1. Sennheiser IE 900

    Sennheiser IE 900

    With the new IE 900 audiophile earphones, Sennheiser has brought together technical innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and an uncompromising demand for perfection to deliver a listening experience without compromise. Manufactured at the audio specialist’s headquarters in Germany, every...
  2. Wladimir

    Lavricables - Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Hello and welcome, since there was no established thread about Lavricables brand, I decided to start one, where owners can share their experience and people looking for aftermarket cables can find more information to decide on. So without further ado, let's kick this first post off with my...
  3. KBEAR limpid 4 Core 4N 99.99% Purity silver earphone cable

    KBEAR limpid 4 Core 4N 99.99% Purity silver earphone cable

    Product Specification: Brand: KBEAR Product name: KBEAR limpid 4 Core 4N 99.99% Purity Silver Cable Internal core structure: 10 strands*0.08MM Single outer skin diameter:1.2mm Conductor material: 4N 99.99% Purity Silver Cable length:1.25 m Skin material: PVC black transparent Connector...
  4. Doc-holliday

    FS: Linsoul LSC09 4.4mm MMCX IEM Cable

    Nice balanced cable from Linsoul. Look it up on Linsoul. It retails for 80USD. I got the cable with TinHifi P1 from someone who didn’t like the P1 after a month he sold them to me. I have no use for this I‘m using a 2.5mm balanced cable instead. It looks just like new. Buyer will pay the...
  5. Torac

    [SOLD] Verum One Silver Carbon fibre

    [SOLD] For sale, I have a pair of Verum One Planar Magnetic headphones. First owner, from Kickstarter campaign, comes from a non-smoking and pet-free home. Well looked after, kept dust-free. Functionally they are in excellent condition (I received mine toward the end of the kickstarter batch...
  6. TonySunshine

    [FS] LQI SQ7 silver IEM cable, 2pin - 2.5mm balanced

    Hi All up for sale is a pure silver IEM cable from LQI(they don't seem to carry this model anymore). Here are the specs UP-OCC 100% silver 4ft in length Angled 2 pin 0.78mm connectors Ediolic E-SX6K micro splitter in black 2.5mm balanced jack Price includes paypal fees and shipping to CONUS...
  7. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU Quick-Switch Modular Plug Cables - Discussion Thread

    This is a dedicated discussion/information thread for DUNU's modular plug earphone cables. Because we have an entire portfolio of new cables that spans the whole gamut of price ranges with differing materials and setups, we were requested by multiple members to create a centralized space for...
  8. Maxx134

    SOLD Norne Silvergrade for HD800

    SOLD Hello this is a version1 Norne silvergrade cable for the HD800. It is just shy of 6ft long. It has been reterminated with the newest & latest version of HD800 plugs(greater internal surface contact), so it is now a tiny bit shorter, about 1/4 inch (6 mm) shorter than 6ft. It is a great...
  9. JohnPham

    [WTB] Final Audio - 4.4mm Balanced C106 Straight MMCX Silver-Coated Cable

    Looking for a final audio 4.4 mm balanced mmcx cable (C106 model). PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  10. B

    FS > Lavricable 5N Pure Silver Litz, MMCX TO 4.4MM BALANCED

    Ended up getting dunu hulk cables so i dont need this one. This is a catch and release for me, so i am the second owner, but have had it for about 2 weeks. 5N PURE SILVER LITZ 4 CORE - AWG22 MMCX TO 4.4MM BALANCED 63" LONG price includes shipping and paypal fees. CONUS
  11. cr3ativ3

    (SOLD)Moon Audio Silver Dragon 4.4mm 2pin 0.78

    Selling my silver dragon cable . It’s in great condition, works perfect . It’s 4.4mm Pentaconn 2pin 0.78
  12. matti621

    [FS] beyerdynamic T1 Over the Ear Headphones - Silver

    Used for several years. Cosmetic wear. Mechanically and electronically very good. Gen 1. Original box. Serviced twice in an authorized shop in NYC, headband and drivers replaced, original documents included. New Ear Pads Never Used Before Included! Item location: Israel
  13. GoldenOne

    Has anyone compared the Holo Spring 2 Level 1 vs KTE / Wildism L3?

