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KB EAR Rosefinch

  • 【5μm Silicon Composite Biological Diaphragm DD】KBEAR Rosefinch in ear monitor adopts the classical 5μm silicon composite biological diaphragm 10mm dynamic driver. Powerful configurations to achieve high quality of flagships.The units enable Melody Wired Earphones to possess a transparent and natural sound in overall
  • 【Solid build &High durability】KBEAR Rosefinch stereo headphone adopt the laser engraving process, the faceplate is made of aviation-grade zinc alloy, to be harder and not deform easily. What's more, through multiple tests, the all-in-one cavity made of environmentally-friendly PC is more durable. With the exclusive molding of cavity for KBEAR, comfort can be ensured for wearing which has been praised by users.
  • 【Professional tuning】Based on the Harman Curve, the tuning of KINBOOFI KBEAR Rosefinch wired headphone has enhanced the atmosphere and quantity of bass to present a more dynamic and thicker sound signature. With the noise cancellation function, you can enjoy a pleasant music experience.
  • 【4-core OFC Earphone Cable】KBEAR Rosefinch wired earphone comes with a 4-core OFC cable which is interchangeable. The microphone is optional, and One-Button Line Control is supported.

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Kathiravan JLR

New Head-Fier
Pros: Bass Authority
Neutral Warm Mid section
Natural tone with added warmth
Design, Fit and Price
Cons: Relaxed Treble

KBEar, the brand based out of China is a well established brand in the market. Their previous releases did make a presence in the market and the Believe was the favourite product of mine from the house of KBEar. They do have a variety of in-ear monitors ranging in budget to mid range segments and in this review the IEM that we are going to see comes under the ultra budget category and does deliver some impressive sound named ROSEFINCH and let's dive into it!



Driver: 10mm Biological Diaphragm

Impedance: 16Ω

Sensitivity: 103±3DB

FR Range: 20HZ-20KHZ

Cable: 4-core OFC (18*0.05)

Interface: TFZ

Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated jack


This unit has been provided to me by the team KEEP HIFI in exchange for my honest opinion and review about this product. I have not been paid hence the whole views are based on my experience and pairings with this product hence it might differ from person to person. If you are interested in purchasing this product then please feel free to proceed ahead via this unaffiliated link:


The sound profile of the Rosefinch follows a nicely tuned L shaped curve. The tone is pretty natural with warmth added to it. The technical aspects are pretty decent for the price and do deliver some nice resolution. The Bass being the star show here delivers one of the best sub and mid bass in this price range. The other frequencies are taken care of too and in the following section will discuss them in detail.

The single DD with Silicon composite biological diaphragm indeed delivered some nice tighter and fun sound overall ♥️



The bass in the Rosefinch is one of the best aspects and the star show. Both the sub and the mid bass section have enough presence. The sub bass digs deeper with great reach thus providing those nice rumbles when the bass drops. The mid bass is plenty in quantity and makes the whole presentation fuller and warm enough. Even with higher quantities the quality hasn't been compromised. The bass does have control and adequate separation thus making them clean. The kick drums and the bass guitars have a nice natural tone to it with added warmth for the pleasing appeal.

Overall the bass here is rich in quantity and yet has mastered the quality too with nice control and separation.


The sound signature being a L shaped curve the mid section is pretty neutral. There is no noticeable recession thus making the vocals and the instruments shine. The presentation is pretty forward and sits in a comfortable position. The vocals get the adequate fullness and warmth from the mid bass presence. The fuller presentation never interrupted the clean sounding aspect of the Rosefinch. The piano notes and the snare drums do sound pretty clean with a natural and warm timbre.

Both the male and the female vocals get adequate presence with enough upper mid emphasis. There are no upper mid spikes seen thus making the listening experience very pleasing in the longer run.



The treble section when seen in the graph shows the evident roll off and the same applies in reality. Even though the treble has an early roll off they are definitely not that bad in terms of delivering some essential details out of the track. The shimmer however cant be expected because of the roll off but the needed instrumental presence can be observed. The electric guitar strings, cymbal crashes and the trumpets do sound and have good presence but the lack of added brightness led to a relaxed treble.

Since the brilliance is lacking in this set the percussion instruments do struggle to shine but the presence can be felt in a smoother and a calmer way. The notes are made calmer and soothing rather than attacking and vivid. This tuning can never be considered as a mistake since it does please those who love the relaxed treble section.


