Overall, Lark has proven to be a good IEM for its price range, with spectacular bass and overall good mids and treble, despite some tonality flaws. But let it be clear agian that the current Larks sold have less activity in the 4K region, which certainly contributes to a more natural presentation of the mids.


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