    I am currently looking at getting a Holo Spring 2 DAC, and am wanting to know if spending the additional cost to upgrade to the KTE / Wildism L3 version is worth it over the standard L1. Has anyone had the opportunity to compare any of the different levels of this dac? If so, what were your...
  14. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Plussound Gold Plated Silver SOLD

    Hi selling my one month and half old Cable. It is in mint condition and as new. Its a 2 pin connector for iem with a termination of 4.4mm balanced. It has 1.5m length This is the 4 wires version. It has beautiful sound properties with a touche of warmth and smooth treble notes. Bass is more...
  15. Babayagga

    E1DA 9038S Gen 2 USB DAC Portable HiFi Headphone Amplifier

    E1DA 9038S Gen 2 USB DAC Portable HiFi Headphone Amplifier . Shipped with USPS First Class Package. This is an open box item that I only used once to test. This is by far the greatest DAC/Amp available today. Just check out the glowing reviews...
  16. Eletech Plato

    Eletech Plato

    'Plato" is realization of Eletech’s quest for the ultimate purity and extremities of a single material - Silver. Utilizing an unique Eletech maximus efficiency strand geometry with "Plato" catalyst in monocrystal bespoke Silver, the efficiency, speed, accuracy and resolution is unsurpassed...
  17. nxxo


    Hi HeadFier, i put on the sale table today a pristine 9.9/10. Very little used, maybe 5h total, Lavricables Reference line Multistrand litz 2.5mm balanced 2 pin, 1.5m length, with transparent heatshrink and red sleeve. Price for a new 225$ USD without shipping. Thanks and feel free to ask...
  18. nxxo

    SOLD ⭐️ Rhapsodio ⭐️ SGD 2.98 MKII 2.5mm Balanced 2 pin

    Hi HeadFier, i put on the sale table today a pristine 9.9/10 Rhapsodio SGD 2.98 MKII. Very little used, maybe 10h total, you can read the review on the test below.Thanks and feel free to ask questions. Paypal include, not the shipping
  19. Girardian

    VH Audio V-Quad Custom RCAs with Silver KLE Terminations - 3.5' - 2 Pair Available

    For sale: 2 pairs of professionally assembled custom cables using VH Audio VQuad SOLID CORE cable and Eichman (KLE) silver bullet terminations. These are new. I have a perfect eBay seller rating since '99 and can provide references on Head-Fi. Asking: $375 / pair -- or both pairs for $700...
  20. forestitalia

    Viablue silver cable for he1000

    peculiar cable for the Hifiman HE1000, consisting of 2 cables, one 1.5m with 2.5mm jack for portable player and 2m extension with Xrl Neutrik for home amplifiers. Used very few times and always at home, e.g. with the Cayin iha6 amplifier I liked it very much, Viablue cable of silver that gives...
  21. szore

    *Price Drop*-Effect Audio Cleopatra 2 pin, 2.5mm

    Hello folks! Up for sale is my Cleopatra silver cable, 2 pin 2.5mm. Wonderful, smooth, detailed sounding cable with great depth and sub-bass rumble. Excellent condition.
  22. xxx1313

    SOLD: Chord DAVE silver with Ensemble Stand

    Selling a Chord Dave in silver with a matching Chord Ensemble Stand, also in silver. Bought in November 2016 from an authorised dealer in the Netherlands (will include invoice), first owner, registered for 5 year warranty. Very good used condition, except a small and barely visible dent near the...
  23. xxx1313

    SOLD: Norne Einvaldi cable for Audeze, ZMF, Meze Empyrean, etc (EU)

    Selling an excellent condition Norne Einvaldi reference headphone silver/copper hybrid cable. Original box/case as pictured. 5 feet length (about 1.5m) with Eidolic Rhodium terminations. With 6.3mm plug (1/4") and mini-XLR (for Audeze LCD, Empyrean, ZMF, etc). Only selling because I also sold...
  24. TommyFro

    SOLD Campfire Audio Polaris V1 - Silver cable option

    Looking to sell my Campfire Audio Polaris V1. Excellent sounding IEM and it is in like new condition, both me and the previous owner took really good care of it. Comes with no eartips, but does include the original box and carry case. I don't think the carry case has ever been used because it...
  25. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Rhapsodio nylon silver SOLD

    Hi I am selling Rhapsodio Nylon Silver cable, you get what you see on the picture, the cable and the carton box it came with.... Its in perfectly good condition, Termination 4.4 balanced And its all silver, very high quality cable! Shipping and PayPal fees included...