KBEAR limpid 4 Core 4N 99.99% Purity silver earphone cable

General Information

  • Product Specification:
  • Brand: KBEAR
  • Product name: KBEAR limpid 4 Core 4N 99.99% Purity Silver Cable
  • Internal core structure: 10 strands*0.08MM
  • Single outer skin diameter:1.2mm
  • Conductor material: 4N 99.99% Purity Silver
  • Cable length:1.25 m
  • Skin material: PVC black transparent
  • Connector meterial:Silver stainless steel
  • Color:Silver color
  • Plug type: Straight Plug 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm
  • Interface: MMCX/0.78mm 2PIN/QDC/TFZ
  • Product Link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001244034183.html?spm=2114.12010615.8148356.23.73246120Qks5oE

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New Head-Fier
Premium looks and feel
Pros: Premium appearance
Luxurious feel
Cons: Uneven quality control
The BGVP NS9 IEMs I ordered came with an MMCX cable that was a bit janky (poor fit on the right bud), so I decided to pick up one of these cables as a replacement.

Just taking it out of its HiFiGo packaging was nice - I immediately could tell from its heft and flexibility that this is solid silver and not plated copper. It feels like string more than wire, but in a good way. The only issue was its lack of ear hooks at the individual ends. I actually didn't mind it too much, which is why I only took off 0.5 of a star.

As far as sound goes, I didn't notice much of a change. I also tried them on my Etymotic ER2XRs and didn't hear any significant difference.

The Shozy Rouge IEMs I ordered came with a 0.78 cable that has incredible shape retention, so based on my experience with the MMCX version mentioned previously I decided to try another one for these IEMs.

This second one offered the same unboxing experience, but actually has ear hooks.

As for this one's sound, it certainly seems "hotter" in the treble. Still no sibilance, just a bit of added prominence, I've since gotten used to it, so maybe it was just my imagination.

I would recommend this cable to anyone seeking a higher quality cable than what their IEMs originally came with.
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Fahmi Misbah Bangsar
Fahmi Misbah Bangsar
Hi There, as im using neutral bright iem . i just wanted an improvement on details across the frequency also technicalities . but sibilance and shrill is what im afraid of. if this refine the treble , i mean clarity and details of treble this might suit me . but if it boost or elevate the gain in treble . im out.

so what do you think?