1. KBEAR KB04

    KBEAR KB04

    Specs: Drivers: 1BA + 1DD Impedance: 16 Ohms Sensitivity: 104db ±3db Frequency response: 20Hz - 40KHz Cable type: 0.78mm 2 Pin
  2. AudioMoksha

    KZ ZS10 Pro

    WTS KZ ZS10 Pro, only used for 2-3 hours, blue color with grooved silver plate. **** cable for ZS10 Pro with 3.5mm jack. KB Ear balanced cable with 2.5 mm jack for ZS10 Pro. The stock cable for ZS10Pro is with Mic. In box and never used. Plastic case (blue color) for ZS10 Pro, also have the...
  3. S

    FS: KBear Diamond [SOLD]

    You've been wanting to try out the Diamond ... You've heard of its timbre, you've seen its attractive build, and you want it soon. My Diamond arrived in January, and I gave it 8-12 hours of test listening. It's a soothing BLON-like timbre, but the earpiece nozzles are just a little too large...
  4. KB Ear KB06

    KB Ear KB06

    KB EAR KB06 Specifications: Brand: KB EAR Model: KB06 Transducer: one 10mm dynamic + one mid frequency BA + one high frequency BA Impedance: 24Ω Sensitivity: 111db Frequency response range: 7Hz-40KHz Interface: 3.5mm gold plated jack Cable: 0.75mm 2-pin with 1.25±0.04m length
  5. KBear F1

    KBear F1

    New Chi-fi IEMs from KBear Audio
  6. KBEAR KB10

    KBEAR KB10

    Specification: Brand: KB EAR Model: KB10 Earphone type: In-ear Impedance: 15Ω Sensitivity: 98dB/mW Frequency range: 20-40000Hz Interface: 3.5mm with 90° angle Cable Length...
  7. KB Ear F1

    KB Ear F1

    KBEAR F1 Balanced Armature Customer HIFI Sport Monitor In Ear Earphone With 3.5MMCX Gold Plated Headset Metal Plated LOGO Earbud