STAGING: The staging has enough width and height to represent a grand presentation. The width is slightly more than the height making the imaging an easier thing while the bigger bass also helps in providing a nice deeper sensation in the staging.

IMAGING AND LAYERING: The imaging and layering is pretty neat where the channel sweep and the transient response felt smoother and no stutters were observed. Even in the busier tracks the placement of the instruments can be pointed out precisely enough.

The detail retrieval is good for the price where it does deliver some essentials out of the track. The ultra high resolution can't be expected at this price point and especially in this kind of tuning the details it delivers is something that needs to be praised.


The Rosefinch, the latest offering from the house of KBEAR is a well furnished and neatly tuned package. The L shaped curve fits well for this IEM giving enough bass pleasure to the consumers and at the same time enough details are delivered. Pricing is made great thus this package is definitely the star show in the year 2023 under 20 usd.

The build is pretty usual with resin mould and a Zinc alloy faceplate giving a touch of premium feel. The fit is excellent, providing a neat isolation. The cable is a TFZ 2 pin type and the quality seems to be average and for the price it can't be complained about.

The sound is just sublime for this price and targeted audience. As a general consumer and as a bass lover would find this Rosefinch a great BOON! while the audience with more treble needs will get slight disappointment. The bass is elevated a lot making the sub bass shine a lot and extracts those subtle rumbles from the track. The mid bass warmth makes the whole presentation fuller and deeper with great control. The mid section feels neutral with a warmer tone and no noticeable recession making the vocals and instruments take a front seat giving an engaging experience. The treble takes the early roll off hence the shimmer and brilliance gets lacking but yet never compromised on delivering some essentials out of the track.

The technical aspects are pretty good since it has good enough staging making the imaging and layering to be on point. Since the bass is bigger, it does even give a nice deeper stage sensation throughout the presentation.

Overall, the Rosefinch is a well tuned package with a thick and juicy sound and is definitely my pick under 20usd in the year 2023 since its “FUN”TASTIC!



Basshead king (on a budget)
Pros: -BASS
Cons: -treble
-NX7 / TFZ 2 pin connector
Tips: Small silicone tips.
Build: Resin body, metal faceplate and nozzle. Solid and light.
Comfort: Despite fat looking nozzle, comfort and seal is good.
Isolation: Very good.

Bass: +13 dB at sub bass (20 Hz). Gradual slope into lover midrange. The bass bleeds into mid and is uncontrolled. However, it's power and dynamic is unrivaled. 7/10
Test tracks:
Chameleon - Trentemoller
Sadness, Pt. 1 - Enigma
They Just Haven't Seen It - San Holo

Midrange: Harmanesque rise with a 4-6kHz dip. Clean but recessed. Allows higher volumes to accentuate the bass. 5/10
Test tracks:
Crazy - Daniela Andrade
My Work - JFDR

Treble: Dark. Touch of sibilance in mid treble. Recessed in air. Tinny, gritty treble, typical of biodyna drivers (ala Fostex). It doesn't obtrude the bass. Don't need EQ. 4/10
Test tracks:
Red Light Zone - Colonia

Tonality: Bassy. Impressive midrange clarity, despite mega bass tuning. Very inspired tuning. 5.333

Detail: Bass detail is great. I've heard things in bass parts, I haven't on any other set/ Midrange is very good and clean. Treble is bottlenecking it. 4/10
Test tracks:
Coldplay - Midnight (Kygo remix)

Imaging: Good. 5/10 Big soundstage. 6/10
Test tracks:
No Excuses (MTV Unplugged) - Alice in Chains

Dynamics: Great dynamics. Bass is really pushing this up. 7/10
Test tracks:
heartsigh - Purity Ring

Technicalities: Surprisingly technical for the price point. 5.5

Score: 5.42/10

Value: ***/3

Unique sound at the price point. Most fun bass I've heard in audio. Sound puts you in the drummer seat while still keeping midrange clear and audible. You will hear details in the bass parts you've never heard on any other set. Tuning is inspired, doesn't need EQ and loves high volume.

