1. Hapa Audio KnØt IEM Cable C/S/CS

    Hapa Audio KnØt IEM Cable C/S/CS

    It’s surprising what geometry can do. When utilized in our entire cable lineup, different geometries have garnered incredible sonic delights. Hapa Audio first utilized geometry to reject RFI and EMI in our breakthrough design of our Breathe RCA cable line up. The next logical progression was to...
  2. Hapa Audio Dreddz C/S In Ear Monitor Cable

    Hapa Audio Dreddz C/S In Ear Monitor Cable

    Let’s face it, designing a portable headphone cable is hard. A good portable headphone cable needs to be lightweight, easy to manage, protected from the elements and rugged enough to survive your life. Last but certainly not least, you need something that will transfer signal as pristine as...
  3. Sennheiser IE 900

    Sennheiser IE 900

    With the new IE 900 audiophile earphones, Sennheiser has brought together technical innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and an uncompromising demand for perfection to deliver a listening experience without compromise. Manufactured at the audio specialist’s headquarters in Germany, every...
  4. Wladimir

    Lavricables - Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Hello and welcome, since there was no established thread about Lavricables brand, I decided to start one, where owners can share their experience and people looking for aftermarket cables can find more information to decide on. So without further ado, let's kick this first post off with my...
  5. KBEAR limpid 4 Core 4N 99.99% Purity silver earphone cable

    KBEAR limpid 4 Core 4N 99.99% Purity silver earphone cable

    Product Specification: Brand: KBEAR Product name: KBEAR limpid 4 Core 4N 99.99% Purity Silver Cable Internal core structure: 10 strands*0.08MM Single outer skin diameter:1.2mm Conductor material: 4N 99.99% Purity Silver Cable length:1.25 m Skin material: PVC black transparent Connector...
  6. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU Q-Lock PLUS Quick-Switch Modular Plug Cables - Discussion Thread

    This is a dedicated discussion/information thread for DUNU's modular plug earphone cables, which as of September 2021, is referred to as Q-Lock PLUS. Because we have an entire portfolio of new cables that spans the whole gamut of price ranges with differing materials and setups, we were...
  7. GoldenOne

    Has anyone compared the Holo Spring 2 Level 1 vs KTE / Wildism L3?

    I am currently looking at getting a Holo Spring 2 DAC, and am wanting to know if spending the additional cost to upgrade to the KTE / Wildism L3 version is worth it over the standard L1. Has anyone had the opportunity to compare any of the different levels of this dac? If so, what were your...
  8. Eletech Plato

    Eletech Plato

    'Plato" is realization of Eletech’s quest for the ultimate purity and extremities of a single material - Silver. Utilizing an unique Eletech maximus efficiency strand geometry with "Plato" catalyst in monocrystal bespoke Silver, the efficiency, speed, accuracy and resolution is unsurpassed...
  9. AYA Silver SA-01

    AYA Silver SA-01

    Driver Unit Balanced amature Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz Sensitivity 110 dB/mW Nominal Impedance 47 Ohms Weight ~16 g (without cable) Transducer principle Universal fit Socket 2 pins – 0.78 mm Country of Manufacture Vietnam
  10. final Silver OFC Headphone Cables

    final Silver OFC Headphone Cables

    OFC silver coated cable (2.5 mm) - $529 Cable length: 1.5 m Input: 2.5 mm, 4-Pole Output: 3.5 mm, 2-Pole with locking function Compatible models: D8000, SONOROUS VIII/VI/IV/III/II OFC silver coated cable (3.5 mm) - $499 Cable length: 1.5 m Input: 3.5 mm, 3-Pole Output: 3.5 mm, 2-Pole with...
  11. HiFiMAN RE800 Silver

    HiFiMAN RE800 Silver

  12. Silver Note 512-S Tonearm

    Silver Note 512-S Tonearm

    A Tone Arm manufactured by a British start up from his home. High End Tone Arms, Each hand crafted and made to order.
  13. HiFiMAN RE2000 Silver

    HiFiMAN RE2000 Silver

    Hifiman RE2000 Silver The Hifiman RE2000 Silver is an In-Ear Monitor with a 9.2mm dynamic-topology driver. It carries a frequency response of 5 Hz to 20 kHz and operates at a sensitivity of 103 dB. The RE2000 also features a removable cable. Wide frequency response of 5 Hz to 20 kHz...
  14. Han Sound Audio Redcore OCC silver + OCC copper cable

    Han Sound Audio Redcore OCC silver + OCC copper cable

    The Redcore is a cable that is designed and made exclusively for Singapore and only available through Music Sanctuary. With a combination of OCC silver and OCC copper wiring, with double insulation of TPE and TPEE, providing a unique shielding effect of the wiring. The wires are then twisted by...
  15. Mad Cable ReMSG

    Mad Cable ReMSG

    Mad Cable is a new cable maker from Hong Kong, who offers splendid products for fair prices. The ReMSG is one of two cables of the new flagship series. It consists of 8 wires in total, while 4 are ultra pure UP-OCC silver and 4 are gold plated copper. This hybrid configuration offers all the...
  16. Austin Morrow

    Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Everyone that I know in the forums has said nothing but absolutely positive things about Frank's cables, and his commitment when it comes to customer service. Toxic Cables, in my honest and unbiased opinion, makes some of the best cables around, and for a relatively low cost.   I have an HD650...