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Software engineering / System Analyst

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Headphoneus Supremus, from Vietnam

https://www.head-fi.org/threads/rise-of-the-mid-priced-dac-amps-mojo-idsd-micro-m9xx-vs-others.863765/ Oct 31, 2017

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    Software engineering / System Analyst
    Internet flaming
    Internet trolling
    Headphone Inventory:
    Audio Technica ATH-AD2000
    Sennheiser HD6xx
    Sennheiser HD540
    Sennheiser HD800
    Grado RS2e
    AKG Q701
    Denon AH-D2000
    Notes Audio AT10
    Notes Audio NT.100
    AYA Bullets mk2
    AYA Nightingale YK-S

    Used to have:
    - Alessandro MS1
    - Alessandro MS2e
    - Alessandro MS Pro
    - Grado iGi
    - Grado SR40
    - Grado SR60i
    - Grado 325is (silver)
    - Grado 325is (grey)
    - Grado Gr10
    - Grado SR325e (three times...)
    - Grado RS1i
    - Grado PS500 (original)
    - Grado SR325is (chromies)
    - Audio Technica ATH-R70x
    - Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 LTD
    - Audio Technica ATH-A900XLTD
    - Audio Technica ATH-AD1000
    - Fostex TH-X00
    - Master & Dynamic MH40
    - Sennheiser CX300ii
    - Sennheiser HD448
    - Sennheiser HD558
    - Sennheiser HD598 (briefly)
    - AKG Q701
    - AKG K7XX
    - AKG K612 PRO
    - V-MODA M100
    - Sony STH30
    - Sony MDR EX500LP
    - Bose QuietComfort 15
    - Vsonic GR07
    - Joinhandmade Jelly Galaxy
    - Steelseries Neckband (gaming)

    Freq. Used (but did not own):
    - AKG K420 Denim
    - Sony XBA-H3
    - VSonic VSD3S
    - Koss KSC 35
    - Grado iGe
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Little Dot I+
    DIY O2
    OPAMP: Muses 8820, 8920; OPA2107; Burson V5 SS
    Tubes: Mullards CV4010, Siemens 5654, EI Yugoslavia 6hm5, GE JAN 5654W, Voskhods 6n23p-eb Rocket Logo, RTC 5654RT, Brimar CV850

    Used to own:
    - JDS O2
    Source Inventory:
    Aune S16
    Objective DIY ODAC
    Chord Mojo

    Used to own:
    - Chord Hugo
    - Audioengine D1
    - Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS v2
    - JDS C5D
    - Grace Design m9XX
    - iFi iDSD Micro
    - iFi iDAC2
    - JDS ODAC
    - Schiit Modi 2
    - iBasso D2 Viper
    - iPod Nano 2007
    - Aune T1 mk1
    - Aune T1 mk2
    Aune tubes: stock, Philips Heerlen ECC88, Russian Reflector 6n23p-eb, Russian Reflector 6N27p
    - HW-DAC1
    - Sony NWZ-something 16GB
    Cable Inventory:
    DIY RCA-3.5 and 3.5-3.5
    Burson Cable Pro+
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Sansui D707
    Klipsch KG4
    Denon 780D
    JBL XE5
    Music Preferences:
    Anything but Hip-hop and EDM. I don't spend much time with Jazz and Blues either.
    Keyboards: Filco & CM Storm
    Mice: Razer
    I do like iPhones and iPads. HTC One's are great.
    Webtroverted. Dog lover. Cats are fine.
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