Worth the blind, if you are bass head or already have a budget neutral pair and want something fun.
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Lai Weng Ti

New Head-Fier
A Basshead IEM KBEar Rosefinch
Pros: -Big thick bass emphasized
-Sibilance free
-Smooth highs
-Good bass extension
-Dark boosted bass shelf
-Warm sounding
Cons: -Recession in mids
-Dull sounding at highs frequencies with stock eartips
-Occasionally bass muffling mids especially on bass heavy tracks
-Not an analytical set
KBEar Rosefinch


This unit was sent by @Keephifi. However, they didn’t paid me for any written reviews. I will try my best to review this unit without any bias. Please bear with me that I’m not a professional sound engineer or musician, but I’m just a self-learnt guitarist & vocalist, who do composed my own original music and also self-learnt some mixing & mastering techniques. I am a neutral-head, analytical-head and also liking balanced sounding tunings. And also, I’m using an audio interface named Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen (a kind of DAC/Amp???) pairing for the whole listening impressions. Please take my reviews as grain of salts.

Sound Quality

Overall, this IEM is a bass-head kind of warm V-shaped tuning signature. I find that, with stock eartips, Rosefinch is kind of dark sounding. Therefore, I had swap the eartips to Tri Clarion S size eartips. I find that Tri Clarion eartips are good for taming down some bass quantity and also bringing up some highs that KBEar Rosefinch lacks. This is a good set for monitoring bass guitar. Bass-head will be having great pleasure with this IEM.


The bass shelf here is definitely boosted. It is fun and full-bodied, and also quite deep and dark kind of bass, and the sub-bass did extend quite low too. Rosefinch could be a good head banging set for bass lovers, so bass allergic users should really look elsewhere. Despite being boosted in bass, the bass quality is surprisingly good as it is tight and decently speedy, which does not muffled up mids that much, however, the warmth from mid-bass did bleed into mids. The bass guitar here is really emotional. The bass lines are easily heard and very profound, just like listening to live band at small venue. Rosefinch will actually be a good set for bass guitar monitoring. If the listener wanting to try out the feeling of being soothed up by bass frequencies, Rosefinch will really bring such pleasure, as the bass reverbs are really good for a slow romantic jazz music enjoying.


Bass boosted, mids muffled up, recessed mids???? Erm, not exactly what you guessed. The warmth from the bass did slightly bleed into the mids, but then, thanks to the decently speedy DD drivers, the bass is still tight sounding, which does not mud up the mids that much. Bear in mind, I am using Tri Clarion eartips on Rosefinch, therefore, the mids are slightly open up and less recess sounding. Male vocals do having full-bodied note weight. Female vocals here do having well-cooked kind of sweetness, if not, treble-head might find that it is lacking in the “airs” presence. No shoutiness, no sibilance, safe from harshness. As a self-learnt guitarist myself, I find that electric guitars and acoustic guitars did slightly lacking in the upper harmonics region. Due to good presence in the lower mids, palm muting, power chords in electric guitars are huge sounding, which is very enjoyable, especially when listening to rock tracks.


Highs here are slightly recessed, and safe-tuning. However, in stock eartips form, the highs are really dark and somewhat too safe and dull sounding. Therefore, it is really recommended to use wide bore eartips to fix such issues. Percussive highs such as cymbals, hi-hats, rides etc. are just gently ringing wiithout pierces. There is no graininess and splashiness in the highs regions. Treble-head might wanting more airs from Rosefinch, as the treble are not that extended towards the most right side of the frequency response graph. Overall, the highs are aim towards relaxing, chilling and casual kind of fun listening experience.


If the bass shelf of KBEar Rosefinch can be tamed down abit more, I believe this IEM will be a good balanced sounding set. There is not weirdness in tonality, except the bass here is really quite upfront compared to mids and highs. Just imagine that kind of bass sound impression when listening to jazz live band in a pub. Definitely warm sounding v-shaped tuning signature.


Actually, KBEar Rosefinch did having quite a decently capable DD drivers. The transient speed of such DD is decently fast. Soundstage here is quite wide sounding, possible slightly above average kind of soundstage presentation. Instrument separation, imaging and layering are just decent, as this set is meant for casual/relaxing listening. Analytical head will really need to look elsewhere.


KBEar Rosefinch is a V-shaped tuning IEM with huge bass-shelf. Or I shall state that, it is a warm V-shaped IEM??? Bass guitar player will be liking it for stage monitoring. (I guess?) Liking pub live band kind of feeling and also wanting to get soothed up by bass reverbs? Here you go, KBEar Rosefinch will give you these pleasures. Analytical head and bass allergic user should really avoid this set, as the bass here will really bring headaches to you guys, if not, bass-head will be head banging with this set.

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whats like it but better/more accurate? (not dull nor sibilant at all)


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